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  1. Life

    Sometimes it's fricking hard. I hate myself so much right now.
  2. LbpKarting.... Are you going to buy it?

    I assume the game will cost around 49-59$ but I don't know if it's going to worth buying it. I mean are most of the people in lbpcentral going to buy it? I have no idea that's why I've created this blog.
    In lbp2 you can make anything, from karting to side scrolling shooter (a to z).
    In lbpkarting of course you'll have the possibility to make really awesome races and I know the power of creativity will make some creator create some really outstanding track. But at the end it will still ...
  3. Advanced vs. Simple

    There are many types of levels, in this case advanced and simple. Simple levels are usually easier to make and a lot longer. Advanced levels are harder to make and shorter, but sometimes has more replay value (RPGs ect.) Im personally an advanced creator and I do make mini games, but I honestly think the advanced creations get less credit than the simpler creations.

    This is a tough subject to talk about and I'm probably going to get some haters, but if you look on youtube at the simpler ...
  4. The Grim Days of Little Big Planet - Part Two

    Last time on The Grim Days of Little Big Planet, I mentioned how bad the cool pages were and how copying became a problem. We knew what the cool pages are judged by and what the copy option was intended for. But the kids are copying and re-publishing levels. I find the roller coasters and Tron racing levels okay, but levels like Mortal Kombat (most controversial one), bomb survivals, and shark survivals are a problem. We get too many of them. Copying is not only creating spam, but it's stealing ...

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  5. I love cleverbot.

    Just sharing some fun

    [New conversation]

    Cleverbot: Love is ...

    Cleverbot (To myself): A pain in the neck.

    Cleverbot (To myself): What do you like in a woman?

    User: I'm not sure.

    Cleverbot: Why is it your favorite.

    User: Why is what?

    Cleverbot: Why is christmas depressing?

    User: Because it's usually dark then? I'm not sure, why IS christmas depressing? ...
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