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  1. vita time

    still playing on my vita
    got all storybubbles back, now the prizes from the side-levels are being haunted
    also played a few communitylvls
    boy, what rubbish is there on the coolpages
    i hoped it would be better there, but.........
    maybe i should try and build a lvl on the vita
    thinking about it

    oh yea, boy was i wrong about the amount of mouths left to translate
    it were 4 chips
    with an average of 4 mouths........
    working on ...
  2. ????

    placed the house in my lvl, copied it, no increasing of thermo (or very little)
    copied again, thermo goes mad
    1 or 2 houses is 1,5 bars
    3 houses is 3 bars or even more..........

    anyone have an idea why?

    tried copied 1s, fresh from popit 1s

    thermo goes mad after 2 houses, u should see it when i tried 4 houses...............

    i guess a whole village is out of the question
    don't wanna use a lvl-link, ...
  3. why am i so picky?

    thought i finished with my tree. mmmmmmmmm
    just started over.
    hope i will be happy with this 1 for longer then a few days

    finished story-mode on vita
    just need to get all items again:/

    maybe just by the time-saver pack this time...........

    i must say that multi-player is improved enormous
    just a minute or so before u can join ur friends, used to be 45 minutes, and even failed most of the time
    we should have gotten a trophee ...
  4. first house finished:)

    my first house is finished
    i ow a big thank you to itarboy
    with his stickerart it looks amazing
  5. vita, hmm

    got my vita back, actually they gave me a new 1.
    more precisky, this is number 4
    holding my breath for what happens when the warranty ends

    number3 didn't even work..........

    anyway, lost my profile on the way, have to get all prizes again.
    do some tutorials to unlock tools bag.......

    then ideen 3 is published, so need to work on translating too

    i guess i'll be hopping from 1 to another next few days

    my own garden ...
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