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  1. Awesome

  2. I want a vita

    Any way I can stop myself from spending tons of money and saving them up for a vita ? lolz.
  3. My current stats on LBP Central

    So far, it's been a little over four months since I joined, but here's what I got as of today:

    I have made over 300 posts.
    This is my 46th blog entry.
    I only have five blog entries deleted.
    I only have seven friends.
    I have 92 points in reputation (8 more to get a second green bar).
    I started a total of 59 threads (at least two or three exceeded 5 pages).

    I think that's all I can name as of now, but there should be more.

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  4. I iz tired!

    Im back home from driving 12 hours straight, so I decided to talk about something on my blog. First of all Im very, VERY tired. The actual subject Ill be talking about is my comedy level me and my friends are working on.

    Its pretty much like one of those movies with lots of funny and short skits. Ive been wanting to make a movie for a long time, but I was so busy with school, videos, and I was at my grandmas house. Now that Im back home and tired as hell, Im making a random funny ...
  5. PLCC4 - Progress & Schedule

    Hello there and welcome back to another entry of Jauw & Brezo's PLCC4 Blog!

    Yep you heard right folks, I'm (Jauw) back from my nice vacation. Which was awesome, but it's nice to be home again although I lost 11 days of PLCC4. Anyway, Me and Brezo have made quite alot of progress today including some gameplay elements!

    If you don't know how the level looks like please look at the following pictures:

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