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  1. 10/18/08 entray 2

    ok i will be doing 2 blogs everyday

    it is 1:17am here but oh well!

    So in Halo3 i will be starting to make montages because i have found a website that can take film clips from your file share and upload them to the website and then you can download them to your computer which then makes me upload them to Youtube for the world's enjoying!!

    OK so when i was playing BRAAINNSSS in halo3 there was a guy and his guest. his guest got -10 and he got -6
  2. 10/18/08 Entry 1

    hello people welcome to my first blog.
    in my blogs i talk about LBP and other games. the other games 50% of the time will be halo 3 and other 50% other games

    Arrhhh LBP is delayed till november 14th!

    lets send some to go get whoever brought it up!! if only they waited for the game to come up and let it patch itself! or just make it T or somthing

    its not like anyone noticed before. *cough* cept some weirdos *cough*

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  3. History of Mankind

    In early August, a user by the name of Alaska_Gamer had the brilliant [URL=""]idea[/URL] of making a series of levels depicting the history of mankind, from the Stone Age onward, with each level being a different time period. Many Sacks were immediately in love with the idea, and 2 weeks later there were already 10 pages, which was pretty long WAY back then. ;)


    Not wanting ...
  4. LBPC Level

    Literally a minute ago, I had an idea: what if the LBPC Community was a level?
    I know this is a very oddball idea, but just think about it: each willing user could have their own in-game representation that could be enemies(??) to the player. The player would hop from forum to forum & each one would have a theme:

    [U][B]LittleBigPlanet News[/B][/U]
    [LIST][*]Gamer Magazines[*]Newspapers[*]Gamer Websites[*]Interviews[/LIST]

    [U][B]Everything Else LittleBigPlanet ...
  5. LittleBigResort

    It has been a while since I originally thought of the LBPC Hotel in the 'What LittleBigPlanet Levels are you going to create?' thread , & I thought it deserves its own thread. I have since decided to turn it into a resort, hence it's name, LittleBigResort.

    I have been thinking of some possible features of the resort & so far I have these:

    [LIST][*] Stix-Vision Movie Theatre[*]Pool (for when the Water DLC comes out)[*]Art Gallery[*]Club (how would it work, though??)[*]Carnival ...
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