• LBPC: The Game - official trailer released!

    The team of Creators designing LBPC: The Game have just released an official trailer for the pack. For those of you who don't know, LBPC: The Game is a massive LittleBigPlanet project created by members of LBPCentral, about LBPCentral. When released, there'll be 13 story levels and various minigames, making this one of the biggest LBP projects ever. The trailer itself was whipped up by Leather Monkey and jwwphotos, two LBPC regulars, but the pack was designed by a larger group of Creators. With RockSauron at the helm, RickRock_777, Lady_Luck__777, Takelow, XTrophX, MrsSpookyBuz, SLS10, Burnvictim42, and KoRnDawwg have all been working tirelessly to get this massive undertaking finished. We think it looks great - watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments!
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    1. brnxblze's Avatar
      brnxblze -
      That trailer was SICK! Can't wait to play those levels!
    1. Takelow's Avatar
      Takelow -
      Quote Originally Posted by Yarbone View Post
      Did not expect to be in the game.

      Thanks guys, I look forward to playing it!

      EDIT: who made that section? :o
      Korn made the level, but I made your avatar
    1. Jrange378's Avatar
      Jrange378 -
      Quote Originally Posted by RockSauron View Post

      Yay, they twittered this... lol

      Anyway... @Ranger, yeah course! Why I never thought of having you be complaining about how something works... hmmm, seriously I never did O-o

      @warlord_evil: We'll see...

      @Arctos13: Yeah, keep putting the pressure on use XD ;-; We'll try to live up to that, but we'll see.

      @Outlaw Jack: I wouldn't say almost here... I would like to think so, but we'll see.

      @Gravel: Yep, we pretty much just gave up on the Prop Designer idea, that was from when I was stupid enough to think I could make all these myself <_<. Anyway, everyone pretty much makes their own props, although some people create things for other levels... Oh, and technically more then 13 levels, there will be a bunch of minigames... hopefully enough to fill my profile ;o.
      About the prop designer stuff, did all the models they made get thrown out or did you guys use them?
    1. Yarbone's Avatar
      Yarbone -
      Quote Originally Posted by Takelow View Post
      Korn made the level, but I made your avatar
    1. Smelling-Cowboy's Avatar
      Smelling-Cowboy -
      thats gonne be epic!!!
      this is the biggest LBP project right?
      will get alot of new members also i think!
    1. RockSauron's Avatar
      RockSauron -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jrange378 View Post
      About the prop designer stuff, did all the models they made get thrown out or did you guys use them?
      Depends on who it was. Not too sure what prop designers actually made, but we may have kept some stuff they made for various levels... not sure.

      And @ smelling cowboy, it is in terms of size, like the fact we have a team of 7 or 8 working on it. And yeah, pretty much is the biggest one, which always weirds me out how I somehow got in charge :/ Hm, anyway

      and of course you'd be in Yarbone ^-^

      And thanks everyone in general... now we'll just need to hope it comes out soon <_< Let's go, team!
    1. Plasmavore's Avatar
      Plasmavore -

      Haha, Bob the Builder reference!
    1. Leather-Monkey's Avatar
      Leather-Monkey -
      Quote Originally Posted by plasmavore View Post

      Haha, Bob the Builder reference!
      Uhh, what?

      No really... what?
    1. Doopz's Avatar
      Doopz -
      Now you gotta put bob the builder in a peanut sleeping bag in one of the levels.
    1. Incinerator22's Avatar
      Incinerator22 -
      1: Sorry, but what's sackinima?

      2: How'd you get those pants so dang fancy!?
    1. Pantyer2's Avatar
      Pantyer2 -
      Wow, this is amazing guys! I can't wait to play the final product!! It's got to be the best Lbp series in the world! I also love the way you include the famous members! Looks great!
    1. Emogotsaone's Avatar
      Emogotsaone -
      Holy crap, looks awsome
    1. mr Radical 5601's Avatar
      mr Radical 5601 -
      let me be the thousandth person to say that this looks even more awesome than before. and it looked freaking awesome before.
    1. rseah's Avatar
      rseah -
      omgz sweet

      lol yarbone is in it XD

      its a little late to join right...
    1. ConfusedCartman's Avatar
      ConfusedCartman -
      I had a chat with Mm and they agreed to put this up on their blog - hurray for more publicity!
    1. jwwphotos's Avatar
      jwwphotos -
      Quote Originally Posted by ConfusedCartman View Post
      I had a chat with Mm and they agreed to put this up on their blog - hurray for more publicity!
      Oh wow!! Too cool! Congrats Rock! ..and thanks CC !!!
    1. MrsSpookyBuz's Avatar
      MrsSpookyBuz -

    1. Noremac469's Avatar
      Noremac469 -
      WOW... You guys rock so hard, now I have reason to play this game! For the longest time, all I've been seeing were these stupid bomb levels, and I gotta say, I'm glad you guys are here to throw a little variety into it.

      you guys are my heroes, and I wish I coulda signed up for this when you were recruiting
    1. starkastor's Avatar
      starkastor -
      You Know I'm Seeing alot of people starting to make there own Stories in a series of levels
      It makes everything seem copied, Although If i had a PS3 I would download it.
    1. Kern's Avatar
      Kern -
      Wait what? LBPCTG is a really original idea... Are you saying simply because its in a story it'll be rubbish? Coz i don't think you got your head on straight if the games the quality of the trailer all the way through...