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  1. Chrono Chrysalis will feature Voice Acting and possibly 3D

    MM picker creator Rialress joins the roster!

    So we decided to go with Voice Acting. THeres actually still a lot more to go around. Of course, this is my fault. I decided to repolish the lines and go over the entire plot. After our editor has reviewed, I will begin the final auditions for voice work! So far so great!

  2. started:)

    started my new platformer, got the colours, materials, feeling, sorted out
    no idea for the music yet, something happy i guess this time
    simple, happy, fun to play, thats wot i'm going for this time
    with as less materials and shapes and colours as possible
    for me this is a challenge

    have a nice day
  3. How to solve Logic Problems

    I have been very busy, in fact, too busy to write blog entries recently. I am not only working on my Cross-Controller community level, but I am also writing a story called City of the Atmosphere. I have some examples in this blog entry from my current works, and this story is about a floating city (or twenty) in the Mesosphere. I am finishing Chapter 7, and there are 24 chapters planned. But I came here to post a blog entry. Sorry if I am too busy. But then again, I should be finished with blogging. ...
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  4. Gersnake!

    I got bored in biology so I made a cartoon You can see it in "Art and Creativity"

    (EDIT: I put it in a thread rather than taking up the entire blogs page :L )

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  5. :)

    i did it
    did not create the whole weekend
    but today i'm gonna start
    got the name, the idea, now have to select the materials, and stuff
    gonna be an "easy" project
    just platforming, need something to do in between my kitchen
    that 1 is almost only logic
    and visuals, some of them i can do when visiting some1 elses moon
    but now i wanna see if i can build a simple platformer
    of course multi-player friendly
    so many nowadays for 1 player, ...
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