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  1. happy creating:)

    i'm happy creating
    got 2 puzzles now complete
    worked on the logic a lil for another mini, ya, i can do logic me
    tried out a nice gadget a friend gave me
    should have used it way earlier, wot a nice lil thingy
  2. lol,

    pressed the wrong button

    have a nice day
  3. happy creator again:)

    yay, finally creating again
    got me a co-creator now

    asked for help, but he took completely over, lol
    he wanted to use his sensor-array for this puzzle, and i was like, yea, right, but i don't know how to work with it. i had a totally different type of logic in mind. so just help me put that logic together, no way jose.
    yea, my idea works but this works better he told me
    fine, but i don't understand the array
    so we made a deal
    he can ...
  4. still no moon insight:)

    spend all day with some of my best friends

    spanky entered the cc18 contest
    if ur interested in contraptions, it's a must play

    a cc18 Bumpy ride, by SpankyDuckButter

    and ungreths level , a must play if u like stealth games
  5. My 1st Blog

    Well it's my first blog and a lot to cover recently. The recent months have been busy mostly due to losing tons of my Data because i had to back up my profile. Anyways im improving my skills all time it appears now in fact the improvements being made are motivating, which i often lack when things get slow and go wrong.

    However most recently i have been working on this:

    Bus (of some kind?) ...
    Creation Ideas
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