• LBP2 Beta Coming soon!

    Hi all

    There will be an LBP2 beta soon. We will have some more news on how we will recruit for this beta soon, but in the mean time i wanted to drop in and say that you will all be in witha chance to get in. If you are already in the beta group, you will automatically be in, and the forum has now been re-opened, so come along and say hi

    ok more news soon, i promise
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      ConfusedCartman -
      I just wanted to clear up some confusion about...well, why there's so much confusion. Lots of people here probably don't understand why there's so much mystique and "shadow" surrounding the details of the beta, which is understandable - why can't they just tell us now? I understand that mindset, but I want to reassure you: there are very good reasons why they need to keep these things quiet.

      - First and foremost, because they likely haven't settled on a number of the details themselves yet. Remember, it's not just Mm organizing this beta. It's Mm and SCEE (that's Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) working in tandem. That means there are lots of people involved that need to sign off on decisions and get other things moving simultaneously to ensure that when the beta does go live, it does so as smoothly as possible. A beta is a complicated thing - aside from the actual beta software itself, there's a lot that needs to be done for something public to work right. Codes need to be generated, forum permissions need to be set up, email addresses need to be gathered and batched. It's a very complicated process, so sometimes the details that are most important to us (when?!? or how?!?) are also the last things that are officially decided on.

      - Hype! Pure and simple marketing. Let's be honest here - the less we know, the more we talk about it, and the more word spreads. It's a useful tool, and obviously one many developers and publishers have grabbed on to (have you seen how many public betas there have been in the past few years?). I'm not saying these betas are useless (I know you guys don't know the details, but the number of bugs found and fixed in the last few LBP betas is crazy), but publishers and developers have noticed how they can double as marketing tools when deployed in the right way, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's a component here.

      - Flexibility. Any details they tell you now they won't be able to change later without causing an uproar - however, if they withold the details that they aren't quite sure of yet, they have the flexibility to change them without angering their fans. For example: let's say they announced that the beta would begin...Tuesday, and everyone who logged on PSN on that day would get instant access if they wanted it. However, due to one problem or another, on Monday they are forced to announce that the beta won't begin for another two weeks, and it would have to be apply-only. That would definitely cause an uproar in the LBP community. Looking at it specifically, that's not a bad deal - right now, everyone expects to wait at least two or so weeks, and they expect some sort of application. However, because the expectation was "downgraded", it has a negative effect. If they keep quiet about the details, they can wait until they're 100% sure what they're doing before announcing it to the public, so there's no "disappointment factor" involved.

      There's a lot more thought that goes into these announcements than you'd think, trust me - there's a reason for the madness.