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  1. Laptop broke, school's back, and the future of my account.

    So a few weeks ago, my laptop broke from "anger issues". And now I can't really do much on here anymore.

    Also school started for me two days ago, so I won't be posting that much.

    But i'll still be active on PSN.
    See you soon!
  2. My First Blog

    It seems to be my first time using the blog feature. It's kinda like writing in a journal, but even bigger than before.

    So uh... yeah. I'm gonna use this if any new updates from me come soon.
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  3. what happened to littlebignetwork and littlebigplanetarium?

    as you know from the title LBN and LBPlanetarium are missing. However LittleBigNetwork has been converted to a japanese lottery site and on LBPlanetarium its on for sale. I haven't been on LBC, LBN, and LBPlanetarium for a few years now and I'm glad to see LBC is still here and active, but what happened to the other 2? Can you guys fill me in please?
  4. Dreams - My opinion

    Hey guys,
    I guess some of you have heard of Dreams, the new game of MM. I have watched the trailer and MM's livestreams.

    It is amazing, what MM has created here. Their story mode was made with the ingame tools. That means, that a creator could make a similiar adventure.

    There are many features and I'm sure everyone will find something he loves. There are many music tools and you can actually import sounds with a app. This is great for people, who always wanted ...
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  5. mdkd - years later

    Hello LBPC!
    Time for a new blog entry!
    I read a few of my old blog entries and I noticed that I'm a different person. 'Well, people change' you might say, and that's right. Though I also noticed that I'm a perfectionist. And a weird person.

    I'm always feeling guilty for things that happened 3 years ago. I promised a ingame shop for the Battle with Zombies levels. I never made something like that before in 2013. I kept promising that sweet sweet shop feature, ...
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