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  1. Not Getting LBP2 Unless It's A Game Of The Year Edition

    The title says when I'm gonna get LBP2. As for me, I'm just writing because of
    boredom, and besides, I wanna try writing a blog too...Oh wait, I just did that!
    Tags: first blog, lbp2
  2. My first few couple of days here...

    So how do I do these blog thingamajigs. "YOU WRITE WHATS GOING ON IN LIFE FOOL." Oh, kthx. Erm, hi lbpcentra persons. ((Or anybody who would actually read this >.>)) My first week here has been fun, even if what I have been doing is pretty much lurking in the site looking at whats going on in the forums. I do occasionally say something, but in the end, I am pretty much lurking. I am too friggen shy to actually type something, beats me why, must be because of after like a loooooooooong time, I am ...