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  1. 10/22/08 darn

    yeah if you read my post in the genreal forum about being sick you shouldnt be expecting a good blog.

    Again today i didnt game because my arms hurt but i can still type!

    OK just to update i plan on giving you all a montage on the special halloween blog. it will be halo 3. but i am using Game vee to recover my clips so it will only be around 2minutes because it takes like 2days to get 1 clip.

    but at least you will get a little

    Ok lets ...
  2. 10/21/08

    hmm wasnt an Amazing game suppose to come out today? wait no it got delayed! poor LBP!!

    hmm so today i barly decided to make a blog to be honest i didnt have any free time today really to game but i guess i will try.

    but from now on if i dont have a blog without telling you it is because i didnt have time or i didnt really game much.

    OK i still didnt get GTA San andreas today grr

    oh well i will get it soon this week probaly.
  3. 10/20/08 entry

    Hello everyone i have decided for only 1 entry on weekdays and 2 on weekends

    because lets be realistic i get home from school at 2:30pm how am i suppose to do 2!?!?

    i dont have much today but!

    just to inform you i will be doing a HUGE blog on halloween! and a semi huge on Halloween Eve.

    i cant guarntee i can make the blog on halloween but if i dont you will see a HUGE blog on the day after halloween!

    ok like i said i dont ...
  4. 10/19/08 entry 2

    Hello everyone i made it to post the blog!! Yay!

    ok i want to start off with a bit of halo 3.
    this match is in DLC FFA. Ok everyone has like 40 points on blackout oddball and i had like 5. i killed the person with the ball picked it up and kept the ball till i got 50points. i managed to rack up a 8 killing spree!

    Ok about NFS prostreet. i got it last christmas and i got preety far in it about 5hrs into it probaly. Then my file got corrupted. i stopped playing ...
  5. 10/19/08 entray 1

    Hello everyone im here for my 1st entry of the day.

    In gaming news!

    i was just playing viva pinata Trouble in paradise! i might reffer to this as VP TIP or viva pinata TIP during the interview!

    Ok i find the Viva pinata TIP alot more... well alot more than Viva pinata the first game. One thing i want to talk about is hunting. I dont really like the concept. i think when you hunt once you capture the pinata it should be yours, and you dont then have to ...
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