• OK it's really snowing now....

    Are you snowed in? England is currently a wintery wonderland, and as the snow storms drift ever closer, we will soon be joining our friends at Sony Liverpool; snowed into the office, and forced to work harder to keep warm,

    One fellow from the EU Playstation forums was bored of being snowed in and took it upon himself to make a Snow Sackboy…. it’s certainly one way of staving off the boredom!

    Take care in the snow people! Unless you live in Australia or something and are currently sun bathing of course. Paint us jealous.


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    1. NeonMB's Avatar
      NeonMB -
      Here in the Bay Area, CA we are cursed by strong rain and wind. Great snow sackboy!
    1. kirbyman62's Avatar
      kirbyman62 -
      The snow is offcially gone now
    1. Doopz's Avatar
      Doopz -
      It's kinda like summer here now lol
    1. olit123's Avatar
      olit123 -
      There is still some snow left where I live, only where they have piled up big mounds of it when clearing the roads. I'll miss it
    1. Emogotsaone's Avatar
      Emogotsaone -
      I haz snow!
    1. Jempo's Avatar
      Jempo -
      Well, here in finland we have snow about 70cm! And a month ago was -26'C And we still go to school and everywhere else, I'dd be happy if our scool would be cancelled right now here arent that cold anymore, only -5'C
    1. Asterix1806's Avatar
      Asterix1806 -
      Back here we have snow up to our waists.
      Haven't tought of a snow Sackboy yet. Mainly because there's no place to fit it. I can't place it in the middle of the road, and I can't work in one meter of sinking snow either.
      There's even so much snow that we've seriously tought of hiring a truck to export it out of our yard.
    1. Kern's Avatar
      Kern -
      Woah epic bump
    1. Chump's Avatar
      Chump -
      Quote Originally Posted by KernelM View Post
      Woah epic bump
      LULZ XD yeh!
    1. trip090's Avatar
      trip090 -
      i'm pretty sure the snow near MM has gone now.
    1. Doopz's Avatar
      Doopz -
      Quote Originally Posted by KernelM View Post
      Woah epic bump
      Just an ickle bump.

      And you still have snow?!?!