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  1. Too Much for Me to Finish?

    I've been working on my LBPC11 entry ever since the beginning of the contest and I have had good progress going on it! I've done a lot of platforming sections that really work well, but now I need to find how to put it all together before the final deadline of July 28th!
    Anyways, I'l post pictures soon, but so far it's going great. The picture planning idea really worked out! I'm going to try and get some testers as soon as I'm done with my level. Thanks for Reading!
  2. My brother's profile

    Some guys of you maybe think the profile mdkd99 is my own,but this is the profile of my little brother,
    so thanks for reading and now I say goodbye.
  3. The Daily Bardy Blog#23

    Hey, guys! I know its been 3 days since I last posted but here is my entry for today.

    Today, I will be talking about my religious beliefs. SOME say that Jesus's name in greek is pagan?! How preposterous. Jesus himself said in

    Matthew 12:26 (KJV)
    26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

    This theory is obviously fake. I posted a video in Youtube explaining some of my views on the subject. Here ...
  4. MusicMan Picks #2 Level Entry

    MusicMan Picks #2
    Enter the link of any of your levels in a comment on this blog so they can be checked out!
    Anyone is illegible to be picked.

    -Even if it's not much, it's still better than none
  5. The Daily Bardy Blog#22

    Well, hello guys and welcome back to the Daily Bardy Blog! Entry #19 is finally done for-Thank goodness...

    Today we will be talking about MediaMolecule's latest projects.

    Ps4 tech demo:
    Check out this way past cool video of a tech demo MM presented where you can sculpt and create music and stories? Very cool. Heres the link:

    Oh my! Tearaway is simply fantastic! It uses all the vita controls, ...
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