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  1. A blog about lists

    I prefer list more than lvl links. You can see all lvls with a title. I ask you now to post some list links.
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  2. How to (not) build a rubik's cube in LBP

    O hai. Some might remember me, some might not. There was this one project I had, you can look it up in my previous blog entries. I tried to create a rubik's cube in LBP2. Sounds difficult? Impossible? Complicated? Well, I decided to make a step-by-step guide on how to make a rubik's cube in LBP2. Or actually... well, you'll see...

    Step 1: The idea

    It's January in the year 2011. You have decided to finally create something amazing, something mind blowing. What could ...
  3. The Final Week Ahead

    It's been a long time since the beginning of this contest and I have come a long way! My level is probably around 70-80% complete, which is a slight worry for me! Anyways, I have most of the level's "skeleton" complete and now I need to add a bit more "meat" and a lot of "skin"!

    My main concerns and the challenges I will face in this final week are as follow:

    • Adding more gameplay sections
    • Laying out score bubbles
    • Choosing

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  4. Why I have been absent

    I have been off the PSN for a week, and I hardly post here on LBPC. I haven't published a level since January. I kinda don't find building levels in LBP anymore, but like last time when I lost interest, it bumped back. I'm sure it will bump back.

    I have been behaving better and staying on topic, but at the same time, becoming more inactive. It's not that I lost interest or that all the threads I started or commonly posted on died. It's that I am still trying to complete Animal Crossing ...
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  5. Even the greatest are far from perfect...

    last time I wrote a blog was in April, no one looked at it though, ehh, who cares.. anyways...

    I mentioned in that one blog that I would be returning to LBP, I still plan on doing so, I've been working on a level for quite some time now, for about 5 months, I'm going very slow cause my life is very busy. Besides that I've been perfecting the logic for a few days recently, making sure that everything works well. I'm cleaning up the story so that YOU the player understand it. Detail ...

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