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  1. there is still hope:)

    everything works atm (knock on wood)

    caught me a few divers.
    1 of them was an 11 year old boy, perfect victim

    let him as much as possible figure it out for himself.
    he died a decent amount of times, but didn't give up
    we finished the lvl, and them asked his opinion.
    he thought it was easy
    lol, had adults having trouble
    another young lady went threw it easely as wel
    1 spawning point was a lil annoying, so it's replaced, ...
  2. fresh day, fresh start

    how is it possible that something worked a hundred times and then decides to quit?
    this lvl really tests my nervs at the full, geez
    but the intro works fine
    most obs do now aswel
    lvl badge looks nice imo
    ty mr beaver for template
    saves a lot time
    sry guys, just need to sum up the good things, before i go nuts on bugs :3
    maybe catch me some divers today to test, always fun and educational to see wot people do to ur lvl

    have ...
  3. hmm, boy was i wrong :/

    deleted the lvl, after so many bugs i got upset and deleted it.
    why is it always u fix 1, u get 2 back?

    or suddenly a part of the lvl is missing........................
    luckely i have a back-up of the lvl, so copied the part and place it back.
    then the lvl was overheated!@-!@#$%^&*()
    1 side of the part was merged with part next to it, slice and dice solved the problem, but my mood.........................

    ty mateos for keeping me calm ...
  4. it works:) yay

    finally did it
    lvl is published (locked).it works finally

    if no bugs are to be found, it will be published by the end of the week

    so testing and fiddling time

    cannot add anything really, if i open a chip the lvl is overheated

    already thinking about the next 1, or 2 to be exact, lol

    1 is for a friend, for his bd.

    he can't create, but he's such an awesome friend

    got template from spanky, ...
  5. karma:)

    worked for hours yesterday on my lvl.
    had some arguments with stickerpanel and logic, oh ya thermo
    with stickerpanel i won
    logic...............not giving up
    had 2 logic goeroes coming over, both telling me they can do it
    not even 1 step closer

    fresh day, fresh look, we will see wot happens
    the lvl doesn't need it, it's just that i want it
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