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  1. :)

    i did it
    did not create the whole weekend
    but today i'm gonna start
    got the name, the idea, now have to select the materials, and stuff
    gonna be an "easy" project
    just platforming, need something to do in between my kitchen
    that 1 is almost only logic
    and visuals, some of them i can do when visiting some1 elses moon
    but now i wanna see if i can build a simple platformer
    of course multi-player friendly
    so many nowadays for 1 player, ...
  2. Content.

    I am happy with life. Things are good. Just so you know
  3. trying not to create:)

    my fingers itch, but i'm trying not to create this weekend
    i just scratch them, and write my ideas down
    i only went to my moon to show a friend my kitchen, he's willing to help with some of the logic
  4. Beaver's lodge

    got really stressed out yesterday:/
    thought it was a good idea to change an emitting moment
    omg, did it go wrong
    for some reason the game diverged every time on that point
    so had to change back
    but for some strange reason, the playersensor got on top of the tagsensor instead of replacing it, but before i found out that was the issue
    i was like, omg wot happening...............
    first diverging, then just no more emitting, publishing time nearing soon.... ...
  5. publishing date:)

    finally, tonight gonna publish my aog lvl
    busy importing photo's on a usb-stick as we speak
    meanwhile made a back-up of my profile on the stick aswel

    i'll try and upload some pics on a later date

    seems like i have to upload them on a different location of this site first
    maybe tomorrow, will have a lvl link then too

    not much to say today

    have a nice day
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