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  1. Glow World remade!

    Today, I decided to edit my Glow World level, thanks to the Cross-controller DLC update. It's still the same level, but I made a few improvements.

    1. The sounds have changed. The "energy impact" sound is replaced with the "metal gear" sound, as I used "psychic hold" instead of "computer beeps".

    2. Musical exchanges:
    2a. MGS interactive music instead of "Limehouse Blues".
    2b. "Deep Blue Quay" instead ...

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  2. Sacko's Monthly Blog

    Hello everyone and welcome to Sacko's Monthly blog. IN #1 i'll be taking to you about a few things that have happened to me over the last few days.

    # I just had my 15th Birthday and it was awesome. I got loads of awesome presents and I got $150 AUD in cash.

    # I just started Creators Union on LBP. I inspire people to create and also warn them about the dangers of spam and over use of the "Copy" Button

    I can't figure what else i can say about ...
  3. it's going nicely:)

    my sidescroller runs
    all pieces work out fine
    i guess the fact that this is not my first sidescroller pays of
    gaps r fixed, ty spanky

    something learned again
    so i'm working on intro and outro

    and fiddling of course

    took a new look at my kitchen(lvl), still room for improvement.
    i guess there will be always room for improvement lol
    now it's time to find out how wormholes can be used here.
    mr beaver ...
  4. What to do now

    Just published my 3 month music gallery project and now don't have anything to do. Anyone need any songs made ? or maybe I need to take a break lol. :3
  5. whats cooking

    after spending 2 days cleaning up my music sequencers from vivaldi, back on track
    decided to start another mini-game
    sidescroller this time.
    working on ideas some1 else gave me is really not my thing
    then i run into a creatorsblock
    i really liked the idea we worked out together, but just can't work on it now, maybe later
    feels good working on something of my own
    but already run into an
    wot to do at the end of the game?
    scoreboard? ...
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