• LittleBigPlanet 2 Announcement Video Breakdown

    We've gone through the effort of breaking down the newly released announcement trailer for LittleBigPlanet 2, frame by delicious frame. We used the raw 720p video to grab screenshots from, then went through each of the sixty (yes, sixty) notable screenshots and hand-captioned them. The result is a terrifyingly in-depth analysis of the video that was released earlier this morning, an analysis that will probably reveal quite a few things to you about LittleBigPlanet 2 that you hadn't noticed before. We suggest beginning with the very first screenshot and moving in order, so that you absorb the information in the same order as it is shown in the video. In any case, enjoy!
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    1. Doopz's Avatar
      Doopz -
      Cool thanks for that!

      I noticed more things from looking at those than I did from watching it like, what? 3-4 times?
    1. Morgana25's Avatar
      Morgana25 -
      Loving the circuit board material in pic 30 in the arch!
    1. agrx's Avatar
      agrx -
      Thank you CC
    1. Holguin86's Avatar
      Holguin86 -
      Ta, this is very helpful.
    1. KlawwTheClown's Avatar
      KlawwTheClown -
      In my opinion, I think it's safe to say that when the planet and moon turn red, it's because Mm's pop-it is red...?

      And I haven't paid too much attention, but would that be the same with the grappling hook too?

      I mean, it's only common sense to not make them random colours, but your Pop-it colour, since more often than not, your Pop-it colour is your favourite colour. (Except I use a red pop-it so my Bow-Tie stays red without stickers...)

      Also, what are the odds that the song in the trailer will be in LBP2? I mean, we need another annoying song like "Atlas", but on LBP2. (I know Atlas'll be on LBP2 anyway, but still.)

      I love speculating over this game.
      Just as long as I don't expect an FPS mode that could overthrow [INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE FPS HERE]...
    1. JspOt's Avatar
      JspOt -
      Awesome! These pics are awesome!
    1. Voodeedoo's Avatar
      Voodeedoo -
      i stopped after viewing the pics of the story mode. i want to keep everything a suprise XP
    1. BabyDoll1970's Avatar
      BabyDoll1970 -
      I wasn't all that excited about this until I just watched the trailer. WOOHOOOO!

      WE CAN USE LOGIC TO MOVE BETWEEN THE LAYERS!!!! *tear trickles down my happy cheek*
    1. Emogotsaone's Avatar
      Emogotsaone -
      I had to puch myself and watch the video three times and then i had a heart attack because this game is the bomb ****zity
    1. guneye's Avatar
      guneye -
      I'm guessing I'm not the first to notice this, but I didn't see this mentioned in the breakdown....

      There seems to be a texture-shifting/moving material. Check it out at 1:15. Maybe if it can be customized, it might make for some good liquid-flowing textures. I definitely want to see free-flowing water though.... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Also wondering if the TV-like screens at 1:11 are the custom-video stuff you can do? That definitely looks like 8-bit Rad Racer for the NES. There's also more of that texture-shifting material in the background as well.

      Other note, are they going with a 6-star system now (at 1:00)?

      That 3D pop-out at 1:39 is fantastic.
    1. Keyeszx's Avatar
      Keyeszx -
      I hope we get to mix and match poppit colors and that decides the color of things. I didn't like any of the colors combos offered in LBP.
    1. Noremac469's Avatar
      Noremac469 -
    1. ZombLee's Avatar
      ZombLee -
      This looks awesome! so many new features. I'm glad they're emphasizing on the LBP1 compatibility.
      thanks for the frame by frame breakdown.
    1. warlord_evil's Avatar
      warlord_evil -
      Wait! What's this?

      At this part, did anyone notice how on the sides of the screen, there appears to be television screens with actual TV playing? Is this the background or something for the arcade part?
    1.'s Avatar -
      Why media molecule?!

      Now I have to be thinking about Little Big Planet non-stop for seven month maybe more!

      I can't wait for Winter 2010!
    1. JspOt's Avatar
      JspOt -
      I think the TV's are racer minigames!!!
    1. warlord_evil's Avatar
      warlord_evil -
      I just noticed something amazing about the techy background in that trailer!!!
      It moves! The robotic arms move around and do stuff!

      I wonder what other moving backgrounds there will be?

      At this part and some others you can see stuff moving in the background.
    1. Sehven's Avatar
      Sehven -
      This may not necessarily fall under the trailer analysis topic, but it's from the same site. Check out the racing part in the top right corner:

      Not only is layer shifting of objects possible, but it seems that it may not even need a logic solution. You may be able to simply change the direction of gravity (could that be what the gravity tweak does?) to go into the screen rather than toward the bottom of the screen, and have objects (such as race cars) roll right up and down ramps.

      I wonder how flexible the gravity will be. Perhaps it could go into the screen AND down: that would be perfect for pinball levels. I think I'm gonna' put my pinball level on hold until lbp2 comes out.
    1. BasketSnake's Avatar
      BasketSnake -
      I was also thinking how easy it will be to create a pinball machine
    1. Jedi_1993's Avatar
      Jedi_1993 -
      At 1:35 the light appears to be following sackboy. Anyone else agree?