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  1. "An ultimatum of the fate of absolute Fantasy"

    Box Of Dynamite is publishing it's MTG level series (8 levels in total) when psn gets back up!
    SO. I just wanted everyone to know that when this whole MTG thing is over w/ BoD will be working on MANY projects simaltaiously. These include: LBF, ROH, Project "M.A.I.L", Project RED, Project "Grid Fighter", and many others.

    And while i may not be working my hardest on these projects (due to school and other stuff) i would like to inform you that the other 10 or so members of BoD ...
  2. Note to self:

    Start a blog. Not sure why yet, but you have to start somewhere!
  3. Remake

    Well, with all this free time I've decided to remake Super Shape Popper. When I first made it, I had very little knowledge of how logic worked, and made it overly complicated. This led to a glitch where the shapes would sometimes not pop.

    Now with my better understanding of logic, I am already half way done with the level and with my new design, the shapes shouldn't glitch up.

    One of the main improvements is a impact sensor vs. A tag sensor. This upgrade should hopefully ...
  4. 7 down 1 to go!

    ok, the Box Of Dynamite MTG level series is almost done.
    It will consist of 8 levels (3 cutscenes, and 5 gameplay levels) and we just need to finish one!

    If that gets done before the deadline, we (as in I) will get to polishing and deal w/ a few things to make all the levels really shine

    Wish us luck. we are about 97.5% done
    - Mail
  5. Re: PSN: Hurry Up.

    Sony is doing their best to rebuild the system. Some people are quite annoyingly asking Sony to hurry up, which is a stupid request, as if Sony tried to speed things up, there's a chance things could go wrong.

    See the light and give them time. Then this won't happen again.

    Heh, sorry about the sort of philosophical ending.
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