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  1. How to (not) build a rubik's cube in LBP

    O hai. Some might remember me, some might not. There was this one project I had, you can look it up in my previous blog entries. I tried to create a rubik's cube in LBP2. Sounds difficult? Impossible? Complicated? Well, I decided to make a step-by-step guide on how to make a rubik's cube in LBP2. Or actually... well, you'll see...

    Step 1: The idea

    It's January in the year 2011. You have decided to finally create something amazing, something mind blowing. What could ...
  2. The Final Week Ahead

    It's been a long time since the beginning of this contest and I have come a long way! My level is probably around 70-80% complete, which is a slight worry for me! Anyways, I have most of the level's "skeleton" complete and now I need to add a bit more "meat" and a lot of "skin"!

    My main concerns and the challenges I will face in this final week are as follow:

    • Adding more gameplay sections
    • Laying out score bubbles
    • Choosing

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  3. Why I have been absent

    I have been off the PSN for a week, and I hardly post here on LBPC. I haven't published a level since January. I kinda don't find building levels in LBP anymore, but like last time when I lost interest, it bumped back. I'm sure it will bump back.

    I have been behaving better and staying on topic, but at the same time, becoming more inactive. It's not that I lost interest or that all the threads I started or commonly posted on died. It's that I am still trying to complete Animal Crossing ...
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  4. Even the greatest are far from perfect...

    last time I wrote a blog was in April, no one looked at it though, ehh, who cares.. anyways...

    I mentioned in that one blog that I would be returning to LBP, I still plan on doing so, I've been working on a level for quite some time now, for about 5 months, I'm going very slow cause my life is very busy. Besides that I've been perfecting the logic for a few days recently, making sure that everything works well. I'm cleaning up the story so that YOU the player understand it. Detail ...

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  5. Death Valley: 100 Years

    On July 10th, 1913, the hottest temperature ever recorded took place in Death Valley. It was 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.8 degrees Celsius). Today is the 100th Anniversary of that date. So for 100 years, Death Valley held its record. In fact, there's already a heat wave near California, and Death Valley is approaching that point again.

    If you ask me about El Azizia and their temperature, I'll give some explanation. In 1922, El Azizia had an even hotter temperature recorded, which was ...
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