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  1. My "Race for the Case" Progress #1

    I plan to do my best on this contest and hopefully win a sticker. (Most likely I will not.)

    I am now sketching out some notable environments and objects that appear in the Turbo! Pack level I'm building a sequel to. I am noting down what stickers and materials are being used and try to find a look alike. Why is that?
    I do NOT want to use Turbo! Pack materials, due to the fact that they have the load time bug. This is going to be a challenge to make it look like a sequel from
  2. Hopless job search

    This is getting really depressing,

    I'm artistic, skilled in IT, and reasonably smart (IQ g of 120 something last time I checked).... But there is apparently no place in this world for me.

    Nearly 9 months now what do you have to do to get a job these days??
  3. Well im off....

    Well yeah im going to be gone for a while maybe for about 3-4 months.

    I'm going to have a small break and try to post a bit then I'm leaving again until December.

    So you guys pretty much won't see me anymore until I come back in December.

    Thanks for the good times and I hope to see you guys later.

  4. Signatures

    I want a signature. I really do. *looks all pathetic and puppy eyed* I wish I had more skills when it comes to computers. I honestly only just got a comp about a year ago.

    You see...Im poor. lol No, really...all the gadgets and gizmos are new to me. I am in a better place now but wow.

    Teaching myself is a slow process. Does anyone make signatures? Or can anyone show me how in the heck to make one myself? I have an idea of how I want it....just no friggin clue what ...
  5. New project

    Hi , i'm just wanted to let you know that i'm making a nnew sci-fi level

    a demo will be released in a couple of weeks ,

    but i'm kinda stuck with the plot has anyone some ideas for me ?
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