• LittleBigPlanet 2 Officially Announced

    LittleBigPlanet 2 has been announced, with a promised release sometime this year! There's an announcement trailer packed to the brim with new information, as well as a fantastic new official LittleBigPlanet 2 website which also happens to be filled with information about the new game. What do you guys think? Exciting, eh? We are like over here.
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    1. Leather-Monkey's Avatar
      Leather-Monkey -
      I'm still standing, why haven't I fainted yet!?!
    1. poorjack's Avatar
      poorjack -
      I agree with morgana... I feel speechless, and I feel so bad for saying that MM had abandon us. they were working on this the whole time... I love you guys. MM, LBPC, I love all you guys.
    1. flamingemu's Avatar
      flamingemu -
      I've changed my avatar and sig accordingly. note: i only do that in times of EXTREME awsomeness
    1. ghik16's Avatar
      ghik16 -
      It's WOW The trailer is awesome. Afterwards reading the hands-on on Gamespot, I was also blewn away. We're also getting better profile options. The new stream spot will have you getting updated with friends and hearted creators. Then you'll have more Profile options, and you can now recommend levels for others. A recommend option was a thing I really wanted to have, but I hardly believed in it, but now it's official.

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      and Hearted
    1. jump_button's Avatar
      jump_button -
      Looks like everything i wanted it to be well done Mm, now let hope that palyer dont just put out alot of clone level of other games and do somthing unique and original.
    1. Spider-Jew's Avatar
      Spider-Jew -
      They should have a planet for bomb survivals and heart for heart levels...and it should look oddly similar to a trash can.
    1. OCK's Avatar
      OCK -
      I have been waiting a long time for LBP2 to be officially confirmed but never in my wildest dreams did I expect any of this. As a hardcore gamer LBP2 represents all my dreams coming true! I will finally be able to implement all the ideas that have been swimming around in my head and make worthy, blockbuster sequels to "218" and "The Legion". I am almost at a loss for words, what incredible news
    1. Shadowcrazy's Avatar
      Shadowcrazy - 2006 they had a video compilation of games for the ps3 when it of those videos in the compilation showed 4 strange life forms that got my eye and had me interested in the ps3...little did i know that 2 years later i would find out they were sackpeople....and that this was LITTTLEBIGPLANET.....2 years after the games release and the first day i bout still in love with LBP....and now a sequel? *tear* no words can describe how i feel right know that WE are all alive in this very day, this very year, to experience a game of this magnitude....i can safely say it's been an honor playing with some of you and cooking up ideas....lets strive for another 2 million levels ladies and gentlemen
    1. Gavin's Avatar
      Gavin -
      This is going to be great
      Cant wait for all this nommy stuff, but im a bit overwhelmed at what is being offered here lol. I mean, seriously, look at the tools we have at the moment, and then look at what more is going to be added! New tools, sackbots (which i am going to create an army of to take over the world, all identical to me....), cutscenes, new materials..............
      And looks like the Craft Earth design becomes customisable, which will be awesome.
      Also the new costumes....nomnomnom.....Fish Bowl FTW.
      Oh yeah.
      Dodgems is going to be my first level when LBP2 comes out....
      If you take my idea, you're going to live happily ever after....
      Not really. I lied.
    1. Morgana25's Avatar
      Morgana25 -
      I'm so looking forward to "retired" creators like OCK coming back for the sequel! This is gonna be such an adventure!
    1. flamingemu's Avatar
      flamingemu -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcrazy View Post
      *tear* no words can describe how i feel
      uh... happy?
    1. Gilgamesh's Avatar
      Gilgamesh -
      Quote Originally Posted by Leather-Monkey View Post
      I'm still standing, why haven't I fainted yet!?!
      Isn't it obvious? Someone set the new Gravity setting to 0.
    1. RoharDragontamer's Avatar
      LBP2 with be the ModNation Racers killer! LOL.
    1. Theap Pleman's Avatar
      Theap Pleman -
      Hey, haven't been here much...but
    1. PaddyJ's Avatar
      PaddyJ -
      Also, expect a longer story mode, I saw the Davinci level planet in the trailer, and I saw 10 levels in there.
    1. OverWork's Avatar
      OverWork -
      Oh man feels like the excitement I had for LBP all over again the new features sounds great!!!!
    1. Weretigr's Avatar
      Weretigr -
      *Grabs money and camps outside supporting games shop*
      omg can't wait!!
    1. Doopz's Avatar
      Doopz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Theap Pleman View Post
      Hey, haven't been here much...but
      This video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

      What was the video?
    1. Theap Pleman's Avatar
      Theap Pleman -
      It was "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters.

      And just out of curiosity, so we'll be able to play all the lbp1 levels online, but can we edit levels we started on lbp1? Because if so, I'm gonna be working hard on that over summer to prepare...
    1. Iudicium_86's Avatar
      Iudicium_86 -
      Does this make you proud to be a PS3 owner?