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  1. New lvls

    I have not posted anything in quite awhile but the LBCC has publish a significant amount of new lvls including Ao Oni verses i which you can play as Ao Oni and scare your friends while toggling the ambience hiding in hiding spots and teleporting to set up jump scares and kill them while they try to escape the mansion alive. We have also published Post Apocalyptic Nightmare a game where you can use a large varity of weapons such as flamethrowers duel swords 2 types of shotguns and a sledgehammer ...
  2. Puzzle Park Archive: Section I

    Originally, I decided to make logic problems for my blog, but I changed my mind and chose to come up with some game ideas. This game is called "Puzzle Park". It's like Puzzle League, but with some more story to it. The reason why I changed my mind is that I don't feel good making my own logic problems without permission. Although I'm not stealing the idea, I don't know whether or not it's okay to make logic problems and post them on a blog. So I decided to go to game ideas like last August, ...
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  3. There goes one of my projects.

    I booted up LBP Vita today and noticed a new update was available. I installed it and played normally. I found a level that reminded me I have a project I've been working on. I try to load it, and I get the "failed to load level" error. It had to have been from the update, I thought, as it worked perfectly fine before then. I tried all the fixes I could, but nothing would let me open it. I eventually gave up and deleted the level, wiping my hours of progress away in less than a second. ...
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  4. I'm getting really tired of all these silhouette platformers in LittleBigPlanet.

    I see too many of these. You're a featureless sackboy with white neon eyes exploring a minimalistic world. The ground is black. The background objects are grey. The background is one color, probably red or blue. Typically there's at least one puzzle that involves pushing grey boxes. It's just so boring. Why is that there are so many of these levels?
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  5. Guns in LittleBigPlanet

    Hi there.

    I'd just like to take a dear Blog to discuss Guns. I usually take time to scroll through the Suggestions page of the Forum, and almost half the posts have to do with suggesting Guns. All of the COD Jocks that spend half their days playing Call Of Duty start whining on the Forum about how LittleBigPlanet doesn't give them the tools to make a "legit" shooter game where you can blow the heads off of Zombies and eachother.

    First of all; Media Molecule ...
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