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  1. Coming soon...

    Well I've got some new levels planned!... Oh, you want me to tell you what they are?!?! Well here they are!

    -Revenge (Horror/Thriller/Mystery Movie)

    -The Forgotten Island of Old Re'kai (Platformer Level series)

    I'm sorry, but they don't have an excact release date yet but they'll guarenteed be done by Valentines Day or Easter! Oh, and I'm gonna need need some people to help on these projects! Anyone want in? I'm getting REALLY excited about ...
  2. Brain In Utter Knots

    by , 10-12-2011 at 03:59 AM (Fang's Random Gibberish (LBPC Edition))
    There must be some new mimic trend going on LBPC that I don't know about... It's pretty hilarious how many times I had to go, "Waiiiiit...who what where?" whenever I look at someone's name or avi

    I don't really know what's going on but this is certainly quite the puzzle :S


    Time to find those contradictions. EUREKAH!
    Tags: lolwut?
  3. Updates on current projects :D (nope no new projets ;) )

    Well here are a few updates for you guys


    Version 5 of Requiem's battle system is going very smoothly. I just need 8 more abilities to plug in for the prelude, deal w/ enemeies & battle environments then it will be on to story and gameplay development

    If there is enough space, I will add in a superboss into the prelude (that will be insanely hard) But as of right now, i make no promises

    anywho, It may take me a while ...
  4. brainstorm has arrived

    Not much going on today. Got some much needed rain yesterday. Maybe my pastures will start growing some grass for my horses and goats.

    I had a brilliant idea for a level the other day and have actually started working on it. Ok, I stole the idea from a flash game, but that's beside the point. At first I was going to try and do a remake of the game, but my logic skills are severely lacking and I just didn't think I could pull it off. So I went another route with it and I'm hoping ...

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  5. I just dunno anymore 8I

    SO i have this impossible dilemma. I can't create, not literally, but..

    (im going step by step now)

    1: I start by moving the entrance higher up and surround it with cardboard structures, somtimes i place it far right so the level is more "original" going from right to left.

    2: I try to think of some gameplay, then i either bring up the music sequencer or some interactive music. and waste 5 hours listening to/create music.

    3: ...

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