• DMLCompetition Game Changers People's Choice Awards 2010 (Voting Ends June 4th)

    Hey LBPCentral, remember that competition where people could win around $50,000 for creating an educational project in LBP? Well, help us vote for what you think is the best LBP educational project!

    The public voting for the Game Changers People's Choice Awards 2010 has opened and it would be great if we could help get your votes for the following project winners. This whole competition, sponsored by Sony, the HASTAC Foundation, and the University of California, was held to help foster education through gaming. These levels are going be coupled with 1000 PS3s donated by Sony to libraries in low income communities, on top of being available to the rest of the PSN community.

    The following six projects were chosen as award winners a few days ago and now your vote can determine which one is the best overall by the people! =P
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    Aeon Quest: 
 (vote for this submission)
    Best in Class: Multiplayer (LittleBigPlanet™ only)
    Scott Comstock, Woodland Hills, CA (cdubb024)

    In Aeon Quest, LittleBigPlanet players are enlisted by a mechanical being from outer space to help save the planet Earth. Players must prove their worthiness for the mission by traversing different planets while completing a series of missions and puzzles that test an array of STEM skills—from simple math problems to complex logic puzzles.
    A Day in the Life of a Computer
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    Gemma McLean, Gemixin Limited, Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

    A Day in the Life of a Computer introduces middle school and high school students to key concepts of computer science using LittleBigPlanet. Players must navigate the inner workings of a computer, solving puzzles that convey computing principles of increasing difficulty—from simple binary code to more complex programming concepts.
    Discovery Pier
: A Whole New Spin on Science and Engineering (vote for this submission)
    Best in Class: Physics
    Joshua Hughes, Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company // Team KAIZEN, Great Falls, MT

    In Discover Pier, LittleBigPlanet players are immersed in the high-octane world of an amusement park. While interacting with a variety of thrill rides, in-game lessons teach players the critical principles of physics and engineering that are at work in each ride, as well as offering simple computer programming lessons on how the ride was created. Players can then use what they have learned to design and build their own fully rendered and animated amusement park rides.
 (vote for this submission)
    Mark Matthews, Chapel Hill, NC

    LittleBigChemistryLab immerses players in worlds based around real-world chemistry experiments and classroom demonstrations, including the classic “baking soda and vinegar volcano,” combustion reactions, and the “glowing pickle” demo. In these LittleBigPlanet levels, players interact with their environment and participate in the experiments, exploring chemistry and chemical concepts through engaging gameplay.
    Sackboys and The Mysterious Proof (vote for this submission)
    Best in Class: Innovation
    Kan Yang Li, New York City, NY

    In Sackboys and The Mysterious Proof, LittleBigPlanet players must escape from the Proof family’s century-old mansion by solving a series of puzzles using geometric reasoning. With puzzle mechanics driven by geometric theorems, students will convert geometric concepts from the classroom into active knowledge through collaborative play inspired by precision learning.
    Stem Cell Sackboy (vote for this submission)
    Best in Class: Artistic
    David Dino, Azusa, CA (donkey show... )

    Stem Cell Sackboy takes LittleBigPlanet gameplay to the cellular level. Using “SackCell Technology,” players shrink to microscopic sizes to take part in the growing field of stem cell research and therapy. Players learn about the processes of cell growth and reproduction while exploring the importance of stem cell research and the ethical issues that surround it.

    As much as I'd love to be biased, please click on the links next to the project name you want to vote for. You do have to register to vote, but we'd really appreciate it if you could. Thanks again!

    Also, the following projects are playable in some form or fashion online:
    Aeon Quest
    Little Big Chemistry Lab
    Sackboys and the Mysterious Proof
    Stem Cell Sackboy

    Voting ends June 4th!
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      Super_Dork_42 -
      are they published? As in, could I play them to decide?
    1. gevurah22's Avatar
      gevurah22 -
      Look at the last part of my post. It shows the ones that are playable in some form.
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      bakscratch -
      Donkey shows looks the most creative and people would learn alot from it.
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      Thanks a lot man!

      So today is the last day of voting. If you can, please get your votes in!
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      You got my vote!
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      gevurah22 -
      Alrighty, the voting is closed. Thanks to everyone who voted for the finalists!
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      Zookey -
      Hey dude! My level (Discovery Pier) is playable online too ;-P LOL anyways they just said the winner will be announced on the 16th at E3.