• LittleBigPlanet 2 Announcement Video Breakdown

    We've gone through the effort of breaking down the newly released announcement trailer for LittleBigPlanet 2, frame by delicious frame. We used the raw 720p video to grab screenshots from, then went through each of the sixty (yes, sixty) notable screenshots and hand-captioned them. The result is a terrifyingly in-depth analysis of the video that was released earlier this morning, an analysis that will probably reveal quite a few things to you about LittleBigPlanet 2 that you hadn't noticed before. We suggest beginning with the very first screenshot and moving in order, so that you absorb the information in the same order as it is shown in the video. In any case, enjoy!
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    1. Gavin's Avatar
      Gavin -
      The photo of the fishbowl- i dont think there are any bubbles, because the bubble pattern is continued on his skin outside of the bowl.
    1. RobotCrash's Avatar
      RobotCrash -
      My brain will hurt when this game is released.. It may melt from all the neat game ideas.

      Edit: I just realized... I said game ideas instead of level ideas.. That's what they're gonna be called now, because we won't just make levels anymore!
    1. midnight_heist's Avatar
      midnight_heist -
      I don't like the kart racing in LBP1, but this new version looks great. Reminds me of "micromachines" which I had a lot of fun playing when I was younger.
      No need to buy mod racer nation now. :P
    1. OmegaSlayer's Avatar
      OmegaSlayer -
      The dude who dissected the vid knows that there are an expanded and a standard version of the does he know it? Who did tell him?
      Pic 11, it's not clear in still pics, but the background is in motion.
      Pic 13, again, in motion the rainbows doesn't appear to rotate from under the floor, like if they were connected to a bolt , but more "appearing" in a circular motion.
      Pic 15. studio lights are in the background, what is important is that the fist cracks the material when it raises.
      Pic 17, the sackboy flips when pushed in air by the pads
      Pic 23, great coolness, maybe editors can be able to hide sackboys into things.
      Pic 24, who knows how many sackbot will we be able to control at the same time?
      Pic 28, in GameInformer it was said that it was possible to make First Person Shooters, this is the only pic that would prove the point.
      Pic 30, coolness of the new speckled glass and circuitboard material
      Pic 31, too much focus on those 3D glasses should mean something, since Sony is about to launch 3D gaming in early summer.
      Pic 32, this things is epic, it's clear that you drive the cars vertically on a wall, but you have a slope that connects 2 layers, and the wonder is "how I make the cars?", by far, this is the most intriguing pic of the whole set, since it's full of things we now can't imagine.
      Pic 35, materials dissolve without gas effect, there are "video" streams hrough monitors? Will it be possible to record cutscenes and repeat them in loops through those monitor devices?
      Pic 39, bounce pads working in every direction, not only vertically
      Pic 40, finally the end of teleportation devices that had to kill the sackboys, it would be interesting to know if creators can decide to forcefully s u ck players into the tubes and if we can adjust the range
      Pic 46, in motion this section is sick for the sheer speed that moves the robotic arm
      Pic 48, again, how can we build that stuff?
      Pic 53, another really important add, layer shifting, to add puzzles a neeeeeeeew dimension, comphy will be more than happy
      Pic 56, my take here is that you can customize the look of the moons, anyway I miss the pod...
    1. Psibat's Avatar
      Psibat -
      15... Is that RAPTURE?!?
    1. tanrockstan34's Avatar
      tanrockstan34 -
      Thank you! The pictures were very informative about some of the new features we can expect to see. I am sad to see there was no micro controller in the trailer.
    1. Emogotsaone's Avatar
      Emogotsaone -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_1993 View Post
      At 1:35 the light appears to be following sackboy. Anyone else agree?
      I see what you mean!
    1. ptwob's Avatar
      ptwob -
      i am so stoked for lbp2!
      it looks like i'll finally be able to create shmups (2d shoot ep ups)
      and much much more. omg i cant wait to get my hands on the new tools.
      OMG! OMG! OMG!
    1. Okisaan's Avatar
      Okisaan -
      With the controll pad, is anyone thinking about new ways of all those "Kill your best friend" levels? O_o Sadist...

      Anyways, if I have learned how to work with the sackbot-stuff, I'll make a level wich actually only is a robot, fully.

      This looks epic!!! (Yes, six stars!)
    1. kirbyman62's Avatar
      kirbyman62 -
      Want want want.

      Thing is, no ideas are coming to my head with the SackBots or the Control Seat!

      Also, am I the only one who wants to know more about this 'microchip' (look on the website for it).
    1. Smelling-Cowboy's Avatar
      Smelling-Cowboy -
      Mediamolecule gave a reaction to photo 16:
      "You can record your own moves, oh yes "

      now thats cool!
    1. MegaRock35's Avatar
      MegaRock35 -
      Ooooh, I want! I'm so excited, but a little sad that LBP1 is coming to an end. I'll be sure to give it a proper burial...
      Hope the control seats and sackbots are implemented well. Who am I kidding it's MM?
    1. Duffluc's Avatar
      Duffluc -
      wow, I didn't notice a lot of stuff in these pics, but frames 53 and 54 were shocking lol. De-lethalization, and the ability to make things move in between layers! That's awesome
    1. SmellyBadger's Avatar
      SmellyBadger -
      The racing looks like the camera is looking side on like normal but it's useing very clever 3D effects and different gravity.
    1. mdhay_wz's Avatar
      mdhay_wz -
      Are we gonna be able to make racers other than cars? I neeeed to make wipEout on here!
    1. piggabling's Avatar
      piggabling -
      I'm disappointed....

      Becuase it doesn't come out for another few months!!
    1. moonwire's Avatar
      moonwire -
      Looks like a new VR like material in number 15 and 16. Can it be a lighted material that can be switched on and off? I think it is the same material that is used in picture 44, with the sackboy space invaders.

      I also can't get over the giant cookie in the kart racer (32/36). It just looks so yummy. And those oil spots. are those stickers, or do you might slip on them? Maybe you slip on glass, just as normal? Dunno.

      When thinking over the breakout picture (37), I came up with some sort of idea. What if it is an impact switch? Kind of a mix of a sound object (they can make sounds on impacts)and a magnetic key/switch. As they mention already, the blockthings change colours when hit. Material change tool? At least I think so. Actually, I am not sure, since I did not notice the colours changing in the video. If you take a look, they are colour coded, but I think that tells how many hits each can take. I notice though, that "cracks" appear. Have a closer look!

      Looks like we also have tubes in 45... Hamster and sewer levels ftw?

      Layer switching and De-lethalization (and I assume also Re-lethalization, there's going to be a lot of "unfair platformers" out there) ftw, for sure!

      That's it for now, going to bed, if I can finish my homework. No comments about why I am here then, please. I could not resist.

      Just noticed that I actually got two of those green bars!!! Yay!!! What do they signalize anyway? appreciation points received from "thanks" button?
      If so, that would explain why CC has got somewhere around 8 - 11 of those green bars.
    1. Skeggers's Avatar
      Skeggers -
      Have any of you guys heard the real song that's in the trailer. With lyrics and everything? It sounds so much better eithout them xD
    1. Jovuto's Avatar
      Jovuto -
      Quote Originally Posted by Skeggers View Post
      Have any of you guys heard the real song that's in the trailer. With lyrics and everything? It sounds so much better eithout them xD
      Lol I no, but the song is good with the lyrics aswell!
    1. Ryuhza's Avatar
      Ryuhza -
      I am in love.

      I hope they have some sort of beta I can get into just so I won't have to wait the entire length-!
      It's my dreams come true and torture at the same time <=[