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  1. New Advanced RPG Engine Developed: Code named " Chrysalis"

    Despite the seeming buzz over my project Chrono Break, many were wondering what happened to the files trapped on my old PS3.

    So is the game dead or alive?

    Unfortunately, my old battle system was lost on my PS3 that is now resting in Playstation heaven. Fortunately, i have forseen this possiblity and for the past 2 months I have built a more advanced Rpg engine entitled Chrysalis. ...
  2. Ipsen's Castle: Creation Progress 18th of May

    18th of May.
    TheLittleSoAndSo was meant to create the track for this level, but surprisingly he can't. I won't blame him for it, though. Still, I'm in a big need of a music track creator for this one. I'll find someone sooner or later. I haven't gotten much done while sticking ROFL stickers all around the place in create mode, but I'm starting to get more ideas of what kind of stuff there'll be in this level. The only big problem now is the music track.
  3. steampunk: Sunset City vid out now

    Hi all, i finally started a youtube channel and my first test was a vid of one of my levels. sooo heres the vid

  4. Why PSN Went Down: Summarized in One Picture

    by , 05-17-2011 at 03:52 AM (Fang's Random Gibberish (LBPC Edition))
    Many think it was Anon who hacked PSN. Well, apparently they hired an expert at cracking the code, and he is apparently good at sending things deVOID of use. This is why PSN shut down.

    Apparently destruction of the world was not Bartz's only motive for destroying Exdeath...
    Tags: turtle
  5. Here it comes!

    This is in referance to the "Box Of Dynamite" MTG contest entery!

    The level series will be up sometime mid-day tomorrow!
    We have ironed out as many bugs as we could have at the present time, and hope you guys enjoy it.

    a few details!

    Series name: Memories of the Forgotten
    Created by: a_mailbox(me), dynamitedanTNT,Landdy,tfvang(fang),iinunsmash3r(nu n)
    Series langth: 8 levels long: 5 playable levels, 3 cutscene levels
    Original ...
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