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  1. test went ok:)

    no major issues anymore
    just some tweaking

    seems like the hard part is telling friends i really don't wanna decorate more, or use more colours, or......anything that's just more
    clean and simple and fun of course

    played a friends lvl yesterday, he had a pretty cool obs, and yes i got his permission to use a similar 1 in my lvl
    in case ur wondering
    here's a link

    as my next blog will be ...
  2. first test: fail, lol:)

    run a test with 3 divers (kids) geez, did it fail!
    second obs, was horrid in 4 playermode
    my piston 1 didn't work at all:/
    the 1 with the pistons was easely fixed, lol, i had apples on the bubbles, therefor it didn't move, lolololololololol
    second obs, needed to be rebuild a lil, done
    also had a clever girk who came in places where the player shouldn't go
    so needed to fix that
    the good thing was, eventho it failed, they still had a good ...
  3. happy feeling

    this level makes me happy when i see it
    feel like a lil kid when working on it
    although the pistons gave me some trouble, not easy to get them to do wot u want.
    but no problems i can't handle
    and the result is all that counts
  4. Chrono Chrysalis will feature Voice Acting and possibly 3D

    MM picker creator Rialress joins the roster!

    So we decided to go with Voice Acting. THeres actually still a lot more to go around. Of course, this is my fault. I decided to repolish the lines and go over the entire plot. After our editor has reviewed, I will begin the final auditions for voice work! So far so great!

  5. started:)

    started my new platformer, got the colours, materials, feeling, sorted out
    no idea for the music yet, something happy i guess this time
    simple, happy, fun to play, thats wot i'm going for this time
    with as less materials and shapes and colours as possible
    for me this is a challenge

    have a nice day
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