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  1. The Daily Laught Blog #2

    The video below shows sonic adventure 2's cutscenes in a nutshell. I didn't make this video and they do swear twice. I advise you to stop the video at 2:13 because the rest is just awfully perverted just so you know. Anyway this is sonic related and is pretty funny just STOP the video at 2:13! Im not joking! Ok, here it goes:
    Viewer descretion is advised.
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  2. done:)

    part 2 is republished
    but the german version needs correction
    1 of the topics was asking for a possibility that already existed
    so he gave me the freedom to write 1 of my own
    then, lololololol, i had to help him translate it back to german

    also we worked together on my village
    he's showing me how he makes his very realistic looking buildings. i am learning a lot

    btw, a very nice young man to work with, must be said aswel
  3. 100 days, no McDonald's

    As I kept talking about my progress through the year without McDonald's, yesterday (April 10th) was the 100th day without McDonald's. Like I always say, I'm trying to go the whole year without it. I find drinks to be fine because they don't count, but the food counts.

    Recently, I continued to go deeper into our winter plans (when we go to California). It is by road trip, and McDonald's seems to be the only fast food during a road trip. I have a choice. Would I rather give up on my ...

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  4. almost done:)

    he had some texts in the level, otherwise i would have been finished with it.
    tonight it will we done, providing i get the time to do it
    but my goal , to be finished before the weekend, i will achieve

    it's just 3 left, and of course checking

    even worked a little while on my own level
    have a nice day
  5. still working on it:)

    if goes on like this, part 2 will defenately be done by the weekend
    tried google translate yesterday, and some other translating sites.
    the shere nonsens they come up with, when u use them
    either it was complete nonsens, or they couldn't translate, and tried to lead u to their paid personal translator
    google translated the german word for the surface of water, as the top appartement in a flat!

    so , it was back to the dictionairies and my ...
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