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  1. LBP Quiz #8

    This is the layout of the final quiz I made on anything for LBP. These 25 questions are about DLC for LBP2. The type of quiz is another True or False quiz, the easiest type of quiz that exists. Here it comes:

    1. True or False? There are only 3 level packs exclusively made for LBP2.
    2. True or False? Any level pack made for LBP1 cannot be played in LBP2.
    3. True or False? All of the level kits made for DLC include their own pin collections.
    4. True or False? The ...

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  2. 3 Levels in the Working At the Same time!

    I am Working levels at once, but hopefully they will be very good. So i decided i will tell you what the Project are;

    Lab Ratz
    You are a Testing Rat that is smarter compared to Other rats so you are put through challenging tests

    Undead Frontier
    You are a retired soldier, you go back to your old banking job, after 3 weeks off solitude a Zombie Epidemic is spreading across the American Frontier and You Must stop it!!

    Jungle Fever
    Vietnam-1971-"Bravo,Oscar,Mike,Zulu ...
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  3. LBP Quiz #7

    This is the layout of the seventh quiz on Little Big Planet. This is going to be about the community from LBP2, and this time, it's another fill-in quiz. Like the last six quizzes, there are 25 questions.

    1. Before Update 1.12, what was the rating system in LBP2?
    2. What do you call it when you write about the level that isn't commenting?
    3. What is the feature to leave a message to the creator on both the creator profile and the levels?
    4. What is the name of ...

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  4. LBP The Lost Story: Fairy King's Crown (Dev Blog 3)

    Has anyone else noticed the follower's have gone hay wire? or at least for me it is. So far progress is going well.

    But here is the run down of the first four levels out of the 20.

    Each of the Levels will have The Fairy King's Crown: (level name here)
    But this is still under some thinking.

    Level one (The Witch Who Stole)

    Quick Overview of Plot:
    Fairy king sitting in chair
    Witch breaks throw ...
  5. LBP Quiz #6

    This is the layout of the sixth quiz on Little Big Planet. This is a matching quiz, and just like the previous matching quiz, it's going to be on Create Mode. This time, it's the LBP2 only content.

    1. These gadgets create motion once triggered. There are two categories.

    A. Movers and Rotators
    B. Sensors
    C. Logic
    D. Global Tweakers
    E. Object Tweakers

    2. These gadgets are similar to LBP1's switches, but there are more in LBP2. ...

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