• PAX Fan Meet 2010

    Attention PAX attendees! Tom and I (Spaff) are going to be at the show and we’d love to see you.

    We’ll be spending most of our time over the three days at The LittleBigPlanet area of the Sony booth, where you’ll be able to get your hands on LittleBigPlanet 2, and maybe browse the Sackboy related goods in the merchandise stall.

    We’ll also have some of our community all-stars (Jaeyden, Morgana25, Comphermc, and ConfusedCartman) at the event who will be jamming and creating things live,  so you can see what kind of things can be made with the new tools, and get some handy hints and tips from them on building your own levels.

    Additionally we’ll be presenting various aspects of the game at the LittleBigPlanet ‘Genius Bar’, and we should have some special play challenges and other crazy things going on, so pop on by and say hey!

    See you at PAX!

    P.S If you come and high five me or tom, we’ll give you a badge to celebrate how awesome you are, until we run out of them of course.

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    1. mrsupercomputer's Avatar
      mrsupercomputer -
      Sounds like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I won't be there, but can someone please give Compher a big kiss from me?
    1. Fenderjt's Avatar
      Fenderjt -
      Where is this based?
    1. blizzard_cool's Avatar
      blizzard_cool -
      I demand that this gets filmed 24/3! With a pretty please Jaeyden, Morgana25, Comphermc, and ConfusedCartman
    1. rtm223's Avatar
      rtm223 -
      It's in Washington I think.

      Eurogamer, next month in London, is the one you should be looking to go to Fender.
    1. Gravel's Avatar
      Gravel -
      Well, can I now feign outrage Morgana? Whoa... CC. Really? Well it's not my dime... Congratulations guys... just another sausage-fest!
    1. Rhys125's Avatar
      Rhys125 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rtm223 View Post
      It's in Washington I think.
      Yep, Seattle to be precise.
    1. RockSauron's Avatar
      RockSauron -
      Well, I'll be. If I could somehow convince my parents to pay for me to fly across the country the weekend before school starts all by myself while they are in New England just so I could punch CC in the face... I'd go.

      ... Eh, I probably don't want people to see me. /cough

      Still, that's nice. Though it makes me wonder if CC ever met any of them in person... or any of his mods ever. I unno. What does it matter? I do not know. At any rate, sounds fun... and it seems LBPC is going to be well represented
    1. Fishrock123's Avatar
      Fishrock123 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rhys125 View Post
      Yep, Seattle to be precise.
      If I had the money to fly over there. I would be going. Hands down.


      Remind me why there is no game conevtion in Canada near me..?
    1. Super_Dork_42's Avatar
      Super_Dork_42 -
      I wonder if I could e-mail them a wi-five to get a badge.......
    1. jwwphotos's Avatar
      jwwphotos -
      Sounds cool Spaff!!

      I wish I could break away and take a trip, but oh well.. I have tons of other stuff going on this month. Maybe next time, but it would have been great to meet up with you!
    1. Morgana25's Avatar
      Morgana25 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mrsupercomputer View Post
      Sounds like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I won't be there, but can someone please give Compher a big kiss from me?
      I've got your other request covered... Maybe Jaeyden can take care of this one
    1. Tawarf's Avatar
      Tawarf -
      this sounds awesome! but ive got school and no way would my parents let me go to washington to play a game! XD!
      Sometimes i feel downsized by all these stuff about all-star creators and stuff... it makes me wish my PS3 never broke so i could bring out the best level I've made to this point.
      Anyways i cant wait for the new wave of videos to be released amongst the web!
    1. Powershifter's Avatar
      Powershifter -
      I'd visit if I wasn't all the way over on the East Coast

      Have fun!!!
    1. PygmyOwl's Avatar
      PygmyOwl -
      Oh wow, I am so jealous...I bet I would spend all my PS3 earnings on this mysterious 'sackboy related goods' though.
    1. napero7's Avatar
      napero7 -
      I hope you have fun

      Why can't I ever go to any of these meetings
    1. CYBERSNAKE's Avatar
      To the people going, could you get more info on movers (I know what they are and what they do), but I haven't seen much on them. So I would like to see how helpful they are, their limits, etc. And if its not too much to ask could you please try record it. Thanks.
    1. Hybrid's Avatar
      Hybrid -
      im 15 so i cant
      over 3 years i go to every LBPCentral mini meatup
    1. gamerC0LA64's Avatar
      gamerC0LA64 -
      I wish I could go. Ah well. Hey Spaff, give us a hint bout when the beta's coming, will ya. I NEED IT.
    1. Asbestos101's Avatar
      Asbestos101 -
      Gah! Washington?

      Is anyone going to eurogamer as well? xD
    1. Coxy224's Avatar
      Coxy224 -
      Lucky, lucky peoples. I wanna go high five Spaff!!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by rtm223 View Post
      Eurogamer, next month in London, is the one you should be looking to go to Fender.

      This is what I'm waiting for. Got my tickets booked and everything