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  1. The Daily Bardy Blog#13

    The internet is a very bad place. A place where people dont respect opinions. A place where fanboys rage! People have been spoiled lately. Its so easy to get what we want now, that we cry of every unperfect decision. People just bring down every creative opportunity! The internet is a place where i constantly shake my head in dissapointment. Why is it so hard not to tespect others online? Is it because you are behind a screen? Makes me really upset!

    Fanboys critisizing things like ...

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  2. Hi guys! I'm mh637099

    Hello guys!

    My name is mh637099. I am a long time LittleBigPlanet player, but new to LBPCentral. I heard about LBPCentral for the first time when I saw them in the News section of LittleBigPlanet 2. I am so glad to be here!

    I really like LittleBigPlanet a lot and I hope you do too. My levels are unpopular and they could do with some plays

    I will not be here often as I am mainly on the Official PlayStation Europe Forum (Some of you may know me there) ...

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  3. The Daily Bardy Blog#12


    The Man of Steel...Superman.

    WHAT?! 57% on Rotten Tomatoes!? 55 on Metacritic?!

    Ok, now im angry. People just dont know how to be entertained anymore! I saw Transformers 3 even though it got a 32%! I give that movie a 6.5/10 by the way. Thats almost twice the score they gave it! Those sites are very misleading. I tell you this: watch the movie yourself(if your going to see it) and judge it yourself. Critics sometimes really, ...

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  4. My LittleBigPlanet 3 Part 1 - Play Areas

    Here's what I'd ultimately like in the next LittleBigPlanet game in the main series:

    Part 1 - Play Areas:
    This would be a PS4 game with 1080p resolution and at least 60Hz refresh rate. The game will continue to follow the layered 2D format, and the create features will improve upon the Vita version. However, each level can have 1-4 sackperson layers instead of always being 3 (or 2 in the PSP version). Also, there can be different layer sets, or "play areas", in the ...

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  5. Crystal Crisis 1 (The Original)

    Against my better judgement, I've put Crystal Crisis one back online. I was up at 4 AM this morning, braindead and delirious, and pondering over a comment I'd posted to LBP2. I don't really like CC1. I consider it a poor misuse of my present abilities. Still, like Yeti Quest and Monster attack, I don't think it neccessarily deserves to be demonized. It was the first. Unpolished and lacking it may be, but it was the first. Anyway, I've got no pictures so no need for an Ideas & Projects topic, ...
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