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  1. I am really sad with the LBP1's comunnity.

    SERIOUSLY? H4H and copied levels? Where are the good and original levels?
    It's sad. REALLY SAD.
    Tags: etc., super sad
  2. Photo Time with Gabriel!

    He is my friend in PSN.

    I am the dinosaur sackboy

    I am the devil sackboy
    Photo Time!
  3. Little Big Planet 2 - I WANT

    Unfortunately, I don't have Little Big Planet 2. In Brazil, the games are very expensive.
    I was researching prices and saw that Little Big Planet is costing 200 reais (the Brazilian currency). So did the math and gave about $ 113! Absurd, is not it?
    So, I'll have to wait a while before buying, because here in Brazil, it is very expensive.
    Maybe for Christmas I earn. I hope.
    Tags: etc., sad
  4. Photo Time with My Best Friend.

    Her name is Beatriz, and unfortunately she does not have a PS3. This was the day we played together im my home.

    I am the pink sackboy

    I am the green sackgirl!

    It's nice to play with her!
    Tags: photo time
    Photo Time!
  5. My Rant

    I'm down with creator's block. Have been for... 1 or 2 months now. I've still got Project Universe to work on, but I'm unsure what's going to happen and what's not going to. And I can't share any info with anyone else, no. This is a top secret project. If someone was to steal this idea, i would never play LittleBIGPlanet again.

    So anyway, My hopes have been up after i published Sun Lander, which earned ME 2 hearts and the level 150 or so plays and around 50 hearts. It was featured ...
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