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  1. a test a day:)

    it's not to emit, a lil longer load, but people get kicked out way less
    only sackbots are still emitted in the beginning
    maybe try even to see wot happens if they r in the lvl
    i hope to see my music guy before publish date
    i want an intro music too
    now using tune from the game, but everything else is made by him for me, so would love to have a few seconds more music

    now it's just sack-napping some divers, to see wot they do with the lvl
    if ...
  2. Glow World: 100 players

    Today, my Glow World level just recently got 100 101 players total. The scoreboard only had 23 players on one player, 8 on 2 player, and 7 on 4 player, but totals read up to 101 players. Even my brother and a few Mm picked creators played it. It's not even a year old, but I finally got up to 100 players on a level. I didn't create dummy accounts or advertise the level, I just got up to 101 players. I know it's depressing that I don't have very many players, but I at least got to the point. My Hall ...
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  3. to emit or not to emit

    that is the question atm for me
    if emit. causes lagg, if not, thermo high, longer load
    and people dropping out, hmm, even happens when leaving an empty moon...........
    it's hard to see atm what is caused by a lvl, or caused by the game being very unstable atm
    people are left behind in ur pod, but u can still see them on ur moon, and talk to them
    no surprise you get a freeze soon after
    if u leave ur moon, regularly people are left behind, often followed by a freeze ...
  4. Boss Notes Lol 2


    Yeah, not ALL levels need a boss. I'm aware. But some levels benefit greatly from it. Some I even try to put TWO in it! Bosses are my favorite because it's not just about bouncing, it's about presentation. A good boss has presence, animation, scale, and should be fun to battle. A BAD boss does these things too much or too little. Some of the following are examples of BAD Bosses. XD

    Plantron's Pet Deadly Nightshade ...
  5. Feeling SO unactive member here

    And unactive at LittleBigPlanet PSVita :P
    haven't made huge changes in my levels :P I should try to spend more time on LBP than with my PC and friends DD (skype, HoN, other games and stuff)

    I have to practise more drawing soon :P

    And yeah, schools ends soon, new schools in September. I hope I can get to the school where I have wanted to go.
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