• LBPC: The Game - official trailer released!

    The team of Creators designing LBPC: The Game have just released an official trailer for the pack. For those of you who don't know, LBPC: The Game is a massive LittleBigPlanet project created by members of LBPCentral, about LBPCentral. When released, there'll be 13 story levels and various minigames, making this one of the biggest LBP projects ever. The trailer itself was whipped up by Leather Monkey and jwwphotos, two LBPC regulars, but the pack was designed by a larger group of Creators. With RockSauron at the helm, RickRock_777, Lady_Luck__777, Takelow, XTrophX, MrsSpookyBuz, SLS10, Burnvictim42, and KoRnDawwg have all been working tirelessly to get this massive undertaking finished. We think it looks great - watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments!
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    1. xkappax's Avatar
      xkappax -
      Wow, that was... .really awesome. Not that I'm surprised or anything, but I didn't even know about this project until about two weeks ago. (how sad is that?, you'd think I lived under a rock) ... I'll certainly be looking forward to the release of this.
    1. Coxy224's Avatar
      Coxy224 -
      ooooh, drooling just looking at it. Looks diverse and a lot better than I thought - it even looks co-ordinated! And it's such a large proect, you've done well Rock to keep this all together.
      Now slip a Coxy224 character in there and you have yourself a spotlight
    1. Chump's Avatar
      Chump -
      When it'll be online, I'll go pick up a HUGE bucket of popcorn and I'll watch every little bit of platform there is to appreciate the game even more!
      You all did an awesome job working like crazy on this project and it is finally coming into our world. Yaaay! Viva RockSauron!... and everybody else
    1. Joey's Avatar
      Joey -
      yeh epic video awesome work on the video Jww and leather monkey

      aw they put Xtrophx
    1. Chump's Avatar
      Chump -
      Quote Originally Posted by Joey View Post
      yeh epic video awesome work on the video Jww and leather monkey

      aw they put Xtrophx
      in theory, xtrophx is you lol
    1. jackofcourse's Avatar
      jackofcourse -
      That trailer is fantastic. This is the first I've actually heard about this project. Looking at some of the levels and sections in that trailer it should be very interesting. Looking forwarding to this!
    1. Leather-Monkey's Avatar
      Leather-Monkey -
      I'm not sure how much longer my finger can cope with pushing all these thanks buttons.

      But thank you everyone!
    1. Flare Skull's Avatar
      Flare Skull -
      This looks amazing! I can tell just from what I saw that it took a lot of effort to create this....Looks EPIC! cant wait
    1. Incinerator22's Avatar
      Incinerator22 -
      Very good work and hilarious trailer XD! This looks like it'll be so fun
    1. Astrosimi's Avatar
      Astrosimi -
      Anyone who doubted this game's progress just a boot in the rear, if you get my drift This is something that looks like REALLY top-notch quality; I can tell it's really taken off! Very excited for Release Day.

      Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get an ice pack
    1. IceMaiden's Avatar
      IceMaiden -
      Superb trailer! Loving your work LM and jww! Whoever chose the music must be in marketing!

      Wel done to everyone involved, this is skill in epic proportions!

    1. Matimoo's Avatar
      Matimoo -
      Watching the trailer made my brain stop working briefly to compute the awesomeness of said trailer

      Cant wait to play these levels! You Should all be crowned for this! (although I believe some of you are already)
    1. thekevinexpress's Avatar
      thekevinexpress -
      Wow, I didn't think this was close to being done at all. Shows how far out of the loop I am.

      Cool trailer, btw!
    1. Leather-Monkey's Avatar
      Leather-Monkey -
      Quote Originally Posted by IceMaiden View Post
      Whoever chose the music must be in marketing!
      Aww, ssssshhhhhucccccccccksssssss.

      Well, my name is Mark. Maybe I was born for that job?
    1. chezhead's Avatar
      chezhead -
      Looks great!
      Now I better be in there somewhere...
    1. Arkei's Avatar
      Arkei -
      Holy crap, this looks amazing. I'll have to look out for it.
    1. mrsvista's Avatar
      mrsvista -
      The trailer is amazing, can't wait for LBPC : The Game.

      Well done to everyone who has made this happen.
    1. TheFirstAvenger's Avatar
      TheFirstAvenger -
      This just looks epic, I remember reading the thread on this project about a month ago but I never really understood the concept or what it was about, now I'm all excited! Great job on the music as well, it really made everything feel very dramatic.
    1. RockSauron's Avatar
      RockSauron -
      Ah, great, now I have pressure

      Anyway, my main problem with the trailer is the "Coming Soon" part. I relly don't know when it'll come out, that's pretty much entirely dependent on my team- if they work fast, this comes out fast. I can come up with all the ideas and bark as many orders as I want, but it's all them :/.

      Anyway... lessee... most of that trailer took place in five levels. Only 6 levels were represented at all, and a few were only a few clips... So yeah, there's a lot more ^-^

      And to the person who said we deserve crowns... Well, if I don't get a crown for this, I'll probably never have a crown but that doesn't really matter. I think only MrsSpooky of the team has a crown, but not too sure actually. Hm, but yeah.

      To all the people who never heard of this before... well, that's k, it was only stickied in the Ideas/Projects section for 9 months .

      But yeah... Ok, what else... Oh yeah! Anyone else notice something particular about the title? Something... extra? O-o
    1. piggabling's Avatar
      piggabling -
      Woah! Amazing!