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  1. Informal Suit Studio - Jobs

    Jobs List:


    - Top down logic maker [Valuable]

    - Fighting game maker [Valuable]

    - RPG logic maker

    - Spionage logic maker [Valuable]

    - Calculator maker [Valuable]

    - Operative system (OS) maker [Valuable]

    - Zombie logic

    - Run 'n' shoot game maker

    - FPS Shooter game maker

    - Logic teacher

    - Survival logic maker
  2. Making Things Right Concerning Yays

    A while back, the LittleBigPlanet 3 yay button was moved from the main screen to the reviews screen. Actually, it was quite a while back. When was it? September? Yet the matter has once again appeared on my personal radar. Tweets and a poll on twitter. Posts on this very forum. I think I even dreamed about it last night. However, it was the twitter poll that started the process of me really putting thought into this again. Now I have words to say.

    Let me preface these words with a ...
  3. Creation of a Making: Fight for Fireball, for Family

    The following mass of words ordered in a way that vaguely resembles coherent thought concerns the LittleBigPlanet Vita level, Fight for Fireball, for Family. If you have not played it and would like to do so, it is a good idea to get that done before reading this.

    Go ahead. I’ll wait.


    In the time I have spent with this blog, not once have I made a post related to LittleBigPlanet. There hasn’t been an opportunity for it. I don’t ...
  4. About Battle with Zombies

    Battle with Zombies.

    A level series in LBP2 and LBP Vita. It's like 3 years old. On the Vita it's a little bit more than 2 years. At the christmas day (24.12) 2015 I have published the newstest level.
    Ha, can you remember? I always talked about new guns and perks in my levels. I said 'I will add the features soon.' But I never did.

    At my newstest level, Battle with Zombies - Sandstorm ( I added the features. Why? Because I wanted to ...
  5. Realtalk about me

    I want to talk about earlier. What I did, was ugly.
    I made two profiles. One real profile and one fake. It still exists here.

    I have a big brother, but he didn't play LBP since 2012. So I wanted a big brother, who plays LBP. So I used my own profile (mdkdisback) on PSN and used it as 'the big brother'. In public I wanted to have a big brother with the same hobbys and something, so I wrote with a fake account and my real account.

    Maybe the admins ...
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