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  1. testers:)

    just wanna say thanks to my testers, for pointing out bugs, improvements, etc
    really appreciate the feedback

    because the game kept throwing people out in the start, redoing it all
    hoping this will keep every1 in
    cause once in , runs good, but sometimes hard to get all in
    def want to make a multi-player lvl
    so less emitting at the beginning, people can't join anyway anymore when on my moon
    thinking about some timers to make the destruction go more ...
  2. My 130th blog entry

    130 entries! That many already? Well, someday, I may not be the only one with 100 or more entries. Others are getting close, and it's not for competition. I still have the largest blog in LBPC and the first one to get up to 100 entries. I did admit I was having competition last year (setting the goal of being the first with 100 entries), but I try to avoid spamming to help me get to the 100 blog mark. I'm going to accept not having the largest blog anymore, but it doesn't mean I'm going through ...

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  3. still finding bugs:)

    still found a small thing
    destroyed a lil to enthousiastic, lol
    my point of no return got caught in the fight aswel
    as long as it are these kinda lil things, i'm happy
    6 days to test and fiddle
    and of course listen to feedback of my testersnow i make a back-up before i start working, and publish (as sub-level and locked) to make sure it's safe
    many, many hours there

    so, till publishing day, it's testing, writing down what we find, fixing/changing, ...
  4. The Common Sense Game

    Hi, I like to introduce a new game that I came up with 5 years ago. It's based on our use of common sense, and even those who really use their common sense may end up with a failure because of these "what ifs". Take for instance, you're trying to do your homework, but you left the door open and people are listening to loud music. If you used your common sense, you can close the door. But what if the walls (and door) are too thin? What if it's the only day where someone can listen to music in the ...
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  5. yay:))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))

    level works
    had an eureka moment, while playing, so rushed back, tried it, and...................yay
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