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  1. An insurance adventure.

    Yeah, my first blog post in LBPCentral! I usually do this only in; but I recently found out Central has also got a blog function:

    So yeah. I finally finished my Progressive level after over 250 hours of work. Maybe more, I stopped counting in the 200th hour actually. Ok, I decided to make this blog before any threads anywhere, because I'll probably include a link to here if someone wants to read about the frustrating creation process.
    Ok, so we begin with... ...
  2. Secret Pin ideas

    I talked about this on the forums before, where I come up with new secret pin ideas, but I can also talk about them on my blog too. If we have these contest winning pins (LBP Central, Little Big Planetarium, Little Big Network, and Little Big Land), we should have other pins. So far, we only have 27 pins from the secret pin collection. When I typed down my ideas, somebody disagreed using my ideas because Mm has limits on secret pins, and some of these are too easy. Watching the credits is easy, ...

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  3. Cpi2

    As always, returning to LBP after a nice create break and I found myself rejuvenated and excited to build once more.

    Suddenly got the urge to make a sequel to something and before I knew it I was getting busy making CPI2

    I think I was kind of amazed at how well the first was received. It looked awful, high difficulty, length and not far off a mere 1% of people who played actually finished it! Yet somehow, it holds a reasonable 1/3 yay rating :s

    About ...

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  4. Facts about the environment

    It's been 60 entries ago since I written a fact entry. I said I promise more facts, which haven't been seen in a long time from my blog. I came back with ten more facts, and they're are all on the environment:

    1. Recycling is both cheaper and more expensive than throwing trash away in some ways. While it's cheaper to recycle so we can cut back cost on raw materials that are hard to get, it's also more expensive because throwing away trash in landfills is simple as recycling will require ...

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  5. Mags's First-Kinda-Sorta Real Blog Post? I guess?

    Well hai there, you've (probably) seen me around the forums quite a bit, and (probably once again) don't know that I (never) make blog posts.



    So no point in reading it. Seriously, dont.

    I know you just did.

    Ok, since you guys are not trustworthy, might as well tell you guys what I actually made this blog for.

    Ooo, Mac n cheese for dinner? Hold ...
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