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  1. create am album?

    guess i'm hopeless
    tried to create an album
    given it a name, a description, uploaded pics
    somehow it didn't make an album
    got notifications of invalid adress
    tomorrow an other day, will try again

    grtz mirjan
  2. got my own profile picture now;)

    thanks u guys for helping me getting used to use this site
    especially biorogue

    as u can see, my profile is getting customized little by little, yay

    roamed around the general settings today, was much to be improved there too, from now i get a msg if someone replies. sounds simple to u guys, but for this old noob it's a whole new world

    i'm looking forward to meeting more nice sacks here

    grtz mirjan
  3. LittleBIG Portal Journal

    Hello LBP Central Community,

    My name is Pedro. I'm new here.

    I started a reddit thread recently, but because the LBP community isn't as strong there as I thought it might be, this is probably a better place to put all these things. I uploaded some levels recently, some of them in cynicism, but all of them incomplete. I'm getting to that age where my passion for videogames better turn into a career if I don't want to stop playing them. I'm currently studying art and ...
  4. slowly getting there:)

    next time i post a thread to a level, i think i should take some photo's of it, and put them on a usb stick, and try to upload them.
    maybe try and make a nice profilepic as well

    something completely different now

    i've been working on a co-op level for the past few weeks
    tried a different way to build this time.
    make obstacles first, and then put them together.
    it is really a challenge to make a level like this.
    not only putting ...
  5. Okay, so the snow's melted. *sadface*

    by , 01-27-2013 at 08:35 AM (The Random Ruminations of Me and My Marginally Mental Mind)
    As the title says.

    By the way, you guys should watch Yogscast on YouTube, if you don't already. They're pretty funny.

    So, um, I don't really know what to write...

    *awkward music plays*

    *awkward music is still playing*

    Ah! I have recently founded Protoraptor Industries, Craftworld's biggest exporter in plasma.

    You may join if you wish.
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