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  1. Tribe 3 progress and Tribe 4 ideas

    One of the things we had to do for Tribe 3 was replace all the rusty old shacks you got tools from in Tribe 1 and 2 with an interactive building that actually looks like an archery range or a blacksmith or a smelter (New Building) which is used to make steel which is the new grade of weapons (musket halberd rapier and Cannon) all of which are one shot kills and all iron weapons are 2 shot kills and by now stone weapons are so out dated you don't make them anymore also a new feature is Alchemy including ...
  2. another new level

    going to making a new level and it's not going to make sense so once its finished plz find me on LBP and try it out

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  3. LBCC Day 1

    1 day on the forums and I got a ton of plays thanks for your support. I'm actually making tribe 3 right now Umaru is being difficult he wants to make really weird castle lay out changes and he is annoying me. I can't complain because we are getting a bunch of work done I hope to have the lvl up next week. Friend me and come hang out with the LBCC we are cool people . got to go Umaru is deleting the pane glass windows NOS DONKEY!!!
  4. Check this out!!!

    TRYOUT MY NEW Level RC COPTER. It needs to get noticed and is worth a shot. this level is 1 player only!! my psn is Splinter_cell239
  5. Farsaid Forest

    Check out the fascinating forest of Farsaid. The sackbots are with open arms when it comes to others visiting their village. Journey along the forest hoping to find discoveries about the habitat.
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