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  1. Hey...Help, going to a beta soon!

    I know it's probably been said before but I have some friends who are higher up like Troy420/PIGLET, Moyron, Splinter_Cell239. They have seen quite a bit of my work and think its worthy of a Mm Pick (I don't think so), or a spot on the cool pages. I would not mind a couple extra plays or hearts either.

    Also i am going to need about 3 Beta testers for a level I hope to finish really soon! So if you got nothing beter to do, inquire or leave a comment on this post or to ...
  2. SWITCH2 is finished, play it!

    Welcome to SWITCH. A completely new and random world control by Switches and buttons. You and your trusty grappling hook must venture the metalic land. Dont worry though, your not alone. Help and tips will be given by an "Automated VOICE". So enjoy and survive. [1P]

    Finally im publishing it. Please play it, you dont know how much effort and time this took. Its my personal best and my proudest level.

    Level Sharing
  3. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 13 (Finale)

    Guys, it's been a fun ride. I've enjoyed this. What started as a simple break from a big project, became a huge project, and even something that is now a competition entry. I love seeing this level finished. I put so much work into it... I mean... just... I think it's something that you guys will love. I finalized all of the bugs that were in all the previous version, AND I added a new amazing tutorial for you guys. I think you'll appreciate this level a lot guys. Enjoy. t's been fun, and I hope ...
  4. Need Support

    Hi LBPC! I recently published a stage in LBP2 and it's been hard getting people to know it (find it in LBP2). I would really appreciate if you guys would play it and give me some feedback, recommendations or anything to make my next stage better or make this one better. If you play it let me know what you think. Thanks LBPC <--- Little Big Galaxy
  5. The Amorta Hospital Episode One

    Hello fellow sacklings! My names Crystal I'm from USA.My state is North Carolina.Anywho if you all could please give my level a go I would be ever so grateful!!!! It's called The Amorta Hospital Episode One. Thank you very much for your time. Any comments are Welcome. My fiance and I have worked very hard.
    Level Sharing
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