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  1. I need a bigger boat

    I have a super full queue of awesome levels. I have a virtually completed level. I need to fix some final bugs. I want to play all these stages.

    A week of playing then back to creating... but... It's so close to being finished!
  2. overall statement of what i'm working on :)

    So hears what I'm working on now:
    -Aurora Somnis
    -Aurora Reqium
    -Aurora Crysalis
    -Aurora Memoria

    Projects i'll get to or will start soon:
    -Project Beta (top-down shooter)
    -Project Aurora Ultimo (Classified)

    That is ALL i will be working on at this time. I have to work on my studies and this is the bare bones minimum i will work on until i can get my barings back!

    Some of these may be pushed back but they will ...
  3. LB:DW project develoment and other stuff

    first off my 2nd beta level is up and waiting

    2nd i'm close to finishing my 3rd beta level but i just need help with a few things for it to be good update like:
    1: A combat system that's similar to "Fist of Craft Earth" level
    2: A secret counter system (which I'm currently trying to work with the help of a tut on you tube) for the coins that's placed in the levels
    3: Some music that from the Dynasty Warriors game ...
  4. New Advanced RPG Engine Developed: Code named " Chrysalis"

    Despite the seeming buzz over my project Chrono Break, many were wondering what happened to the files trapped on my old PS3.

    So is the game dead or alive?

    Unfortunately, my old battle system was lost on my PS3 that is now resting in Playstation heaven. Fortunately, i have forseen this possiblity and for the past 2 months I have built a more advanced Rpg engine entitled Chrysalis. ...
  5. Ipsen's Castle: Creation Progress 18th of May

    18th of May.
    TheLittleSoAndSo was meant to create the track for this level, but surprisingly he can't. I won't blame him for it, though. Still, I'm in a big need of a music track creator for this one. I'll find someone sooner or later. I haven't gotten much done while sticking ROFL stickers all around the place in create mode, but I'm starting to get more ideas of what kind of stuff there'll be in this level. The only big problem now is the music track.
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