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  1. Dreams - My opinion

    Hey guys,
    I guess some of you have heard of Dreams, the new game of MM. I have watched the trailer and MM's livestreams.

    It is amazing, what MM has created here. Their story mode was made with the ingame tools. That means, that a creator could make a similiar adventure.

    There are many features and I'm sure everyone will find something he loves. There are many music tools and you can actually import sounds with a app. This is great for people, who always wanted ...
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  2. The Mark of an Artist...

    by , 04-20-2012 at 05:48 AM (Fang's Random Gibberish (LBPC Edition))
    Remember ol' Aurora Crystallis, that one LBP project I was doing, and was abandoned due to lack of resources?

    Well, I'm glad to say I'm somehow managing to push through with little bits of progress.

    But not in LBP.

    CST tests are really boring when you actually finish. That's where my handy sketchpad comes in.

    I've mostly been working on Crystallis' foundation; story, characters, and art concepts. The main reason we didn't make much progress, ...
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