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  1. Boss Notes Lol 1

    Dunno if anyone's blog reading but I got some amusing comments recently for the very nice Linneus on one of my LBP 1 levels. Now, I want to make it clear, LBP1 is a whole different animal, and playing LBP 1 levels in LBP 2 is going to make them different. For starters, I can't stand Lava Land in LBP 2 because the updated graphics and adjusted lighting lose the visual effect achieved in LBP 1. But this is not a comparison post, no, it's a LBP1 Boss Battle post where I blab about how awful some of ...
  2. NO MORE! (horror/story game by LBCC)

    Hello This is Umaru_ Of The LBCC A Clan of Elite and respectable Creators We are ambitious about our works in the community but this is not about that ha-ha i am in the makeing of a horror/story level going by the name of no more i only have the demo ready but am hopeing to finish the first episode by the end of the month the TECH was done no other then by my amazing clan leader LBCC_Mr_Kay he is a very good creator with alot of talent so visit his earth and check out our works at the amazing lvls ...
  3. How long is the Tribe series going to be??

    The Tribe is a very fun and popular series and I am planning to have the series be quite long as I have many ideas for the level. originally it was cave men renaissance then pirate then modern then colonial future and cold war were added now it is cave men medieval renaissance age of exploration the golden age of piracy Italian mob modern and future. in Italian mob you are in the city no more mining and chopping wood but the chopping wood and mining concept return in modern where two armies will ...
  4. Tribe 3 progress and Tribe 4 ideas

    One of the things we had to do for Tribe 3 was replace all the rusty old shacks you got tools from in Tribe 1 and 2 with an interactive building that actually looks like an archery range or a blacksmith or a smelter (New Building) which is used to make steel which is the new grade of weapons (musket halberd rapier and Cannon) all of which are one shot kills and all iron weapons are 2 shot kills and by now stone weapons are so out dated you don't make them anymore also a new feature is Alchemy including ...
  5. another new level

    going to making a new level and it's not going to make sense so once its finished plz find me on LBP and try it out

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