• Little Big Apocalypse

    JonMartin, AKA Snowspot, brings us an intriguing new trailer for his upcoming animated series, Little Big Apocalypse. Not much in the way of hard information is revealed, but you'll get a good sense of the mood and style he's aiming for as well as a taste of what's to come. If you like it, stick around - we'll keep you up to date on any new animations he releases. Also, don't forget to vote for it on his Newgrounds page as well!
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    1. Onii55's Avatar
      Onii55 -
      lol wtf is with the sex scene?
    1. Littlebigdude805's Avatar
      Littlebigdude805 -
      well now that its bumped i might as well ask whens it coming out
    1. Zwollie's Avatar
      Zwollie -
      Quote Originally Posted by CCubbage View Post
      For me, Little Big Apocalypse has always been about creating something totally different in LittleBigPlanet - something that isn't inspired of anyone else's work.

      This video definately adds to the experience - nice job!
      Just saw this and wanted to add an "exactly" to the thread.

      @littlebigdude: SOON!! Snowspot is going for a sneaky surprise attack.
    1. Arikardo's Avatar
      Arikardo -
      Bravo on the animation yet it does not feel like anything LBP related. Here's to hoping it's been pulled off properly and tastefully.
    1. trip090's Avatar
      trip090 -
      it looks fantastic. i can't wait to see it!

      i looooove the major lazer remix of lithium. i wish it was a real full song!
    1. SPONGMONKEY56's Avatar
      Umm...I've just realised...never mind.
    1. iinov8's Avatar
      iinov8 -
      This is so awsome! I love your style and everything! the music is awesome too! I always love waching animations and that sorta stuff and this is sooo cool!!! I went on you-tube and looked up the uncensored and couldn't find the difference. then i wached it once more and relised it.
      eheheheh... I think I will stay to the censored version *tries to erase the 3 second of horror from mind*.....(awkward silence).....uh ya.... any ways I can't wait to see it!
    1. Jeff's Avatar
      Jeff -
      Yes and what song was that playing throughout
    1. Splash's Avatar
      Splash -
      What was that?... O_O
    1. supersonic56's Avatar
      supersonic56 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Incinerator22 View Post
      MM honestly posts inappropriate things on their site, which then get automatically posted to this site, a lot.

      Like one of the links on the Vera Bee sticker kit article, which linked to drawings of naked women...
      its not that bad its art!
    1. Eoghan11's Avatar
      Eoghan11 -
      Haha! That was funny.... and weird.... :o lolz!
    1. Hybrid's Avatar
      Hybrid -
      i thust saw the trailer again
      when is it going to release?
    1. WH_Legend's Avatar
      WH_Legend -
      Lol i like it
    1. Snowspot's Avatar
      Snowspot -
      Hey guys, long time no see XD

      Little Big Apocalypse will be released Jan 1st of 2011. Big delay, I know... had to finish college and get a job.

      It's on the way though
    1. ARD's Avatar
      ARD -
      Holy crap really omg
    1. trip090's Avatar
      trip090 -
      I've been waiting for this for so long.
    1. CCubbage's Avatar
      CCubbage -
      Nice, Jon! Just in time for you to start work on..... LittleBigApocalypse LBP2.
    1. JspOt's Avatar
      JspOt -
      I remember seeing this, I was just a little thread back then
    1. Hybrid's Avatar
      Hybrid -
      Is it Done?