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    Is insulting people on LBP wrong like saying a lvl made out of cardboard and sticker panel is absolute trash actual review of mine or calling someone a copier who uses copied items. I think that I am not in the wrong. have you ever put something down without someone knowing what it is and have them copy it. like wtf that is a cardboard box why do you even want that. So then you have to test people with crap objects to see if they are morons. Then if they do and you call them out on it they say ...
  2. 22 mouths(full) left

    worked a couple of hours on translating yesterday
    starting to countdown now
    and when i am done, i will be done with it..............
    he promissed me, no more idea levels
    well, he sure is right, 3 levels is enough
    some pretty cool ideas to be found there
    i sure hope we find some in lbp3
    although some of them are already in lbpv or lbpk
    would be nice if they took the best out off all 3, and some ideas to go with it...
    can't wait

  3. Pooka's Tutorial Archive

  4. lbn contest

    entered my name in the contest
    have till the first week of june to finish my lvl
    so, got a deadline now.........
    would be nice if i could ,at least , catch the deadline
    my daughter said i would, if i wasn't gonna be so very picky about everything
    sigh, that's me, being picky...........

    anyway, first house is planted
    but thermo...............
    maybe emit even more
    not to fond of it...
    but a lvllink is out the question ...
  5. i can do logic, me:)

    played with the speedsensor yesterday, for the very first time
    nifty lil thingie
    it does exactly what i want it to do, yay
    then arose new possibilities in my lvl
    mmmmmmmmm, logic is easy when u know exactly what u want, but if thinking of's quit hard
    not like when u building, just go with the flow.
    it's knowinh what u want, and start from there
    so, i have some thinking to do

    still working on ideas 3 , slowly progresses, it's ...
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