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  1. My brain hurts QQ

    Got bored expanding them, but you get the idea, theres a lot

    Im probably not even half way done with the thing and given my play count and difficulty of this level, Id guess about 7 people will see this when its done (last ob in CPI2)

  2. Studio Quest Archive: Section XII

    Last time, I talked about the level Seaside Amusement Park, which is based on the show Amusement Harbor. The next level is one of the two levels where the showcase is on the back wall. All of the left wall showcases are over. It's also the only level where you will be stuck in one section once entered until the boss is gone. Here's the next level:

    Harsh Marsh:


    The show titled Life in the Swamp took place in swamp, featuring Kelly, the teenage ...

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  3. "The Cunning Little vixen" in Little big planet

    I've been wanting to create "The Cunning little vixen" in lbp, but its hard. I'm already used to the filming directing. Creating the places and stuff is taking time because I'm the only one working on it. I know the story is all about singing and all opera and stuff, but I'm making it not like that. More like an original film, but with the music from The Cunning Little vixen, and that's what I need help in. I've tried to make films, such as "The Thing" by john carpenter, but ...
  4. BLAHBLAH Blog Ep.1: 90 hearts and great plays!

    I decided to start doing video blogs because its easier than writing a full article. Hope you enjoy!

    Attack Of the nerd system:

    Realistic Ragdoll tutorials:

    Shenanigans made from Random: ...
  5. I wish you all well

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