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  1. PLCC4 - Progress & Schedule

    Hello there and welcome back to another entry of Jauw & Brezo's PLCC4 Blog!

    Yep you heard right folks, I'm (Jauw) back from my nice vacation. Which was awesome, but it's nice to be home again although I lost 11 days of PLCC4. Anyway, Me and Brezo have made quite alot of progress today including some gameplay elements!

    If you don't know how the level looks like please look at the following pictures:

  2. The Cool Pages (Satire)

    Please note that I'm not trying to offend anyone, but this is a story criticizing the cool pages. You won't read this in The Onion, but I have the idea of satire now.

    The Cool Pages:

    Have you ever heard about how to get popular? Try showing up on the cool pages. It's only has copied levels, so to get popular, you should copy levels and republish. It's easier than wasting your time working on a level on your moon.

    Recently, kids have done this to get popular.

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  3. LbpKarting Beta ( impressions )

    In my last blog I wasn't sure if I was going to buy lbpkarting because I didn't know if it was worth it IMO. I just didn't know if it would have been a waste of money since I'll be probably keep creating in lbp2 which I thought had more possibilities.
    However, I've been invited to try the beta ( yay thanks ) and this was the key to my question. I really didn't expect the game to be like this. Like I said in my last blog: ''At the end it will still be karting'' or something like that. ...

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  4. The Grim Days of Little Big Planet - Part Four

    Recently on The Grim Days of Little Big Planet, I talked about the Mm Picks and how it became controversial. The community are looking for levels that are "Mm Pick worthy" while Mm are looking for levels that they find fun to play. If neither collide, then the community complains. They say that Mm Picks are going downhill, but actually, it doesn't matter. People are even hating on the creators of the Mm Picked levels when they weren't "Mm Pick worthy", but hey, if you want Mm to only pick the levels ...

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  5. The 9 costumes are conformed!

    The 9 costumes are now conformed! The pack is called the Summer Games Costume Pack and its including:
    - Javelin Thrower
    - Diskus Thrower
    - Hammer Thrower
    - Runner
    - Fencer
    - Gymnast
    - Horse Rider
    - Tennis Player
    - Wrestler

    The Javelin, diskus, hammer, and runner are going to be one costume pack (Track 'n' Field pack) and the others are separate. The Track 'n' Field pack is going to be $1.90 and the separate costumes are ...
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