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  1. Fractured: Level Project

    After finally completing my first level; (LBPC3) Mansion of Music, an entry into the "Sychned Up" contest, I have decided to make another.
    all images do not fully represent the final product
    So my next project is largly based on thefirst level of Frazzguy's A Thousand Suns series. The working title for my level is Fractured and I will be doing a very similar visual style as frazzguy's level, ...
  2. Time for a test > : D

    Oh yes


    No as most of you know. I don't like lbl :/ (for reasons ALL my friends know about)

    SO: I've desided to test them
    I'm testing out their "rules and regulations" for the crown contest > : D

    They say that all forum members will have equal chance. mmhm sure

    if they pass... I may change my mind about lbl.
    if they fail... I will NEVER go on or look at lbl again :/ ...
  3. Creator's Block

    Hey guys! Today I have a creators block. =( I can't think of any contraptions for my level: City in the Sky. I tied putting a character in it but I failed. If you guys have any ideas, please put in the comments! Thanks!

    Updated 09-24-2011 at 03:17 AM by Gabesknight09

    Creation Ideas
  4. Im sorry for the miisunderstanding LBP players=(

    Unfortunetley, there wont be a webpage due to the fact that I cant find the webpage on the internet (embarising). so instead i will publish 1 and only 1 level on advritising peoples levels.
  5. Hey beta and objects give away

    been a while got kinda bored of this place and such but anyway

    Simple Play Beta ver. 0.05 level

    AND Elemental heroes objects level giveaway
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