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  1. Signatures

    I want a signature. I really do. *looks all pathetic and puppy eyed* I wish I had more skills when it comes to computers. I honestly only just got a comp about a year ago.

    You see...Im poor. lol No, really...all the gadgets and gizmos are new to me. I am in a better place now but wow.

    Teaching myself is a slow process. Does anyone make signatures? Or can anyone show me how in the heck to make one myself? I have an idea of how I want it....just no friggin clue what ...
  2. New project

    Hi , i'm just wanted to let you know that i'm making a nnew sci-fi level

    a demo will be released in a couple of weeks ,

    but i'm kinda stuck with the plot has anyone some ideas for me ?
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  3. My first blog entry...

    I guess ive never used a blog in a generic vBulletin forum.
    Well, this is my blog. Ill be posting stuff about...
    And life...

  4. New Sig

    Made my first Sig today quite pleased with it it is the first 'arty' thing I have done in a loooong time.

    Also been trying to get elastix to work, I can set up the server on my laptop, but it has critical failure after about 4 min.

    Still I'm very happy with Ubuntu 10.04 and recommend it to EVERYONE.
  5. one question

    Why isnt Mm finnished fixing the cool pages? I mean look at the community it's full of Stephany raven's levels that get over 1,000 plays while creators like me that try there hardest get barely 100 plays ?
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