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  1. The Daily Bardy Blog#15

    I am so happy! No matter what the critics said: Man of Steel soared! Beating Toy Story on the highest box office money for the month of June-at first place! I am very, very happy.

    Well, today is Father's Day I hope everyone congratulated their father if available... and if he's not nearby call him or live your life everyday as if your father were watching you-make him proud.

    Well, i know im late but im going to review the dark knight rises. The Dark Knight Rises ...
  2. Disabling Comments: A feature that should go

    I would make a thread about this feature, but I learned that there are too many complaint threads, as they keep getting locked up. Therefore, I am going to write a blog entry on this. And I'm not going to give any names, for that I got in trouble twice for naming people in my blog, making them look bad. All I am going to say are some arguments on why this feature isn't good for us anymore.

    It's been over a year since the boos have been removed. At first, I didn't like that idea because ...
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  3. The Daily Bardy Blog#14

    Sorry, the last entry was too much of a rant so im doing another addition.

    E3: on a survey on ign people voted Microsoft won E3-12%. Nintendo-7% and Sony a 81%! I totally agree. XboxOne was really unfriendly and as usual Nintendo revealed small projects and was secretive. Which i dont like-nintendo needs to communicate. Honestly, they are boring me. Sony did very well-showing off games and specs... Sony has finally done it. By the way, Pre-orders for the ps4 exceed Xbox1 pre orders ...
  4. The Daily Bardy Blog#13

    The internet is a very bad place. A place where people dont respect opinions. A place where fanboys rage! People have been spoiled lately. Its so easy to get what we want now, that we cry of every unperfect decision. People just bring down every creative opportunity! The internet is a place where i constantly shake my head in dissapointment. Why is it so hard not to tespect others online? Is it because you are behind a screen? Makes me really upset!

    Fanboys critisizing things like ...

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  5. Hi guys! I'm mh637099

    Hello guys!

    My name is mh637099. I am a long time LittleBigPlanet player, but new to LBPCentral. I heard about LBPCentral for the first time when I saw them in the News section of LittleBigPlanet 2. I am so glad to be here!

    I really like LittleBigPlanet a lot and I hope you do too. My levels are unpopular and they could do with some plays

    I will not be here often as I am mainly on the Official PlayStation Europe Forum (Some of you may know me there) ...

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