• LBPC: The Game - official trailer released!

    The team of Creators designing LBPC: The Game have just released an official trailer for the pack. For those of you who don't know, LBPC: The Game is a massive LittleBigPlanet project created by members of LBPCentral, about LBPCentral. When released, there'll be 13 story levels and various minigames, making this one of the biggest LBP projects ever. The trailer itself was whipped up by Leather Monkey and jwwphotos, two LBPC regulars, but the pack was designed by a larger group of Creators. With RockSauron at the helm, RickRock_777, Lady_Luck__777, Takelow, XTrophX, MrsSpookyBuz, SLS10, Burnvictim42, and KoRnDawwg have all been working tirelessly to get this massive undertaking finished. We think it looks great - watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments!
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    1. Knonz15's Avatar
      Knonz15 -
      when do these come out< they look awesome
    1. Jedi_1993's Avatar
      Jedi_1993 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Knonz15 View Post
      when do these come out< they look awesome
      When they're good 'n ready!
      But seriously check out this thread to see progress, it is getting close by the looks of things.
    1. Old-Snake's Avatar
      Old-Snake -
      Make it for LBP PSP!!! I know it will be too big can't you at least make it into multiple parts please!!
    1. flamingemu's Avatar
      flamingemu -
      Quick, drop everything! We haven't made it for LBP PSP yet...
    1. crazymario's Avatar
      crazymario -
      Wow...and you aren't even getting paid! :O

      Will there be an epic "THE LEVELS ARE BEING PUBLISHED!" video?
    1. shotgun_69's Avatar
      shotgun_69 -
      That looks pretty awesome.
    1. Silverleon's Avatar
      Silverleon -
      Quote Originally Posted by Knonz15 View Post
      when do these come out< they look awesome
      Rock siad in a week or two about a week or two ago, so we should be expecting it in about half a year.
    1. Inanimacy's Avatar
      Inanimacy -
      Who ever can wait the longest gets cake. K? No more "WHEN IT COME AUT LOLOLOL" posts....maybe?

    1. BabyDoll1970's Avatar
      BabyDoll1970 -
      LOL! Do you guys realise how old this thread is?

      On the request of his evil lordship, I am locking this thread and requesting that all further discussion of LBPC: The Game and said trailer be posted in the main thread.
      Thanking you