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  1. Finished "DLC Costumes"

    Just finished created a DLC Costume Level. It's the first level I created on my own. Yay! Anyone reading this... go check it out if you have time. On to the next project. I have two in the making. Thanks to blue3571, MAD_PIERROT_1991, andpinkdiamond97 for contributing some of their costumes to the level! Woo-hoo! Thanks to CoCoBunny_ for hanging around and being patient whith me during my level creation.
  2. My Pathetic Attempt at a Blog

    This is my first blog post. I've meant to create one in the past but one reason leads to another and I never got around to it. I really don't have much to write about anyways but I've decided to saddle up and conjure something from my jumbled mess of a brain.

    These past weeks have been terribly busy with the spotlight. We've played over 1000 levels in the backlog and I am hoping we'll finish it eventually.

    (A crop duster just flew 100 feet over my house and made me ...
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  3. Dark warriors recruitment center

    Hey guys B.K here, I've made a new clan called Dark warriors. So far its just a recruitment center although in there is several things on how to join. Before you send a message you've got to get ready to take on 4 tests, logic, design, speed and survival. A special thx to stuntaddict for his Assault course witch is really helpfull for the speed test. One last thing i only choose the best for my clan so dnt be upset if i say no
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  4. Hey...Help, going to a beta soon!

    I know it's probably been said before but I have some friends who are higher up like Troy420/PIGLET, Moyron, Splinter_Cell239. They have seen quite a bit of my work and think its worthy of a Mm Pick (I don't think so), or a spot on the cool pages. I would not mind a couple extra plays or hearts either.

    Also i am going to need about 3 Beta testers for a level I hope to finish really soon! So if you got nothing beter to do, inquire or leave a comment on this post or to ...
  5. SWITCH2 is finished, play it!

    Welcome to SWITCH. A completely new and random world control by Switches and buttons. You and your trusty grappling hook must venture the metalic land. Dont worry though, your not alone. Help and tips will be given by an "Automated VOICE". So enjoy and survive. [1P]

    Finally im publishing it. Please play it, you dont know how much effort and time this took. Its my personal best and my proudest level.

    Level Sharing
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