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  1. creators block

    just blocked atm

    kitchen is updated, sidescrollers runs perfect

    blocked now...................

    have a nice day
  2. My First Anniversary on LBP Central

    It's been one year since I registered for LBP Central. During my first year, I see that LBPC has made several changes. There wasn't a mobile site until 2012. It had the same administrator until 2012. Now Taffey runs the site. The Market was pulled, and the site underwent maintenance since the hacker. An Archive forum was added, as well as two other forum systems (Vita and Karting).

    Also, when I joined, LBPC had a lot of drama. Has it always been this way? Am I making it worse because ...

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  3. Rube Goldberg Competition (Enter Early Here) "Get a level of your choice showcased!"

    Rube Goldberg Competition
    Hosted by MusicMan234

    Hello to anyone interested in weird sequential reactions!
    I will be hosting a Rube Goldberg Competition on LBP2!
    The contest will start by Friday March 8th.

    I encourage anyone to enter, even if you think you may not win. Anyone, even a new person to little big planet could enter and win.

    For those of you who don't know what a Rube Goldberg Machine is.

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  4. Glow World remade!

    Today, I decided to edit my Glow World level, thanks to the Cross-controller DLC update. It's still the same level, but I made a few improvements.

    1. The sounds have changed. The "energy impact" sound is replaced with the "metal gear" sound, as I used "psychic hold" instead of "computer beeps".

    2. Musical exchanges:
    2a. MGS interactive music instead of "Limehouse Blues".
    2b. "Deep Blue Quay" instead ...

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  5. Sacko's Monthly Blog

    Hello everyone and welcome to Sacko's Monthly blog. IN #1 i'll be taking to you about a few things that have happened to me over the last few days.

    # I just had my 15th Birthday and it was awesome. I got loads of awesome presents and I got $150 AUD in cash.

    # I just started Creators Union on LBP. I inspire people to create and also warn them about the dangers of spam and over use of the "Copy" Button

    I can't figure what else i can say about ...
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