• Community Spotlight Episode 13

    We at LBPCentral are in no way superstitious, so welcome to our thirteenth Community Spotlight! For those of you who don't know, Community Spotlight is a way for us to show off, or "Spotlight", our favorite levels made by you! Our Spotlight Crew scours the Level Showcase for the best levels they can find, then they neatly organize them in a list format to help you find and play them on your own. All of the levels have comments from each Crew member that selected that level, so you guys can get a good idea of how many Crew members enjoyed it. Enjoy and have fun!
    Crystal Forest - Second--Smile--/Second--Smile-- - Thread
    levels: i have about 8 in all with Crystal Forest chapter 1,2 and 3 being the main ones please feel free to give them ago and offer any advise you can... and i'll gladly do the same... take care - Second--Smile--
    Our Thoughts:
    This level takes some great visuals, and then pumps them higher! Adding in a great story and then keeping the visuals intact is what makes this level fantastic. Although there are many different chapters, one being the best, the quality does not suffer. Second--Smile-- has created a lovely level here with some good prizes and it is worth the play - Coxy224
    Full of color and lush decorations, the Crystal Forest series is a feast for the eyes. Wander through subterranean caverns filled with beautiful crystals, transparent mushrooms and a bouquet of flowers in nearly every area you visit. The levels are very heavily driven by story and you'll meet some interesting characters along the way. These levels really send the player into all three layers and the effect is a winding and deep landscape full of beauty and challenge. - Morgana25

    Beautiful to look at and a gem to play, second-smiles level is one of the most vibrant and colourful adventures you can treat your eyes to. There is an excellent story running through it thats both intresting and humurous, and well supported by some awesome custom characters. Set out and the save Crystal Forest, something this beautiful needs saving. - GrantosUK
    Media (if available):
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    Eddy Mitter - Matt 82/Mattifcation - Thread
    Hey guys after a week of beta tests my newest level has now been published properly.

    The level is a platformer with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure.

    Story is that Sackboy makes a flippant remark about how he isn`t impressed when he comes across an emitter in a level. However, this leaves someone a little less than pleased who decides to show Sackboy just what it takes to get an object from your object box, to your levl.
    - Matt 82
    Our Thoughts:
    Pfft! An emitter - pathetic! If only you knew young sackboy.......well thanks to Matt82 you can find out just how much work goes into these little inventions. Some great design and clever ideas all melded into one level make this level both fun to play and an educational lesson. And people say LBP is all H4H! - Coxy224
    So, you think you know how everything works in LBP do you? Eddy Mitter would beg to differ. Follow Eddy as he educates you on the hard work behind the magic of LBP. An original and clever story that drives fun challenges and beautiful landscapes. Great details and some original puzzles to tackle. The lighting alone is something to behold. So get to work, there's emitting to do! - Morgana25

    Who'd have thought emitting a simple item in LBP could create so much work. We all have Eddy Mitter to thank, you take on his perilous task through some brilliantly challenging platforming and puzzle sections. The visuals are top notch, but its the idea and brilliant execution that really shines through. Take some heat off Eddy and give him a hand, you certainly won't regret it. - GrantosUK

    I've been a fan of Matt 82's levels for a while now, and we finally get to put one on the spotlight! Matt has taken a break from pirates and martians to bring us an incredibly entertaining (and educational...) look at the inner workings of something we all take for granted - the emitter. Matt's clever wit and level-building sensibilities bring us an incredibly fun and entertaining level. Fantastic job! - CCubbage
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    Sonnet of the Gargoyle - dkjestrup/dkjestrup - Thread
    Finally, the level you have all (hopefully) been waiting for, "Sonnet of the Gargoyle" by Dkjestrup and Morgana25. I made this level when I wanted a break from my "Legend of Maui" levels. I PMed Morgana25 and asked if she wanted to help on a little side project. She was interested, and that was that. Basically, most of you will be asking how we did it. I basically made the level (not to take credit) and asked Morgana25 whenever I needed a Gargoyle/Enemy to be made, as that is her specialty.

    The level is set in an Ancient French Palace/Garden type setting, hence its production name "Le Grande Jardin". You play as a school teacher, James Watterson, who discovers this beautiful palace hidden in the countryside. The story is fairly loose, if at all, as I decided we'd focus on gameplay. The level basically involves small puzzles and platforming. The visual style is nice and simple. I could have made it more "grassy like" if the thermometer was twice as big, but cannot at the moment. I have NO thermometer left. As in, another gargoyle or rock and it explodes. I would've added another AND gate, so a certain speech bubble doesn't display when you've already done the puzzle, but I couldn't fit it in

    There is also a Challenge level, if you find the key
    - dkjestrup
    Our Thoughts:
    The creator of this level is a genius. What DKjestrup has created here is not only visually amazing, infact it is also stunning gameplay-wise aswell! With some excellent creations of gargoyles (supplied by the wonderful Morgana25) DKjestrup has created one of the best levels out there. Finished the level a few times? Why not play the challenge level aswell! Just a perfect example of how fantastic France can be. - Coxy224

    When two great creators link up to produce a level, the end result was always going to be some special and this won't disapoint. Superb visuals with some excellent little details keep your eyes happy while the platforming and puzzles keep you on your toes. There are some wonderfully original ideas here that I really can't recommmeed enough. A superb level. - GrantosUK

    Everything is top notch here! The fantasy-like visuals, the puzzles, the clever platforming.... all impeccably designed. This level rewards paying careful attention to the environment around you, but yet always makes sense and is fun for all age groups. Top it off with some classic Morgana25 character creations, and you have a level that is beautiful and highly entertaining. - CCubbage
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    Escape From Transylvania! - The creators cut - skumchunk/skumchunk -Thread
    In this level you take on the role of a misunderstood vampire as he tries to escape from an angry mob.
    Help him escape not only his neighbors, but also the diabolical traps in his own crumbling castle!
    Don't forget to wear your fangs for the full effect.

    I tried to implement a few of the new tools from Creator Pack 1. Another thing I tried was multiple paths, so please give each one a try. (I made it painfully obvious where the path splits)
    - skumchunk
    Our Thoughts:
    Take the most bonkers story LBP has to offer and combine it with some original gameplay, humourous moments and amusing design and you'll be getting close to the idea this level has. Battle past stakes, bull whips and garlic to finally find peace for yourself and complete the level. Crazy as it seems - this level is a must-play - Coxy224
    As a poorly understood and feared creature of the night the occasional mob of stake bearing peasants are a nuisance you have to deal with from time to time. The time is now in this humorous and whimsical level from skumchunk. Make your way from your lair in the bowels of your castle through the pointy bearing crowd and finally make your escape to the New World. A fun level that features some great art and really funny dialogue boxes. You don't need to sport fangs to play but it's even more fun if you do! - Morgana25

    Definetly laugh out loud funny with an excellent premise, Skumchunk has chucked together a great level. Follow our hero, the vampire (you don't hear that very often!) in his quest to escape an angry mob hell bent on driving half price stakes into his heart. Wonderful dialogue and some great platforming sections will most certainly keep you more than entertained, play it, you won't regret it. - GrantosUK
    Media (if available):
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    Rz22g's Stunt Bike Race - Kratos4/Rz22g - Thread
    Check out my level, Rz22g's Stunt Bike Race (1-2 player). Its not a grab and go level. You do have to control the angle of your jumps in order to clear some of them and in order to land correctly to get bubble multipliers. I have a three player version coming soon once I figure out how to position the stunts so bubbles are available to each rider. - Kratos4
    Our Thoughts:
    Kratos4 builds GREAT vehicle levels. This time around, he has multiple players revving their engines and rocketing through a challenging motorcycle race. But unlike other motorcyle races, you must carefully watch your speed in certain areas, kick it up in others, and fly off the ramps with precision to pick up the point bubbles scattered along the way. This is one race you won't want to miss! - CCubbage
    A cut above your average motorbike race level. Fun tricks and strategy give the level replay value if you're shooting for a higher score. Take a few practice laps before really going for it - experiment with the throttle to see what you need do to improve your time. Don't miss the video spoiler for an example of what a skilled player can pull off in the level - after you try it first of course! - Morgana25

    A vehicle level that requires skill and timing is a very rare thing in LBP and is what makes this level unmissable. Infinitetly replayable, great visuals and one excellent track for you to hurtle round, rz22g has created simply the best vehicle level on LBP so far. You have to play this, but be prepared for a challenge and for it eat your time as you go for that faster time. Simply awesome. - GrantosUK
    Media (if available):
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    Teleport to ????? - smasher1973/smasher1116789 - Thread
    This level uses a teleportation system to shuffle you around the level. Here's how it works. The first area is a basic staging area where the place you die determines where you go next. For example if you die on the first set of jumps,
    the level will kick you out right then and there. If you die on the second set of jumps it takes you to the next part of the level etc... The level is divided into
    13 areas, and it gets quite hard. If you die in an area it will kick you to a "kickdown" level. There's no story or theme, just platforming. So take a look, and let me know what you think.
    - smasher1973
    Our Thoughts:
    I'm always looking for truly innovative designs in levels, and this ones a doozy! Smasher has created a level which is incredibly hardcore, but at the same time adjusts itsself for the players skill level. Can't finish a section? Teleport to a slightly easier one. However, the push to experience all this level has to offer creates a lot of replay value. And..... it's FUN! One problem.... Smasher's level is going to have a terrible heart/play ratio because of people like me restarting 10 times until I get to see every last nuggest of this great level! - CCubbage
    A really fun and very VERY re-playable level. The idea of moving the player to easier, but less score friendly areas seems like a simple concept, but getting it to work is impressive. It's one of those levels that works with the players skill level too. Even unskilled players can finish it but the competitive game master types will love the challenge of finishing the harder sections. To see it all you'll need to practice, practice, practice! - Morgana25

    This level will cater for both the hardcore players and the not so hardcore players out there. Based purely on your skill, the level will get harder or easier depending on how well you are doing. I've played this level 3 times now and am still impressed by its outstanding idea, superb execution and well balanced challenge. I urge you play it and see for yourself just how awesome smashers level really is. - GrantosUK
    Not only a level with tonnes of replayability, but a level that also caters to how skillful a player you are. Never has LBP been so kind to you in a single level. Want to play a simple little platformer - die early. Want a major challenge? Try making it all the way to the end of the opening section. The scoreboard represents how good you are, but only time will tell if you can improve. - Coxy224
    Dig It! - RangerZero/RangerZero - Thread
    This is the second level I made. My first one was a straighforward platformer with some original gameplay but was intended for single player. Now with Dig It! I wanted to make a 2 player mini-game. The digging part in The Banana Horde inspired me this competitive digging game.

    Each player must dig down his collumn and reach the end with the best score (taking bubbles). Now that sounds pretty simple but there really is competition between the players and more to the game that just digging.
    - RangerZero
    Our Thoughts:
    Ok, so you're probably wondering 'say, Cub - hasn't this level been in the showcase for about 4 months?'. And you would be correct, but here's the thing - my son is now good enough for us to take on each other in 2 player matches, so I gave it a shot. Man, this level is ADDICTIVE! Then Coxy tries it, and says 'Can we spotlight this?'. I thought about it, and you know what? It's a fantastic design, a cool 2 player game, has quite a bit of depth for a game with a simple premise.... it definately deserves a spotlight. So here ya go RangerZero... 4 for 4 - another spotlighted level! - CCubbage
    Yes the level has been in the showcase for some time, but is it a quality experience that will have you coming back again and again? Also yes! What started out as a neat little idea has been transformed into a fantastic LBP experience, you should get a friend just to play this level! - Coxy224
    I finally got around to playing this level and it's great fun! It brings out the competitive nature that only a multiple player level can. Nicely designed and full of replay potential. Grab a friend and check it out - you'll dig it! - Morgana25
    Media (if available):
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    STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back: Chapter One....err...Etc! - julesyjules/julesyjules - Thread
    I know 'movie' levels are slightly frowned upon here, but i always try to back it all up with some decent gameplay,i promise! - julesyjules
    Our Thoughts:
    I've played several Star Wars platforming levels... wandering through a pretty little world with Star Wars themed content and bleeps and bloops. I've even yawned several times as I've said 'gee... that's pretty'. So imagine my absolute glee when I stepped into this level, and realized someone had finally done it - created a series of Star Wars levels that backs it up with fantastic gameplay! From the very beginning escaping the first room, to a frenetic AT-AT paintinator battle.... this level was fantastic and kept me on the edge of my seat. Throw in extremely cute character models and some VERY funny humor, and you have a Star Wars level that lives up to the source content! - CCubbage
    A Wampa, Tauntauns and a Wookie.... sounds like the desert menu at a fancy restaurant to most folks, but to those in the know it can only mean one thing - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. You get to meet all three of these characters and more in this fantastically funny and beautiful homage to the film. Survive the Wampa's cave, make your way back to the rebel's underground hideout, and fight off some amazingly designed AT-AT's and even an Imperial Walker! Watch for the teaser before the scoreboard. Entertained you will be. - Morgana25
    Star Wars is meant to be action pakced. The movies, the playsets - they're all for the thrills and action [hence you never buy a Jar Jar Binks!] but why are most of the Star Wars levels so boring? Well fanboys and casual player - this level changes that. Anyone who likes star wars will enjoy the story and characters, and those who don't will enjoy the immense views, great platforming and solid designs! A brilliant level all about humour, film and snow, a total must-play - Coxy224
    Empire is one of my favourite films of all time, and julesyjules did'nt dissapoint with his fantastic and humourous romp across the snow planet Hoth. The character design is one again fantastic, the flow perfect, and the visuals cartoony and fantastic. The thing that impressed me the most however in this wonderful level was the walker battles at the end, simply fantastic to behold and battle. Hurry along with Dagobah, and don't worry, I've packed my wellies - GrantosUK
    Platforms Madness - Miglioshin/Miglioshin - Thread
    Our Thoughts:
    Miglioshin has created sort of an oxymoron.... a LONG LittleBigPlanet level. This level took an immense amount of time to complete, but was filled with some of the most ingenious platforming I've seen. Tons of locations and puzzles, switch mechanics like you won't believe, and a hardcore attitude that is difficult but encourages pushing to the end. If you want a break from standard LittleBigPlanet levels, this ones a sure pick! - CCubbage
    Take some time to give your brain a workout by checking out this aptly named level. It's a smart level, designed as part platformer, part puzzler, part boss battle, and all kinds of fun. The style is high tech due to the VR materials used and very geometric designs. Two versions to choose from depending on how ambitious you're feeling too. It's not a sit back and relax level though, even in it's simplified incarnation. Check it out - it's worth every mind maddening moment you put into it. - Morgana25
    Wow, this level is extremely striking in both visuals and gameplay. I don't comment on levels I can't complete as a rule, but this one broke it. I was more than impressed by the action and puzzles involved in this gem of a level. I could'nt complete the easy the version, are you man or woman enough for the extreme mode? Whatever you choose, you will be impressed, believe me. - GrantosUK
    Episode 1- Green Dragon/Episode 2- Temple Guardian - Siljin/Siljin - Thread
    I have finished and published my second Legend Hunters lvl. There are no score bubbles because I am trying to concentrate more on story telling and mood. I hope you guys like it. I have put alot of time into it.

    If you search for "Legend Hunters" you will pull up episode 1 and 2.
    - Siljin
    Our Thoughts:
    These levels are a one two punch for challenging gameplay with absolutely brilliant characters and art direction. Some of the most detailed and memorable stickered characters I've ever seen on LBP levels. The first level pits you against a green dragon that has been ravaging the land. Be sure to check out the sheep which are adorable and apparently tasty too. The second level is you versus a fierce golem that is destroying a town. The archers in this level are superb and every platform challenge you face will test your skills. The second level also features a really innovative use for stickers that help the player escape a crumbling cave. Do not miss these fantastic levels! - Morgana25
    One, two and....well, we await three for now. This is one of the best series of levels that I have encountered on LBP. Very few can maintain both a familiarity, whilst still being something totally different. Add into the mix some of the best character and creature design out there and you've got a pretty darned good set of levels. Play it now - even if it's just for the characters - Coxy224
    Great story, fantastic character models, and well-thought-out gameplay. I was mesmerized by these levels. Especially the second one, where I was really amazed by the innovation and detail. Usually levels have maybe a couple standout moments that you remember, but these had so many great moments I had to play them twice just to remember them. If you're looking for a great fantasy adventure, this series is a great place to visit! - CCubbage
    These two levels from Siljin offer up some of the most beautiful and well crafted characters and enemies you're ever likely to see. From fighting the huge sheep eating dragon, to defeating the stone golem, these levels offer set piece after set piece. Obviously very well thoughtout and excellently implemented I had a blast playing through the levels. The one bad thing that I saw? The amount of plays and hearts this level has, criminal. - GrantosUK
    Lost Temple of Anubis - Nattura/Nattura - Thread

    This is my most recent level. It's an Egyptian themed level. It was made before the Egyptian theme pack and uses custom stickers. You basically run into a tomb out in the desert and find your way inside. Once inside you find yourself headed down the wrong way and have to work your way out.
    There's really no story text included so it can be what you see or feel.
    Be sure to wear your Egyptian costumes and take pictures!

    MM featured this level in their latest Mmpicks.
    - Nattura
    Our Thoughts:
    This is one of the most beautiful, artistic, and cinematic levels I've ever played in LBP. Its art direction is brilliant and the gameplay is interesting while remaining easy enough for most players. It's been around awhile and while many of us have already seen this feast for the eyes, new players - you are in for a treat - an instant jaw dropper you'll want to show your friends. It's yet another great example of the capabilities of LBP and artistic minded creators. - Morgana25
    Bought the Egyptian pack and not really impressed? Then don your best costume and enter the fantastic cinematic world of Nattura's Lost Temple of Anubis. Amazing visuals backed up by more visuals! A level picked by Mm for a reason - it is beautiful. Go now, but make sure you wash your eyes out first! - Coxy224
    One of the most beautiful creations I have seen in LittleBigPlanet - period. Some creators see feather objects and make silly wings... Nattura turns them into beautiful palm branches swaying in the wind with the etched sand of the desert touched by an evening sunset.... this guy has a scary talent for visuals, but also truly understands gameplay. You'll be challenged, startled, and even stare in wonder at the art (and sometimes it stares back!). Definitely play this level... it may inspire you to create better levels. - CCubbage
    Itís simply a testament to a wonderful level like this one when you havenít played it in so long, the mere mention of it brings back the delight you had when you first saw it. I can't really add a lot more than my fellow spotlighters have already said above. Its simply THE best looking level in LBP, and it plays really well to, and for that, you can't really not play it. Well, what are you waiting for?? - GrantosUK
    Media (if available):
    Spoiler Spoiler - Images
    Spoiler Spoiler - Video
    BELOW THE ROOT : Sewing Seeds - mindphaser74/mindphaser74 - Thread
    This is the Prequel level to the Below the Root Series. Though it was made entirely after chapters 1 & 2. I felt that I needed to plant a seed in this level (so to speak) that contributes to the rest of the story.

    So it is a level that, on the surface, seems like the story doesn't much relate to the rest of the series... but it does. Very vaguely. Chapter 3 will show you the connection, but if you are intuitive enough, you might be able to figure it out for yourself!

    Sewing Seeds showcases the past, present, and future of the BTR series and gives you a taste of some of the architecture I will use when the series eventually takes you literally "Below the Root".

    Some features:
    - complete use of CY patch (though no jetpack yet in the series... soon though)
    - ridabe "Below the Root" title/elevator
    - cool statue puzzle
    - lots and lots of score bubbles
    - hidden areas
    - multiplayer friendly
    - finally a taste of the "underground"
    - relaxing gameplay
    - quick slideshow near the level's end
    - other neat surprises!
    - should be bug-free
    - mindphaser74
    Our Thoughts:
    Three for three in the Below The Root series for me. Mindphaser74 takes us back to before the first level of his series in this prequel. The title screen is just the first jaw dropping visual you'll find in this lush and magical looking level. There are puzzles to work out and areas where you just have to figure out how to get that last bubble. It's not an errand boy quest like part one or as puzzle heavy as part 2 but a nice balance of the two that plays a little faster. A worthy addition to the series that fans of the first two will enjoy. - Morgana25
    Media (if available):
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    Spoiler Spoiler - Video
    Sacks O Treasure - clarkdef/clarkdef - Thread
    I LOVE LBP and level creation. I have made a few levels but no one seems to really like them except for my friends.

    One of my recent ones I would love to get some feedback on. It's called "Sacks O Treasure". The idea of this level is to collect as many coins as you can find. So many coins are needed to unlock things, such as a boat at the beginning of the stage, you need 3 coins for it to work. It has a sort of beach/island feel to it with other elements mixed in. if you find 26 of the 30 coins in the level, you will open up a secret under water cave.

    The game features a working LCD "bank" for you to see how many coins you have collected. Trying to make all the trigers work and make a nice looking stage at the same time was very hard as the bar filled up quite a bit before I'd even started actually making the stage itself (darn triggers).
    - clarkdef
    Our Thoughts:
    Free roaming levels are a really rarity in LBP. Even more so are well designed, fun AND innovative ones. And yet here, Clarkdef has created just that. This level not only works well and is fun to play - but also has many great features about it (purchasing items and a fantastic LCD bank to name a few). Can you grab all 30 coins and maybe even a high score? Why not go and try it now - Coxy224
    Who doesn't love secrets! Imagine a whole level with nothing but secrets and you've got Sacks O Treasure by clarkdef. It's a lighthearted, free form level with some interesting platforming problems to navigate. Use the coins you hunt out to "buy" access to new areas or toys to help find more coins. Great characters to meet too including a pirate with authentic peg leg and adorable crabs that you can play with. A fresh idea for a level that will have you searching high and low for more gold booty! - Morgana25
    Attack of the BORG! Part 3 - AJnKnox/AJnKnox - Thread
    Your adventure continues!

    You must repair the ship and get the vital systems back online!

    I had this finished once before...but...I posted a poll in the 'Everything Else LBP" section (Thread title "What do you like?") and it's results gave me new direction. If you haven't voted please do so! (open until 5-23-09)

    I tried to ensure this had the top three vote getters so far.
    (level release date: 5-2-09)

    I tried hard to put in as much detail as possible.
    There are several platforming sections.
    There is a continuing story line that helps add some purpose to your mission.

    I have hid 6 switches throughout out the level. Each releases point bubbles near the end. Can you Find them All and get the High Score?!

    This is the third level I have made and the third in my series.
    I hope you enjoy it!
    - AJnKnox
    Our Thoughts:
    I like playing levels from creators that are great from day one but what I truly love is watching a creator get better and better at his craft. AJnKnox has been working and working on this Star Trek level series for a while now and every time he publishes, his work improves by a warp factor of 10! His latest level has great visual effects, including a fantastic beam out scene, some clever puzzles and challenging platforming areas that look as good as they play. Throw in a bunch of secrets to find and you've got a fun level that boldy goes where few levels have gone before. A great homage to the Star Trek universe! - Morgana25
    Not content with the current line up of space themed levels, AJknox has something special for you. A third in a compelling and attractive series see you travel through space solving puzzles and beating space dudes! Coming along for the journey is an excellent boss battle. Put your Space suit on and get ready for an "out of this world" experience (sorry, I had to) - Coxy224
    Seeing a creator grow over a series of levels is always a great thing to behold, and none have improved more than AJnKnox as he takes us through an epic journey in the Star Trek universe. Can you get the starship back into running order after the abduction of the crew, you'll have solve some great puzzles and pass challenging platform sections in this absolutly beatifully journey through the inner workings of a federation starship. - GrantosUK
    Media (if available):
    Spoiler Spoiler - Images
    Spoiler Spoiler - Video
    Little Big Duty: Naptime - fusionboxer/fusionboxer - Thread
    I was a huge contra fan growing up and then metal slug came out and it took my breathe away. It was these games that taught me how to play videogames in general simply because these games rely on recognizing patterns, memorization, and timing.

    With this level I decided to give a nod to games like Metal Slug and Contra, which focused on run and gun action with a bit of platforming thrown in for good measure. Consider this a kind of stand alone from the rest of the series as I'm going in a new direction.

    Those are some pics so you know what your about to play. I didn't post the latter part of the level (like the boss) because I dont really want to spoil much, but hope you enjoy it! This one allows play for more then just 2 people unlike Return to Arms and really delivers on that run and gun feel. I haven't started work on the next level yet, but the idea is in my head and I look forward to delivering it to you guys.

    Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading your comments either in little big planet or on here.

    - fusionboxer
    Our Thoughts:
    I've never played Metal Slug or Contra but if this level is any indication they must be really fun. A great level for paintinator action with a great flow to it. Nicely designed landscapes and places to climb. There's also an interesting boss battle to survive. Be sure to check out the helicopters, jeeps and jets! Fans of the MGS levels shouldn't miss this one. - Morgana25
    Media (if available):
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    Spoiler Spoiler - Video
    Indiana Jones & The Forbidden Idol - TBrent118/Uncharted23 - Thread
    Join Indiana "Sackboy" Jones in this original adventure in search of the Temple of the Forbidden Idol. Inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise. Meant for one player.

    This level is full of original Indiana Jones themed obstacles and events inspired by the most classic moments in the original movies. It begins in the jungle of South America and ends in a race out of a collapsing temple after retrieving the Forgotten Idol. It took me months to make this level and would appreciate any comments on how to make it better. Have fun!
    - TBrent118
    Our Thoughts:
    There are a few different Indiana Jones themed levels out there and this one can stand up among them as something special. This homage to Dr. Jones has some fantastic platforming and puzzle challenges all set in suitably dark and winding caverns and ruins. Every step you take could be your last in this unpredictable and thoroughly cinematic level. Fans of the films will appreciate the subtle and not so subtle references. A fun adventure that Indy himself would recognize. - Morgana25
    Running away from boulders, flying off on a water plane and huge hidden secret temples - all in a days work for Indiana Jones, and all are expertly portrayed here by TBrent. A level that would work well in both a cinema and a videogame just adds to the fantastic world here. Original platforming and great design have left TBrent with a brilliant level. - Coxy224
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