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  1. FINALLY finished my first animation project.

    Been working on this thing since March. Just got done. T'was a tedious process, but I do love animating stuff.

  2. Studio Quest Archive: Section XIV

    Last time, I talked about the level Monster House, which is based on the show Halloween Night. The next level is the first level where the showcases are on the right side, and it's in the back. After two spooky-themed levels, it's time to have a more happy theme to a level. Here's the next level:

    Winter Wonderland:


    Even Winter Island has been ruined by the evil magician. The show is about winter adventures enjoyed by a group of penguins lead ...

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  3. MediaMolecule's next game!!! Tearaway

    I know I just did a vlog yesterday, but I needed to show MediaMolecule's new game coming out for the Vita. Its called Tearaway!

  4. Hello lbcenturians or whatever you call yourselves

    Why 'ello there,
    I'm,run and tell, a long time planetarium puppet. If your in the chatroom there often odds are stacked high that I have met you there and that you are my

    So yeah just saying I'll give this site a go again and yeah.. Look forward to talking to all you nice people again
  5. Hello Happy Gadders!

    Hey guys I just wanted to say things have been going great for me this week, I have e got a lot of logic done for my upcoming levels. Although if anyone that could make me a personalized font that would be Great!! I hope to have a Beta of my Vietnam Level Called "Jungle Fever" Out soon. I can give you a little bit of details about it- Theres a lot of Vehicles!

    Any hoo I also have been working on a little unplanned project called Lab Ratz, this level came to me when I was Looking over ...
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