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  1. mdkd - years later

    Hello LBPC!
    Time for a new blog entry!
    I read a few of my old blog entries and I noticed that I'm a different person. 'Well, people change' you might say, and that's right. Though I also noticed that I'm a perfectionist. And a weird person.

    I'm always feeling guilty for things that happened 3 years ago. I promised a ingame shop for the Battle with Zombies levels. I never made something like that before in 2013. I kept promising that sweet sweet shop feature, ...
  2. Writing The Music Down

    Hi friends,

    let me continue with step 2 of my composing process! Since I'm in an age when forgetfulness is an omnipresent possibility, I'm writing the melodies down to music paper!

    I've described this step in the following video record! And as a world premiere, you can hear me, trying to speak English,... which probably might lead to some funny moments!

    I hope you'll show mercy for me maltreating the English language!

  3. Axis-3D Minor Update

    So... Axis-3D has been on the back-burner for about 2 months now I'd say.
    But in the moments that I actually had time to work on it, I've spent the time expanding it's repertoire of props... and locations.
    A good friend spent some of their spare time on my behalf to locate modded decorations from the community... and stumbled upon entire level backgrounds converted into decorations.
    Usually, as far as HFMiles mods are concerned, all we had were background props. I don't personally ...