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  1. Silent Hill: Retribution

    The Thanatos levels have been published over LBP1 for a while, so it's time to start again. If anything the start of Thantos was like Homecoming, so this time I will start off with an area based off of the begining of Silent Hill 3.

    For anyone reading, I suppose I'll just post my progress on the level. A trailer is published and can be found here.

    I think that I'll use level links this time to make a single, long level instead of four seperate ones. It will take longer ...
  2. lbp petition

    a petition started by debonairetoast.

    she told me she hasn't posted it here.
    therefor i will

    just trying to make the community a better place.
    i hope a lot of u guys will sign it

    grtz Mirjan
  3. hey:)

    for those who are interested (u never know if someone is)
    i am working on co-op level
    it's almost done.
    which means building is done already for 2 weeks or so, lol
    but testing and fixing bugs is always the hardest part imo.

    in this case it's very hard to test, cos i always need another player to help me
    and friends aren't always the right choice now, cos they know what to do most of the time.
    need peeps that never seen it.
    so if any1 feels ...
  4. I'm #38 on high scores

    Recently on Hedge Hopping, I played hard to boost my score up to a higher level. I tried multiple attempts for a high score, but I keep failing (even on my best attempts). I only reset when my score isn't high enough at one point (i.e. when the electric gears first show up, I need at least 20,000 points), or if I die and didn't beat my high score.

    Last attempt, I scored like 280 something, and now I'm #38 on Hedge Hopping high scores single player. I may not get to be #1, in the top ...

    Updated 05-20-2013 at 08:17 PM by Apple2012

    Entries 101+

    I'm planing a BIG lbp psp level project.
    But I need help.
    I need you!! If you think you can help me with your creations, than make a LBP PSP level with this name:


    My plan is to make a level with GREAT ideas and constructions and with good special effects!

    Pleas help me☜
    Tags: lbp, project, psp
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