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  1. as usual

    1 problem fixed, 3 new 1s
    and 1 new idea that didn't work
    have to look at it later on an empty mooni

    it's a bit frustating people don't read what the characters tell you
    and then : surprise , why did i die?
    or, what do i do next?
    this is tough 1,
    if u repeat it, people go: to much bla bla
    if u don't; not enough clous

    only 10 more mouths, phew
    only on the 1 i´m working now, i think ...
  2. eureka moment

    before i had even opened my eyes this morning, i finally found out why something doesn't go as planned in my lvl.
    even had a froend look at it yesterday.
    he made it really complex, still did the same
    now i know why...............
    have to do a whole different setup
    keeps me busy
    it's easy to do logic for players who play ur lvl by the rule
    but to do it for players who do unexpected things, or miss something...........
    as a friend called ...
  3. Stuff

    Is insulting people on LBP wrong like saying a lvl made out of cardboard and sticker panel is absolute trash actual review of mine or calling someone a copier who uses copied items. I think that I am not in the wrong. have you ever put something down without someone knowing what it is and have them copy it. like wtf that is a cardboard box why do you even want that. So then you have to test people with crap objects to see if they are morons. Then if they do and you call them out on it they say ...
  4. 22 mouths(full) left

    worked a couple of hours on translating yesterday
    starting to countdown now
    and when i am done, i will be done with it..............
    he promissed me, no more idea levels
    well, he sure is right, 3 levels is enough
    some pretty cool ideas to be found there
    i sure hope we find some in lbp3
    although some of them are already in lbpv or lbpk
    would be nice if they took the best out off all 3, and some ideas to go with it...
    can't wait

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