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  1. Tutorial troubles

    for months now I've been wondering why I don't have the trophy for completing all the tutorials and today I came close. I found some stickers that I don't think I have but after trying the tutorial (twice!) I still don't have them. I got the lists from lbp workshop and saw that other people had had this problem.Any suggestions?
  2. concepts 1&2 (continued)

    after checking both levels, I realized that the first one was unfinished and the second had been rated 2 stars, so I republished the second and tried to continue with the first.
  3. Concepts 1+2

    So far I have 2 concept levels(one helped along by Joruto)and they haven't really got any plays. I'll try to do the republish trick tomorrow but i'd prefer to get plays from these forums.The levels include ideas and glitches like banana, meat and sombrero boats as well as auto-jump platforms(accidently made from trying to make the no-jumping platforms) and using sprung bolts to use in trapdoors.
  4. LBP GF's

    Im here to talk about lbp girlfriends, idk why but alot of my friends are spending all there time with their "girlfriends" that they met in LBP. IDK if this post will get me in trouble or not, if so pls tell me immediately! I hav actually been searching for a LBP girl because my friends buggin me. So far unsucessfull. Personal status
    Loves Anime, LBP, Mystery books, Linkin park, Black and white
    i wish i met sumone
    Tags: girlfriends, love
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  5. LBP Central Needs A Mech Compitition

    LBPCentral needs a mech competition with crown prize.
    Everyone loves mechs we've all seen johnees.
    How bout a competition for building one?
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