• LittleBigPlanet Utilized to Demo Sony's New Move Tech

    At this year's GDC, a special build of LittleBigPlanet was used to demo the recently announced Playstation Move. In the demo, two players were shown cooperating in order to traverse a level specifically designed for the new tech - one playing as Sackboy, and another using Move to shift around obstacles in order to aid Sackboy in completing the level.

    From the looks of the video, I think it's safe to say that once the Move releases to the general public we'll be seeing some official version of this, probably in paid DLC form.

    Click through for the full video.

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    1. RockSauron's Avatar
      RockSauron -
      Eh... hopefully the Motion would actually be worth anything.

      The problem I think would be the fact that having new feature require new hardware would make some levels impossible to complete, plus the fact that it seems one player has to be the light and the other sackboy means it'd need to be multiplayer, so that may not be too good...

      Hopefully they've got some better searching system or something to separate levels that need this with those that don't, because this is something hat would be impossible without the Move.

      Ah well, I may get the Move... if I can be suckered into it Or if they actually make it worthwhle, of course
    1. Shadowcrazy's Avatar
      Shadowcrazy -
      hmmmmm.....wonder if Mm will make the PSmove compatible with online create...would be useful as sort of a "pencil" to the blank canvas that is level making no?

      anyways the move is an instant buy for me...finally a way to stick it to crappy *** nintendo for so much of their fail
    1. Incinerator22's Avatar
      Incinerator22 -
      BOOOOO! Another one of Sony's Gimmicks

      To be honest it will just further divide the levels of the community. I'd much rather have more level packs.
    1. Voodeedoo's Avatar
      Voodeedoo -
    1. chezhead's Avatar
      chezhead -
      This actually looks very awesome.
      Retro-shooting games would be great, holding that in one hand and the controller in the other, with your finger on the grab button, so it could simulate something like this! I can't wait!
    1. Arctos13's Avatar
      Arctos13 -
      If this does come as dlc, hopefully it will come with something like a power up to shift the pink objects for those who will not have the Move controller. Kind of like a pop- it cursor but to be used in playing.
    1. Incinerator22's Avatar
      Incinerator22 -
      Not that it wouldn't open up worlds of possibilities, but it could be just as easily achieved with the analogue stick. It's just one of Sony's gimmicks that they're forcing down MM's throats. Not as many people would buy it as conventional dlc would be bought, and more creators would spend time on levels for a smaller fraction of the players. Also, in my opinion, the concept of such a godlike force controlling the scenery doesn't seem lbp to me.
    1. Voodeedoo's Avatar
      Voodeedoo -
      imagine being able to control where you shoot the paintinator using it
    1. robotiod's Avatar
      robotiod -
      It looks fun but it means either having 2 people in the room or you looking weird with 2 controllers in your hand, oh wait sorry nintendo :P
    1. Alec's Avatar
      Alec -
      Can't wait for this I got so many ideas
    1. Darth J464's Avatar
      Darth J464 -
      I already bought a PS EYE for LBP, so I am definitely getting the controllers.

      I already have two or three great ideas of how I can use this.
    1. Frinklebumper's Avatar
      Frinklebumper -
      I'm pretty sure Mm would figure out a way to seperate levels using this material from normal levels. The level icons might glow pink like the material? Anyway, this sounds awesome. I'm fo sho gettin' this
    1. Outlaw-Jack's Avatar
      Outlaw-Jack -
      I think this new motion technology is pretty revolutionary. We've got, literally, a "helping-hand" cooperating with an in-game character... doing platforming. This is really cool, if you ask me.

      It might seem as though Sony's just trying to mooch off of Nintendo, but in actuality, the Move is lightyears ahead of the Wiimote and it's bajillion accessories. It can do everything a Wiimote with a Motion-Plus can do. Plus, it doesn't look like it's as sensitive as the Wiimote with it's sensor-bar-thingy, so it's much more flexible.

      I'm pretty sure Mm will figure out a way to separate the Move levels with the rest of LBP (sorta like how they have those DLC warnings when you get a prize). It looks like that the Move tech in LBP is optional, considering the new material involved.

      But I'm not completely sold on the idea. I'm still open to criticism and speculation about this, so I'll just wait abit longer before I decide if I'm gonna buy this.
    1. SPONGMONKEY56's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by XVoodeedooX View Post
      Agreed. *facedesk*
    1. SPONGMONKEY56's Avatar
      However, Outlaw-Jack, you do have a good idea. Like a DLC warning. Lets hope so.
    1. TripleTremelo's Avatar
      TripleTremelo -
      It looks neat, nothing really revolutionary. This thing only exists because of the massive success of the Wii, they had the guts to take a risk with the new control scheme and it payed off enormously. So now Sony wants a piece.

      It looks pretty cool the way it's used in LBP.

      I just am a little worried about my precious LBP getting a huge upgrade that is co-op only and requires you to buy a new controller. Also I'd rather them release Creator Pack 2, Music Pack 2, etc. etc.
    1. SR20DETDOG's Avatar
      SR20DETDOG -
      Well i'm not exactly amazed at what can be done with the move in LBP, unless more is to come, but I do like the idea of the move and I do think it's a good move for Sony, pardon the pun.

      My brother's determined to buy it no matter what I think but I am looking forward to this. Should be interesting.
    1. Shadowcrazy's Avatar
      Shadowcrazy -
      d again this would be useful for online create....sort of makes it easier for those who like to draw in mspaint and such
    1. moonwire's Avatar
      moonwire -
      Wow, I think this looks rather interesting, it will be something I will buy, and using it in some sort of level...
      The material the Move can handle that is bright purple, or a very strong pink, I hope is visible in total darkness, because then I can make some cool effects with it.
    1. Holguin86's Avatar
      Holguin86 -
      As long as they include the option to play co-operatively online (one person uses the Move while the other plays sackboy at the other end) this should be good. Also, the new sub-controller doesn't rule out the Move being used in single-player.