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  1. Grrrrrr.

    I am an idiot. Seriously, the handful of hearts I had and some wonderful feedback, its all gone. How does one delete a level? Well, I can tell you I now know being an idiot. I guess I shall live and learn. I was adding some changes to my level and trying to improve upon some things. I went to add it and next thing I know....poof! I clicked the wrong thing. I really shouldnt be allowed to touch anything involving computer technology. lol
  2. Little Big Planet 2.

    So much stuff.


    Collectors Edition...
    I cant fathom how much awesomeness is in that box...

  3. Tabletop Troopers

    I had an idea for a top down shooter called Tabletop Troopers. Info about it is under the LBP2 thread Top-Down Shooter (Unnamed). Don't really know how to change a thread title . Anyways, I could always use some suggestions and maybe a gadder or two for the team . Also, take a look at my SuperZeroes project and ThePineapplizer's Sack Ninja Showdown. He (or she) has got some pretty nice ideas .
  4. Fanfiction Levels

    Testing, Testing? Is this thing on?

    Hello, this is my first blog post. I'm making a level series for my fanfic, and thought I'd announce the first couple levels.

    A Bad Memory
    (Introduction, Chapter 1)

    A Plot, A President, And a Plan
    ("Chapter 2", "Chapter 3 Part 1")

    ("Chapter 3, Part 2", Chapters 4 + 5)

    Denied With a Plan (Chapter

    Destroy Him ...
  5. arrrrr

    someone shot a rocket at me today!!
    Imean it really a person aim and fired a rocket in my direction!!!
    it hit me!!!!
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