• LBPC: The Game - official trailer released!

    The team of Creators designing LBPC: The Game have just released an official trailer for the pack. For those of you who don't know, LBPC: The Game is a massive LittleBigPlanet project created by members of LBPCentral, about LBPCentral. When released, there'll be 13 story levels and various minigames, making this one of the biggest LBP projects ever. The trailer itself was whipped up by Leather Monkey and jwwphotos, two LBPC regulars, but the pack was designed by a larger group of Creators. With RockSauron at the helm, RickRock_777, Lady_Luck__777, Takelow, XTrophX, MrsSpookyBuz, SLS10, Burnvictim42, and KoRnDawwg have all been working tirelessly to get this massive undertaking finished. We think it looks great - watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments!
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    1. SLS10's Avatar
      SLS10 -
      That, sir, is scandalous.

      Enjoy your ban.
    1. RangerZero's Avatar
      RangerZero -
      Quote Originally Posted by RockSauron View Post
      thanks! ... also, I've just always wanted to say this: you are really hard to figure out a role in this for. I think I've found some place to fit you in... you're just so hard to think of a role for. you have no "gimmick" per say- you don't really seem to have an easily identifiable thing to make fun of, nothing you're known for particularly, and a generic avatar... Yeah, I just always wanted to tell you it was very, VERY tough to think of a role for you XD. Still not too sure I've got it... anyway, basically you're plain, it seems O-o.
      hmm, this means I am in or I am not? lol
      I don't mind not to be in but you comments there aren't flatering much. I mean, looks like I am on LBPC the same as I am in real life, blending perfectly with the crowd.
      That's what I am not sure to like to dislike. Anyways that's be off topic so enough talking about me...
      I know I whine alot, always dislike stuff from the design of the game. I'm often some kind of mediator person, bringing back some discussions near the middle when they were getting at the extremes. I dunno, just finding myself in some level and whining about the badly designed community aspect of the game would be funny. I could also be that underground creator that people don't know much about but still get spotlighted all the time. lol

      Anyhow, I am just throwing stuff out there, you do what you think.
    1. warlord_evil's Avatar
      warlord_evil -
      It looks great! Do I make an appearance? Even if it is just a sticker of me or something far off in the distance?
    1. Spider-Jew's Avatar
      Spider-Jew -
      That was an awesome trailer...can't wait.
    1. Arctos13's Avatar
      Arctos13 -
      My god that looks fan-bloody-tastic!!! Just from the trailer it seems like it could be something 10X better than what Media Molecule has made! I don't usually use the word "awesome" unless I'm about to meet God or see a very beautiful natural phenomenon, but that looks AWESOME.
    1. The Gentleman's Avatar
      The Gentleman -
      The trailer alone was pure, undilluted epicness!!!
    1. Outlaw-Jack's Avatar
      Outlaw-Jack -

      This is pure win! I remember when this was only a concept... now IT'S ALMOST HERE?!?! This IS AWESOME!!!

      Credit to the team, Rock. You guys perhaps accomplished the coolest idea in LBP today.
    1. Gravel's Avatar
      Gravel -
      Oh thank goodness! It's been a long time since the prop team had been heard from... feared it was all for naught. Congratulations Rock! It is a testament to your leadership abilities that 13 LBPC themed levels are gonna hit on the same day... just please, make it soon. Can't wait to play the rest of these.
    1. RockSauron's Avatar
      RockSauron -

      Yay, they twittered this... lol

      Anyway... @Ranger, yeah course! Why I never thought of having you be complaining about how something works... hmmm, seriously I never did O-o

      @warlord_evil: We'll see...

      @Arctos13: Yeah, keep putting the pressure on use XD ;-; We'll try to live up to that, but we'll see.

      @Outlaw Jack: I wouldn't say almost here... I would like to think so, but we'll see.

      @Gravel: Yep, we pretty much just gave up on the Prop Designer idea, that was from when I was stupid enough to think I could make all these myself <_<. Anyway, everyone pretty much makes their own props, although some people create things for other levels... Oh, and technically more then 13 levels, there will be a bunch of minigames... hopefully enough to fill my profile ;o.
    1. MrsSpookyBuz's Avatar
      MrsSpookyBuz -
      Quote Originally Posted by JKthree View Post
      Didn't you get one for Sackie Nominee for Best use of Story for Project Genesis Prelude? I'm...shocked
      Yes, you're right - I did get nominated in the Sackies, but I've not received anything yet (not sure if any other nominees have), so technically I haven't got a crown.

      Quote Originally Posted by JKthree View Post
      Well we could always make a "Give MrsSpookyBuz a crown already!!" topic (and anybody else who still hasn't gotten there crown, I think Jump_button never got his) If this doesn't wind up getting you one
      Aww, that's sweet, thank you! Don't worry, I'm far more interested in just being involved and having fun.
    1. wexfordian's Avatar
      wexfordian -
      Well done to all involved in this. The trailer looks amazing. Looking forward to playing it more than ever now!
    1. robotiod's Avatar
      robotiod -
      Quote Originally Posted by RockSauron View Post

      We'll be trying to include as many people as possible- You may/may not be in now, but there's still a few more levels that need to be amde, and I've got an idea on where to place you... that's all I'll say

      You have me wondering how many people will be in now.
    1. Doopz's Avatar
      Doopz -
      Well i'm obviously in it because i are awesome! (jokez)
    1. Alluxus's Avatar
      Alluxus -
      This looks epic! Can't wait!
    1. BlahYourHamster's Avatar
      BlahYourHamster -
      The "Inside a whaaaaaaaale" level looks absolutely great!
    1. ScoutsBoo's Avatar
      ScoutsBoo -
      OH NO! This trailer is making it even harder to wait for these levels! This project is just so epic, can't wait to play these levels. Kudos and a round of applause for all those involved with this project.

      Amazing and brilliant trailer Leather-Monkey! jww, we're gonna have to send you to Sackywood. Awesome job guys!
    1. Leather-Monkey's Avatar
      Leather-Monkey -
      Quote Originally Posted by MrsSpookyBuz View Post
      Thanks so much to jww and Leather-Monkey for all their hard work - great stuff, guys! It compares favourably to all the official Mm trailer stuff!
      Wow! Now that really is a compliment - seeing as Mm are professionals and this is the first trailer I've ever made for anything! Thank you!
    1. fijski8's Avatar
      fijski8 -
      Looks awesome! Can't wait to play. So sick of nothing new coming out. Seems creators have to take more and more time now with each level. Trying to top what they did before. Which leaves us with survivals and noob attack levels.
    1. Yarbone's Avatar
      Yarbone -
      Did not expect to be in the game.

      Thanks guys, I look forward to playing it!

      EDIT: who made that section? :o
    1. shropshirelass's Avatar
      shropshirelass -
      Wow, amazing trailer - I got goosebumps watching it. I'm not surprised MM put it on Twitter. Congratulations to everyone involved.

      Only problem is now I can't wait to play the levels!