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  1. My 80th blog entry

    This is my 80 blog mark, also the second entry where I went ten days in a row (Central Time). The Studio Quest Archive is over. You won't be seeing more of it. I think people lost interest into my blog since I started writing it, but with that done, I should go back to normal.

    Now as you have seen my more recent posts, you can tell that I was obsessive and hard to control myself when I saw additional topics on Cool Pages and Mm Picks. At the beginning, when I saw a topic with a long ...

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  2. Studio Quest Archive: Section XVIII

    This is the last entry on Studio Quest. Over here, I'll be talking about the special features of the game. You can access them through the game menu. The game is over, but there are 11 movies, 9 bosses, 10 multiplayer games, and 30 mini-games. You cannot fight the evil magician for practice at the game menu, but you can fight the other bosses. As for the mini-games, multiplayer games, and movies, here they are:

    Mini Games:

    If you complete a mini-game for the first time, ...

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  3. Studio Quest Archive: Section XVII

    Last time, I talked about the level Game Land, which is based on the show Chompers Deluxe. This upcoming level is the last level of the game and the only level where you don't get any stars. Here's the final level:

    Chaparral Capers:


    The evil magician has taken over every TV show from the Buster Studio, but this is the show he lives in. After realizing that all of his monsters are either dead or have turned against him, he becomes more agressive ...

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  4. Studio Quest Archive: Section XVI

    Last time, I talked about the level Caribbean City, which is based on the show Sally Nook. This upcoming level is the last level where you collect stars or learn moves. Here's the next level:

    Game Land:


    Chompers Deluxe is a TV show with the perspective of a board game. The four chompers work together by playing board games to find the path to the grape village. The Chomper Thieves are normally bad guys, but they don't dominate the show. Now ...

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  5. Festival Time!

    Woo! Just came back from Pukkelpop. And it was one big party!
    Which is awesome since the disaster that happened last year.
    Most of the dubstep artists came on thursday so I missed that but I still saw Dillon Francis, Feed Me, Chase & Status and Gemini and ... the Foo Fighters!
    With that, I did miss the next round of Super Clean-up Ball though ...

    Working on stuff, but that's secret for now.
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