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  1. Entry 7/18/10

    Hello LBPC community! I have changed my blog into a monthly blog because I have way to much stuff going on to go on LBPC.
    I was gone at camp last week, so I was not online for about a week. I am still trying to get back in the groove today, but I'm catching on again.
    I am striving to get platinum trophies in Rock Band 2, LBP, and Uncharted 2. I have finally beaten the Impossible Drum Challenge on the Expert difficulty on Rock Band 2 so that got me 2 silver trophies, and I have beaten ...
  2. Wtf

  3. Wooooooot

  4. bomb survivals

    i think people need to be more creative. Everyone is just making hotel and ship bomb survivals ! NEW IDEAS PEOPLE!!!!!
  5. MUSIC LEVELS! And other.... junk.

    I'm bored. Very bored. So I spend my time playing msuic levels. Since there're so many of them, I can't count 'em. So, please state your favourite LBP Music level! I'll start it off...... I can't remember who made it, but it was a Michael Jackson tribute... Thriller. I don't know why but I fell asleep because when I here it it makes me fall asleep (that's how my parents got me to sleep as a young little grasshopper) well by little I mean 12, and by grasshopper, I mean..... Green?)

    Tags: junk, music
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