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  1. Woah, there's blogs here?!? SINCE WHEN?

    How did I not know about this? The blogs were my favorite thing about LittleBigLand! (before the blog section was deleted and became the sadly abandoned abyss of death and unactivity) You'll be seeing alot of me here from now on
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  2. fairytales:)

    decided the story will be a fairytale
    feel more comfortable with it
    if u start with talking dressed up animals, a serious environment issue, just doesn't seem to work.
    putting that 1 in the fridge
    already have a level in mind where it perfectly fits in
    i have been thinking about that 1 for more then a year, but still lack skills for that 1
    maybe u could say this 1 is practice for that level

    i dream for a long time of making a level about my fav animal ...
  3. Rpg Maker vs Love

    If anyone thought love would be anything like a Final Fantasy game, they could not have been more wrong. Everyone wondered why I left LBP2...and really I don't know either. I thought I had found love--that tingling beat in your heart, until reality comes and rips it into a billion glass shards.

    one you laugh with, cry with--the one you cant stand to be with or be without. The ...
  4. enjoying spring

    so not to much on now
    busy gardening lol, in lbp aswel

    tree looks nice after 3 days fiddling
    has a before and after look

    now working on the ideas about the bad guy, and his bad things

    have a nice day
  5. Announcement: Community Based Sci fi series, Lets just call it "Project Cosmic Dust" So yeah. Its Multi genre so expect rts, tower defense, fps and all that. I believe (not sure) its the first lbp series that lets a player create theyre own level for the series.
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