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  1. Emitter Blocking Theory

    Emitter Theory
    It's Like a Logic blog, but without the Logic!

    - Part 1 -
    - Emitter Blocking -

    Emitters are actually awesome. Unbelievably so. Despite how much I love winches, I think it's pretty fair to say that I love emitters more. I do still prefer wenches to either, but that's very much beside the point... Emitters have taken a lot of flak for so many reasons; some of them unjustified ("emitters kill the thermo" ...

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    Logic Blog
  2. Corrupted data/crashing game (PSP LBP)

    well hey guys i just wondered if any of you other peeps have had the same problem...

    almost eveytime i have updated the game or downloaded something for the psp lbp on the playstation store i play the game and before it actually loads it says it is CORRUPT. as you may well know this is very frustrating indeed and it has happened to me twice now (and when you get quite far in story mode this really sucks) i am not sure if this has anythjing to do with updating the games or going on ...
  3. Issue #2

    The sort of stuff you'd expect from an intro...

    Issue #2... I never thought I'd get this far! Well, welcome to my second entry in "Dr. Fastbro's Weekly Dose Of LBP PSP Goodness!" I got a whole batch of great stuff in the features I introduced last issue. But I've added a new feature as well. So enjoy!

    My favorite LBP levels released over the last week... ...

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    Dr. Fastbro - Issues #1-#14
  4. Issue #3

    The sort of stuff you'd expect from an intro...

    Hey fellow LBPC members! And a warm welcome to issue 3! I've got all your favorite features ready for you to read, so here's what to expect from this week's issue!

    -3 fabulous levels for you to try out!
    -An interview with the legendary Taffey!
    -A look into my future levels!
    -Tons more!

    So ...

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    Dr. Fastbro - Issues #1-#14
  5. Contests (LBP Contests Group)

    This blog is meant for the newest group i have made.
    Click HERE to go to the group and join.

    UPDATE: New contest! (Logo Contest)

    To enter click on the above link.

    I will post the winners on this blog and the group! Have fun!
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