• Community Spotlight Episode 74

    Welcome to the latest episode of the Spotlight which is small but perfectly formed. It’s packed with...erm...features a couple of truly amazing platformers, some storming levels from the backlog which were a genuine pleasure to replay and (fanfare please!) the return of the PSP Spotlight! Enjoy the levels - we hope they’ll inspire you to get creating and produce yet more great levels for the Spotlight Crew to play. C’mon guys, we need you - surely, you’ve had enough of Skyrim by now...

     Phosphur's Dream
    by  BossVeg
    Embark on a platform fuelled adventure through Phosphur's brain sneeze and make your way back to Sack reality. Best experienced 1 player. Please let me know if you find any problems.

    This little gem will have you bouncing back and forth, up and down, and everywhere else in between. The clean aesthetics and music may make you think this will just be a walk in the park, but it's not. This level will have you smiling with glee and forcing a death grip on your controller as you bounce through this lovely platformer. I found that the difficulty was pretty spot on. Some of the obstacles can be really tough until you find just the right timing to get through.


    Woo Hoo! I had a blast playing through this level. A very polished design that will have you weaving in and out of the layers and bounding to and fro. Bossveg has created a level with fantastic visuals and even better gameplay that seems fresh and new every time I play it. Several of the mechanics had me oohing and aahing as I went behind one layer and bounced through another. One key thing that I really liked about this level, was that there was only one obstacle to avoid. It's the same obstacle through out, but is used in many different ways and never gets redundant. You'll see what I'm talking about when you close your eyes and a have a Phosphur's Dream.


    Brain sneeze, huh? Doesn’t sound like anything you’d want to get too close to but in this case you’d be wrong. Phosphur’s “third eye” launches you into a world filled with the glowing colours of a stained-glass window, wonderful music and, above all, some great platforming. Bossveg has managed to strike the perfect balance between fun and challenge with this level. It’s packed with some truly inventive obstacles (timed trigger bouncepads!?!) which require both thought and timing to get past. The pace remains fluid throughout, as Bossveg has you twisting in and out of the layers and bounces you around behind the scenes with his cunningly concealed contraptions, collecting bubbles as you go. This is platforming at its best - fun, exhilarating and satisfying to get right! Oh and popping those huge rainbow-iridescent 1,000 point score bubbles was just the icing on the cake for me. This is one dream you won’t want to wake up from!


     Wackania [1 Player]
    by  AcAnimate
    Fast Platformer* Fight your way through in either Normal mode, or Race mode! A solid and unique wooden design, combined with fast paced platforming, makes this level worth playing! (or at least in my opinion xD) Special Thanks to Festerd_Jester for the Music!

    Ha Ha! Another great platforming level to feast your eyes on. I love intricately detailed levels, but I also love a nice clean, sleek design and Wackania fits the bill perfectly. With its fast paced areas and fun, clever and sometimes challenging contraptions, you'll be grinning from ear to ear your whole way through. There are two play modes to choose from, Regular and Race mode. Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed a good time. Have fun!


    I'm in complete agreement with Bio on this one. Intricate levels with tons of eye candy are all well and good, but a level like this is not where you'll find those kinds of delights. Here, you will find a sleek, fast-paced platformer, where the focus is fully on fun and gameplay. The visuals are smart, clean and stick rigidly to the theme - this means you don't get 'lost in the detail'. Instead, you can focus on your next target, your next move, every plan you make is only aided by the design of this little beauty. Everything moves like clockwork, from the rotating sponges (ah, the joy of a rotating sponge) to the spikes popping up from every angle. Hop in and have a blast!


    I second oops, third that! Make no mistake, this level is beautifully designed but in an understated way that lets the gameplay shine. The mechanics are spot on - every polished wooden block drops into place perfectly and bounce pads send you soaring in a beautifully pitched arc over the lurking spikes to safety on the other side, picking up every score bubble as you go. It’s like a well oiled machine or one of those intricate wooden puzzles where all the parts slide in and out of place like clockwork. The platforming is fun, challenging too in places, and, especially in Race Mode, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat as you try to make those long jumps and avoid the ever present spikes. This platformer is a breath of fresh air - AcAnimate is clearly a creator to watch!


    • Backlog Spotlights:

    by  Morgana25
    Intro film for Sackrificed. Sackboy needs a vacation after playing over 4 million levels. What he gets is more than he discussed with his friendly travel agent. Hope you enoy!

    Morgana stormed into LBP2 swinging and hit a grand slam with this one. What a perfect time of year to play this level. It may be cold outside, but playing this level will certainly warm you up. Morgana has done such an impeccable job of simulating a volcanic environment that you'll be sweating bullets as you jump, bounce and swing your way through this lava strewn underworld. I really liked the design of this level and how it flowed from one area to the next. The game play is fun and has a nice mixture of platforming mechanics and challenges. If you haven't played this level, I urge you to do so. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a glass of ice water.


    "Like Oh My God, you're going to have so much FUN!" Stupid Travel Agent. Fom the outset of Morgana's beautiful level, we are treated to some of the most polished cinematics I have ever seen in a level. And the fun doesn't end there! Entering the level proper sees you plunged into the deepest bowels of the Craft Earth, and struggling desperately to find an escape route. Dodging between piles of glowing lava and grappling your way up through the molten caverns, you must find a way to get out, before your stitches are singed beyond repair!


     Clove 2: Depths -Area 01-
    by  Spenson66
    Journey to the depths of the ocean and discover what awaits you on your journey through an underwater cave in this top down shooter. People have been dumping industrial waste in this area of the ocean for years and it is starting to affect some of the fish that live here. Big thanks to Gl0ck10 for helping with the concept, ideas, story and for decorating this beauty to bring it to life even more. This level is short because I ran out of thermo. Area 02 will be much larger.

    Fans of the Pixeljunk Shooter games will be right at home. Don't get too comfortable though. The baddies aren't joking around. It's going to take some practice to make a perfect run on beautifully engaging level. As the description says, the level is short, but you will spend the whole time immersed in the smooth visuals, and engrossing game play. When it was all over I had almost forgotten I was playing LBP until the rate level screen popped up, and I was once again a sackperson.


    Geez! How did I ever miss this one!? This was incredible! The design of the level is deceptively simple, but once you start getting attacked, you realize just how complex it really is. These creatures were attacking me from every which way and I was going "pew pew pew" as fast as could, but they just kept a coming. They're fast too! Wow! It's not all frantic though, there are moments where you have time to explore this environment but guys, I'm telling you, this is a fun, and at times, a fast paced shooter that if you missed it the first go around like I did, then you have got to go put it in your queue now.


     Magnetic Fields
    by  poms
    One or two players recommended. it's a long level. Don't bother about the race if it's your first play. Hope you like it!

    I was very impressed by this level when it was introduced and I still am! Poms has laid before your eyes (and thumbs) a brilliant puzzle level. The level is dispersed with a wide variety of puzzles that are fun and challenging. Not only do the puzzles deal with magnetics and electricity, but fire and water as well. There’s even a pinball puzzle! Each area carries the visual style of the puzzles involved, such as, the fire puzzles take place in what looks like a heavy metal dungeon. Poms, you’ve wowed me again with a level that I keep coming back to again and again. I’m still reaching for that high score. Someday…someday.


    You’ve heard of speed dating, well poms has invented speed puzzling and though it may not make him any money, it’s certainly a fun new genre with bags of possibilities! You pilot your tiny ufo through a series of puzzles based on magnetism, fire and water, with the difficulty ever increasing and the clock ticking against you. The puzzles are not mind-bending - the true trick here is to solve them as quickly as possible and beat the clock. But don’t let your dash through the level blind you to the ingenuity and variety of the puzzles on display. It’s all very clever stuff and brilliantly packaged for maximum fun. If you haven’t played this recently then you should definitely give it another whirl – it’ll come up as fresh as paint.


     MTG - Intro - Eve's Asylum Miniature Golf Tournament
    by  TOBSn08
    Find out why the King and Queen got into Eve's Asylum. Mind the Gap. EU

    Crazy golf at its craziest! With this level series TOBSn08 proved again that he is simply one of the most wickedly inventive creators out there. The series has all his trade mark originality – both in the visuals and the gameplay. Golf balls have never been put to such good use! My favourite level is Inside the Castle where you are plunged into darkness only relieved by occasional dashes of neon and by your trusty glow-in-the-dark golf ball. The lighting and atmosphere are wonderful and make a brilliant setting for some crazy and challenging gameplay. Now if only golf were half this fun in real life!


    This is nothing like I thought it would be. I saw the title and was picturing a top-down mini golf game, boy was I pleasantly surprised! TOBSn08 has crafted a very stylistic series of levels that while the theme is golf, you don’t have to worry about coming under par here or getting caught in sand traps. The gameplay is very inventive as you’ll be chasing golf balls that trigger doors, pounce pads and platforms. There are even glow in the dark balls to be used to light your way through the dark depths of the castle. A great series of levels that is a blast to play through. No putter required.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] Tower defense fans will only have themselves to blame if they miss out on this challenging game! Battle for Austengarde (Tower defense) by Cruntles.
    • [LBP2]An excellent entry for LBPC's no floor contest. Bounce and swing through cleverly designed obstacles and contraptions in Second Hand City by Dav1d0.
    • [LBP2]Bam! Oomph! Kapow! This is like your favorite comic book brought to life! Watch as our super hero, Rubber Band Ball Man saves the day in...The ComicBook Adventures of Rubber Band Ball Man! by Microhamster.
    • [LBP2] If you are still in a raging fit of jealousy over your lackof Move controller, Sixax it! by DeKa1357 may be interesting to you. It takes the gameplay of "Fast Food" and makes it it's own, with one pelasant twist - You don't need a move controller!

    And last but not least, levels of note from our ever-shrinking backlog!

    • [LBP2] Clever contraptions, intricate wood inlay design, fun platforming, and bubbles galore. What more could you want from a Wooden Platformer Challenge by jnstin.
    • [LBP2] A great remake of a great game. Good design and fun challenging platforming await you in the explosion filled Splosion Bot by Spencebot.
    • [LBP2] Holy Cow! Mega Man has invaded Little Big Planet! Take a romp through a near perfect, pixel for pixel remake of Mega Man. The animations are spot on and the 8-bit music will take you back to the glory days of the NES console. Mega Man 10 Beta by DarkSteel.
    • [LBP2] If aliens ever peacefully invaded Earth, I can imagine it going like the way this film depicts. Well designed set pieces, superb special effects and great acting await you when you load up The Illegal Aliens! (Sci-Fi Film) by Kaiju_Kid.
    • [LBP2] You’ll need both stealth and your wits to overcome the obstacles in this level. It makes great use of an inventory system that houses your trusty box (for sneakiness), explosives and your ever handy paintinator. Don’t miss out on Metal Gear Solid 4 - Act 1 by Hovoth.
    • [LBP2] Enjoy stunning environments, a variety of puzzles and fun gameplay as you platform your way through
      A Journey Retaken by Syroc.

    PSP Spotlight

    Beauty of Nature: Autumn Leaves by doggy97/doggy97
    Platform level about time of The Autumn and The Winter!

    Who knew a level focused mostly on visuals and bubbles alone could be so good? Doggy97 seamlessly weaves these two factors together to bring us the last installment of 'The Beauty of Nature' short-series in 'Autumn Leaves.' With a pleasant color scheme and well placed bubble combos, you'll love every minute of it.


    There is no escape by himoks/johnbonbon
    Sacky stole a diamond from some gang boss and Sacky was caught. Your only hope is to escape. You have only one chance to escape.

    'There is no escape' is a very interesting level. You'll find yourself jumping through a gorgeous city avoiding dangerous gangs tracking you down. But what really makes this level stand aside from others, is the utilization of quicktime events. These are almost unheard of on the PSP side, and they add much more unique tang to the level. Himoks is becoming an elite creator on the PSP, and this is one not to miss.


    I truly loved this level. From its basic yet lovely scenery to its surprisingly thrilling and easy-to-get-into gameplay, this survival challenge level really intrigued me. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do, so go give it a play now!


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      Massive thanks to the spotlight crew for picking out Phospur's Dream, I really appreciate it guys!

      Max congrats to everyone else featured in this episode too, all these levels look great!

      As small as this episode might be, i think we can all feel safe in the knowledge that LBPC6 will bring out some truly amazing work in the coming weeks.
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