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  1. a poem

    We wake in need to see our person,
    yet what we see is a mask.

    We fixate on the end, and the trials we face,
    yet we disregard the forces that guild us.

    We laugh, smile and have fun,
    yet we cry, suffer, and feel pain.

    We believe life will never worsen,
    yet it always does.

    We run our lives through this endless race,
    yet there is no end nor trophy.

    We had once known why we run,
    yet ...
  2. User Generated Pins, Costume Creator's Kit, and Royalty Lounge

    WARNING: Before I can go over the ideas, here's what I have to say. These ideas are very bad ideas, because not only Mm should be the only ones who can have developer mode privileges, but there could be some issues going on within the community. If we have these ideas patched into the game, there can be a lot of copyright issues, with both pins and costumes. If everybody can have these privileges, then some pins (only the user generated pins) will either have stupid achievements or pictures that ...

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  3. Losing my mind...

    Not as a dramatic emotional statement, I mean this in the literal sense. Recently, although I have no idea for how long, I've been having these long periods of time where I no longer feel in control of my body, like veiwing my life in third person, and sleeping has become more and more intermittent. I've lost track of time and day/night cycles, I can't remember anything short term and my long term memory is starting to suffer, to the point where I have no idea if things I remember have actually ...
  4. See you tommorrow film

    Has anyone seen the lbp2 film called "See you Tomorrow?"
  5. Begginer Help

    Heyy guys i am new. And I am Wondering if there is a way that i can get my new lbp movie more popular. Its an awesome short film,but no one will discover it. Is tjere a way i can get it more popular through here?
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