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  1. level showcase on lbpc... BROKEN?!?!?

    ok, I spent around 2 hours trying to get my showcase to work but whenever I press submit and look in the new levels section nothing shows up. Anyone care to elaborate?
    Level Sharing
  2. im new to this site...

    im looking to advertise a reasonobly high detail level series on here but I have no idea how so if some body could give me some pointers it would be much is the link to the level
    Level Sharing
  3. Welcome to the UnderDogger! [001]

    Hello, and welcome to a new blog I've decided to start on the lbpcentral forums. Here is some quick preamble before I began the actual post:

    This is the UnderDogger; a blog series I decided to start so that I could inform people about levels that I feel are under-represented in the LBP Community, especially since the cool levels are clogged with **** such as bomb survival levels, train levels, mortal kombat levels, hello kitty levels (seriously?), and stupid "funny" movies,
  4. Boss Notes Lol 1

    Dunno if anyone's blog reading but I got some amusing comments recently for the very nice Linneus on one of my LBP 1 levels. Now, I want to make it clear, LBP1 is a whole different animal, and playing LBP 1 levels in LBP 2 is going to make them different. For starters, I can't stand Lava Land in LBP 2 because the updated graphics and adjusted lighting lose the visual effect achieved in LBP 1. But this is not a comparison post, no, it's a LBP1 Boss Battle post where I blab about how awful some of ...
  5. NO MORE! (horror/story game by LBCC)

    Hello This is Umaru_ Of The LBCC A Clan of Elite and respectable Creators We are ambitious about our works in the community but this is not about that ha-ha i am in the makeing of a horror/story level going by the name of no more i only have the demo ready but am hopeing to finish the first episode by the end of the month the TECH was done no other then by my amazing clan leader LBCC_Mr_Kay he is a very good creator with alot of talent so visit his earth and check out our works at the amazing lvls ...
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