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  1. why do things disappear?

    seems like my entry from yesterday has disappeared, hmm
    my tweets sometimes do aswel,
    work i did on my lvl too,
    must be a conspiracy

    lol, guess it will be just me and buttons..........
    or in case of ps3, freezing all the time

    still working on translating ideas, this time it's the ideas coming from the community
    as i loved all ideas from part 1 and 2, i can't say the same now, although there are some awesome 1s.
    using a drawing ...
  2. taking it easy:)

    slowly progressing on both my projects
    translating and level.
    translating part 3 is a lil harder, cos i haven't seen all ideas, so not fully understand what he means this time.
    have to wait till he's back online, so i can ask
    thinking about changing the whole story of the second part of my level.
    and trying to crate pretties with before and after look
    new challenge

    have a nice day
  3. started on part 3

    the beginning for part 3 is there
    got a lil help yesterday
  4. done:)

    part 2 is republished
    but the german version needs correction
    1 of the topics was asking for a possibility that already existed
    so he gave me the freedom to write 1 of my own
    then, lololololol, i had to help him translate it back to german

    also we worked together on my village
    he's showing me how he makes his very realistic looking buildings. i am learning a lot

    btw, a very nice young man to work with, must be said aswel
  5. 100 days, no McDonald's

    As I kept talking about my progress through the year without McDonald's, yesterday (April 10th) was the 100th day without McDonald's. Like I always say, I'm trying to go the whole year without it. I find drinks to be fine because they don't count, but the food counts.

    Recently, I continued to go deeper into our winter plans (when we go to California). It is by road trip, and McDonald's seems to be the only fast food during a road trip. I have a choice. Would I rather give up on my ...

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