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  1. still editing corners..........

    1 more night, then i can publish
    still tweaking the lights, cams, ...........
    now i can only hope those hundreds of hours pay off
    on the other hand, if i'm happy with the result, then it's just fine
    gameplay works just fine
    looks are as good as i can get without stickers glitching all over the place
    thermo is to the max without getting warnings
    really laggy moments are hidden
    just can't wait for it to get friday and publishing time
    then ...
  2. Snibbidy snab

  3. Stealth mode [on]

    I've been very under the radar since my latest level PLANT LIFE! [Act 3], it's been nearly 2 months or so and I haven't been up to much, been away from LBP just over here thinking and doing some other things. The other day my friend invited me and I started getting into LBP again, just to let the Community know, I WILL RETURN...

    as of right now I'm keeping a watchful eye on the newest bad@$$ levels, I'm in the process of something great and when I release it, everyone will love it. ...
  4. picky? me? nah.......

    i'm impossible
    getting in my own way now
    looks like it's never good enough...............
    better be friday soon
    so i can publish, and make no more changes
    i guess there will always be a corner in need of editing, or a cam in need of adjustment, or a timing to be tweaked, or....................

    have a nice day
  5. 4 player test

    just had a 4 player test
    almost passed, just 1 cam needs some adjusting for 4 players
    so, not bad i would say
    no lagg, if needed, all resets well
    gonna test later today, if all works when player decides to go back in the lvl, see wot happens then
    so, slowly starting to think about my kitchen again
    eventho platforming logic is beginning to reveal it's secrets to me, i have no clou to how logic for mini-games work
    but hey, wots life without a challenge ...
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