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  1. My 140th blog entry

    That's 140 entries down the line. It's been ALMOST, not exactly, one year since I published my 100th blog entry. I have been very slow this year, but that's mainly because there isn't much ideas for me to write in my blog. I would like to mention what racism and tolerance really are, but since that's too controversial for this site, I should avoid going over the details. Instead, I would talk about something else.

    2013 by far is a lot better than 2012 in my view, even if the government ...
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  2. The end of creativity

    Before I move on with this blog entry, I have to tell you what I mean. No, I haven't lost my creativity at all. I am not done playing LBP, even if I haven't done so in a while. I don't find people on LBP less creative. This entry is all about film and how it's getting worse.

    Last week, I went to see a movie in theaters. I saw the movie Turbo, and I thought it was good. It's all about a snail who can race at a racecar speed. What the film was trying to talk about is the running gag ...
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  3. August - the worst month?

    August has recently began. I can't believe how far 2013 went. The mid-year is over. It is the beginning of the last five months. Last month was a lot of fun. I had some friends over, received two new logic problem issues, and eat at some of my favorite restaurants in town. A year ago, my Glow World level was published, and even another year ago, I spent six days in Disneyland in July. That, and I finished my math powerpoint in the same month. Oh, and one more thing: I went a full seven months without ...
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  4. I Started a Level with RacingCreed

    Have you ever wanted to see two creative minds work together to make one super-awesome level? Maybe not. If you did, however, then I guess you might like this.

    Anyway, RacingCreed and I have started planning out a level that we want to make. It will be a two-player Co-op level, where one player will get the power to flip gravity, and the other can rotate the level to his hearts desire!

    The level will take place in a Canyons themed cave, and will have a story. (Sorry, ...

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  5. MastaBlastyas Youtube channel

    FINALLY have my own youtube channel now lolz... its going great too thanks to the wonderful lbp community

    i post tutorials and songs that i make on my channel

    heres some of what i do

    Drop on by and check out my other stuff and tell me what you think
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