• LBPCentral Logic Pack!

    The official LBPCentral Logic Pack is finally here! The LBPCentral Logic Pack is a three-tiered pack of LittleBigPlanet logic, designed and tested by some of the best Creators LittleBigPlanet has to offer. With an introduction, three huge content levels, and nine tutorials (each complete with their own individual companion level), this pack is the definitive LittleBigPlanet logic collection.

    The tutorials for these packs are kept as threads exclusively on LBPCentral. To access these tutorials, head to the the matching Overview thread for the pack you're currently working on and find the links to the tutorials near the bottom. Each Overview thread contains a basic, well, overview of the content offered in that pack, including a summary of the logic included and links to each tutorial.Regardless of your Creative skill level, the Logic Pack will help you to clearly and easily understand how logic works and, more importantly, how to use it in your own levels. Excited to check it out? Simply search @LogicPack using the in-game search function and you'll be brought directly to the Logic Pack levels!

    For full details on what the Logic Pack is, click through for the rest of the article!

    What's the purpose of the Logic Pack?
    The Logic Pack was designed as a tool to bridge the gap between those who don't understand logic and those who do. We've noticed that gap isn't closing any faster than it was when LittleBigPlanet initially launched, so we're hoping to help by offering up a standard set of logic tools for Creators to use in their own levels.

    What does the Logic Pack have to offer?
    In order to bridge the gap between Creators, we've included lots of content, most of which is designed specifically for a certain skill level. The Logic Pack comes with:

    • Three main logic "packs": a Beginner Pack, an Intermediate Pack, and an Advanced Pack. Each pack contains a different set of logic aimed at a different Creative skill level. All of the logic is designed to be simple, useful, and thermo-efficient.
    • A demonstration level for each pack of logic, complete with individual demos for each logic tool.
    • A copyable "Logic Vault" for each pack, so that the player can store the logic on their moon for retrieval online or offline.
    • Three in-depth tutorials for each pack, complete with screenshots and a copyable companion level for each tutorial. That means nine total tutorials. Each tutorial can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two or more hours to complete, depending on the difficulty level.

    Why not just wait until Mm releases an official Logic Pack?
    Media Molecule has no plans to officially produce any logic-related content, now or any time in the future. The tools Creators have been able to design without official support are phenomenal, and the fact that they're designed with the in-game tools means they're also endlessly customizable. However, just to reassure you, Media Molecule has played the Logic Pack, and they love it so much that they've helped to promote it for us. If you'd like to read what they think, just read what they have to say in their official Logic Pack announcement article.

    How do I get my hands on it?
    As mentioned earlier, you can access this content simply by searching @LogicPack using the in-game search function. The tutorials, however, are hosted exclusively on LBPCentral - you won't find them anywhere else!
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    1. rtm223's Avatar
      rtm223 -
      Thanks sam. It's good to know this stuff is still helping people out
    1. Masterno's Avatar
      Masterno -
      I want a Crown!!
    1. Kern's Avatar
      Kern -
      Quote Originally Posted by Masterno View Post
      I want a Crown!!
      not the right thread
    1. rtm223's Avatar
      rtm223 -
      StevenI maintains a list of the current crown contests over at the workshop. It's probably worth mentioning that comments like the above tend to not go down well around here, whether on topic or not, so just bear that in mind in future.

      And yes, please let's keep this on topic.
    1. Masterno's Avatar
      Masterno -
      The Logic Pack Really Helped me, I needed to make the advanced elevator by myself because i didnt have MGS pack and it Worked! so now i can a lot more logic than before, thank you!
    1. Screeno's Avatar
      Screeno -
      Does anyone think making a logic pack for lbp2 would be a good idea? It could help people with super complex logic systems, as apparently what everyone's done before is easy on lbp2.
    1. Aya042's Avatar
      Aya042 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Screeno View Post
      Does anyone think making a logic pack for lbp2 would be a good idea?
      Not sure if it makes much sense for LBP2, since most of the tools from the Logic Pack will be built in to LBP2. Still, I'm sure the idea might get knocked around after LBP2's release; I think it's a tad premature to make any decisions about it right now.
    1. Jamesta's Avatar
      Jamesta -
    1. Muskwa_1's Avatar
      Muskwa_1 -
      I used to design control systems some years back.
      When I got involved with the creating in LBP I loved it.
      I just was lacking some of the "tools" to do what I wanted and the Logic Pack filled that void nicely.
      Thanks guys and gals...

    1. VintageOak's Avatar
      VintageOak -
      And now I REALLY want that ps3!
    1. unXpectiD's Avatar
      unXpectiD -
      I am helping to make the psp logic pack
      any tips?
    1. CCubbage's Avatar
      CCubbage -
      Hmmmm.... well, I tried creating the logic pack components in LBP PSP a while ago, and everything seemed to translate over well. One of the things that was a bit irritating at the time was the lack of ability to tweak objects once they were captured, which made it a bit more difficult. But definately do-able.
    1. Ricky-III's Avatar
      Ricky-III -
      wow1 This stuff is so cool! I'll be sure to use these to make my levels better!
    1. Äce's Avatar
      Äce -
      wow this stuff helped me out alot on some of my levels TY
    1. Cornersting's Avatar
      Cornersting -
      I really like how complicated this game can be sometimes. I really makes you think about how things work and what really needs to be done for certain things to happen. I love it when I want to implement an idea I have into a level and I have to sit there and say "how in the world can I do this...".
    1. PlayStatiowned's Avatar
      PlayStatiowned -
      THANKS SO MUCH LBPC i played all of the logic packs and without them id be lost
    1. Grinchy's Avatar
      Grinchy -
      ...I didn't know where to say this. The logic packs are fantasic!! I was doing things in such a backward way (never bothered to read tutorials online). The way everything is explained with pictures makes it so easy, and then you can go online and just grab all the components.

      It has not only helped save me time while making levels, but now I'm able to make better things in my level. I'm no expert creator, but I've gotten way better just because of the logic section here. So thanks!
    1. Joshua's Avatar
      Joshua -
      thank you this really helped me out

      mostly because im lazy mostly
    1. Old-Snake's Avatar
      Old-Snake -
      Is there a PSP one?
    1. Phazerz123's Avatar
      Phazerz123 -
      I don't think the psp could Handle Something as Big as the Logic Pack atleast not on the Same Scale.