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  1. New year, old projects, and other stuff

    Ever since I got back on LBP2, I've had a number of projects that I needed to get done, though only one of them was published. Though, I've decided to re-create a published level with LBP2 mechanics, basically adding more stuff I've learned lately.

    Among the projects that've started to pile up in my Moon, I've also been able to experiment more on what new stuff I didn't know how to do before. Went through a number of tutorials on how, but also, I have ended up building up from what ...
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  2. Basic Logic: Definitions and main usage.

    Hey there! This is a short tutorial on how basic logic gates (AND,OR,NOT,Batteries,Direction Combiners/spliters, XOR) are used in 'Create' mode! So lets get started! BTW this tutorial is for people who are confused and having difficulty in logic:):idea:

    1) AND GATE: This is a logic gate within LBP, with an optional choice of 2-100 input ports, and 1 export. The 'And' Gate, is engineered to be activated when all inputs are activated. The Gate will be deactivated if any inputs are disengaged. ...
  3. How to-Costume Design Blog 1 Skin making LBP2

    How To- Costume Design Blog


    Skin Making in LBP2

    tutorial 1: skin/ matching skin

    The best thing to know while making a costume is to know how to make your skin perfect and have all added facial stuff match, i.e. adding lips, makeup, etc. unmatched skin tones can break a costume and make it look bad, so in this tutorial i will teach you the basics in making skins for your sackperson. The do's and don't on matching skins, ...