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  1. i can do logic, me:)

    played with the speedsensor yesterday, for the very first time
    nifty lil thingie
    it does exactly what i want it to do, yay
    then arose new possibilities in my lvl
    mmmmmmmmm, logic is easy when u know exactly what u want, but if thinking of's quit hard
    not like when u building, just go with the flow.
    it's knowinh what u want, and start from there
    so, i have some thinking to do

    still working on ideas 3 , slowly progresses, it's ...
  2. The Weirdest Day

    Yay! My first blog! You wouldn't believe how crazy today was at school. Here's the breakdown:

    1. Water Bottles, Flashcards, and Lockdowns: Between first and second hour, I accidentally dropped my almost full "Sturdy" water bottle and it shattered into pieces. Then in the turmoil of water everywhere, I forgot my flashcard holder. While I was by my locker getting the flashcards and filling my new water bottle from my principal, a yellow-card lockdown was announced because a student
  3. Blooooooooog.

    I swear that sounds like some alien curse word. What the blog? Blog you! Kiss my blog you bloggin' bloghead! Ha ha ha. Figured I'd blog a little since I have nothing better to do at the moment.

    Level News: Presently I've been looking over my player moon and player earth, making noises somewhere between frustration and resignation. I think LBP's main guys need to sell extra level slots for My Earths. Sure every player gets 20 to start, but I would decapitate somebody throwing money ...
  4. garden calling:)

    spend most of the time in the garden yesterday
    and fixing bugs in my lvl
    did u know , that when u activate a wormhole all goes nuts
    i know now
    took me an hour to find out why it went nuts.
    placed the tag that activated the wormhole a bit further on the sequencer, and it went nuts a lil further, therefor wormhole was the guilty 1

    linked it to an exit 1 ( wasn't done before) and there we go.
    so no actvating when sequencer ...
  5. vita time

    still playing on my vita
    got all storybubbles back, now the prizes from the side-levels are being haunted
    also played a few communitylvls
    boy, what rubbish is there on the coolpages
    i hoped it would be better there, but.........
    maybe i should try and build a lvl on the vita
    thinking about it

    oh yea, boy was i wrong about the amount of mouths left to translate
    it were 4 chips
    with an average of 4 mouths........
    working on ...
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