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  1. feel like a truant

    yup, didn't even go to my moon to look
    some1 needed a testplayer to try and break his lvl,well i tried and broke it
    so that took a big part of the day
    i hope he can fix it, it's gonna be 1 of the best lvls here on lbp when he finishes it
  2. a happy friend

    yay, he loved his gift
    time to go back to my mini games.
    let my brain fume again
    or wots left of it

    have a nice day
  3. Look at my Twitter or Youtube Channel

    Hi everyone.... Just a small advertisement and it would help me out if you could look at it.

    My Twitter is @Sacko53PSN And I use twitter for gaming things and Gaming News..... If you want updates on anything about gaming or want to ask anything else. Then please go to my twitter profile and send me a tweet (Please Note that i will not respond to stupid questions or spam ones or anything that's not nice)

    I Have 2 youtube accounts now. I only had one before I'll try to ...
  4. Current Pin Collection

    In LBP2, I just completed another pin collection - Cross Controller pins. I can't believe how small the pin collection is in comparison to the other pin collections (like the story pin collection). There are even only four story levels opposed to the five in the Cross Controller DLC. The Move Pack is big, but not this one.

    As I am an expert at collecting pins, I seem to tackle four pin collections, which are the Story Pins of LBP2, the Move Pack Pins, the Muppets Pack Pins, and most ...

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  5. under construction

    decided to make the sidescroller for my friend.
    back to my comfortzone, while picking up the pieces
    it's gonna be a very easy, sunny stroll
    relaxing to make, although some of the logic wants to go it's on way
    well, it wouldn't be fun if there was no challenge
    just weird if u copy the chip, place it, it doesn't wanna work.......

    btw, are they ever gonna fix hedgehopping?
    after an update a year ago, it acts weird. pieces go all over the place. ...
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