• Community Spotlight Episode 77

    Hi, everyone.

    As you may have heard, there have been some dramatic developments in the world of the LBPC Spotlight! Spaff was awesome enough to put the most recent Spotlight Episode in the in-game Newsfeed. We’ve been working hard ever since to make the most of this fantastic opportunity to give some much needed extra exposure to the spotlighted levels. We are incredibly proud, chuffed, honoured and delighted (phew!) to announce that later today we will publish, under the LBPCentralHub PSN, an in-game hub showcasing all the levels with a full Spotlight in Episode 77. The hub will posted by Spaff in the Newsfeed and that way we hope that all the levels featured will get an equal chance of extra plays and players will easily be able to locate the hub in game. If we do say so ourselves, the hub is pretty jolly spiffy and our heartfelt thanks go to rialrees for creating it and to OneEyedBanshee for his artistic input too. All of this is pretty embryonic at the moment and we welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement.

    We are also delighted to announce that Mr_Fusion has joined the Spotlight Crew and it’s been a pleasure working with him over the past couple of weeks.

    In the meantime, despite all the excitements, we have been getting on with the bread and butter of spotlighting and have come up with another set of awesome, original and entertaining levels for you to play. Please do also take time to check out the “nods”. There are some very cool levels in that section all of which are well worth a play!

    PS3 Spotlight

     Elementalis: Act One - The Wilderness Trials (1 Player)
    by  Arastoph
    Join Jack and Kari as they venture through a vast jungle in search of the treasure of the elementals! work together to complete puzzles which block your path and use your selection of abilities to conquer difficult terrain! This level contains two sackbots that can be controlled individually by just one master controllinator and a heap of logic! have fun! SINGLE PLAYER ONLY!

    Why is it that people think it’s a good idea to open ancient sealed chests in long forgotten temples? Have they learnt nothing?! *shakes head* Anyway, ignoring all precedent, our hero, Jack, sets off in pursuit of treasure in the opening instalment of what promises to be a cracking adventure series. You control both Jack and his companion, the beautiful Kari, on their journey through the jungle. The jungle is beautifully designed and realised – lush, dark and mysterious and full of the crumbling ruins of a once powerful civilisation. To reach Jack’s goal, you have to solve various puzzles by switching between Jack and Kari and using their different abilities. The Sackbot AI works seamlessly and the puzzles are nicely integrated into the story and scenery. I had a blast hunting down the secrets, got totally sucked into the story and loved the characters. This is a compelling story told brilliantly and I can’t wait to see how it develops. A series to savour and enjoy.


    I love me a good platformer but I also love levels that offer up such rich environments as this one. The atmosphere here is so well made that I wished I was there to fish in that lake and climb over and through these obstacles. Accompany Jack and Kari on what promises to be an epic adventure as they search for the lost treasure. Both Jack and Kari each have their own set of skills that you’ll need to rely upon if you’re to reach the sacred Temple entrance. In this one, YOU get to control both characters, separately of course, and switch between the two to solve puzzles and to help each other around and through wonderfully crafted contraptions. An immersive story, beautiful scenery, and great characters, equals a must play in my book.


     Space Station Napion-I / Estación espacial Napión-I
    by  Greemaa
    Helps to Sack with maintenance work on the space station. / Ayuda a Sack con los trabajos de mantenimiento en la estación espacial.

    Whoa! What..just..happened? It looks like I warped into a cartoon or something. I have yet to see a level like this. It reminds me almost of a cell shaded environment. To be quite honest here, the first time I played this level I didn’t even remember what the story was or what objective I was to carry out. I was too busy gawking at the scenery. I had to pause and read the description, then was like, “ah, ok, I’m helping fix the space station.” Things are definitely amiss, as you’ll soon discover, and you’ll have to keep your wits about you as you platform your way through dangerous terrain and obstacles on your way to clearing up this situation. Where was I? Sorry, was gawking at the screen again. It’s just so cool looking! Go play it, you’ll see.


    The visuals in this level are out of this world in every sense of the phrase! It looks as if Greemaa just sat down and drew the whole thing from scratch. The result is a level that’ll have you staring in amazement when really you should be concentrating on the platforming for the space station is a perilous place and it’ll take all your skill to get through it unscathed. “Help with a bit of maintenance” indeed, hah! The hand-drawn environment of the first level gives way to a more dramatic silhouette style but the danger does not let up. If anything it intensifies as the depths of the space station are filled with fire, electrified circuits gone crazy and malevolent bots, gunning for you. This is not a level for the faint of heart but the checkpoints are infinite so don’t worry about your score (gulp!) and have fun in this battle of wits with one of the most striking and cool environments I’ve seen in a level. Stunning visuals combined with some tough but fun platforming – a winning combination in anyone’s book.


     Frozen desert
    by  mcdonald1967
    In this stone, frozen terrain flames still roar alongside the cold, glass ice. Touch the white ground and witness the misty summit of this arctic land.

    Well Derms, erm..McDonald1967 has gone and done it again. He’s created a fantastic platformer that I love to play again and again. The venue this time is an icy cave system that is chock full of wonderful platforming devices. There’s an excellent balance of fast paced action and good ole run, jump and bounce sections. The design of the level is very sleek and the materials involved match perfectly. Now, if you‘ll excuse me, I need to go play this again, as it seems that I need to try and reclaim my top spot on the scoreboard.


    McDonald1967 is quietly carving a niche for himself as the creator of extremely polished and stylish platformers which are a joy to play. Frozen desert is a classic example. There’s a good variety of obstacles and the gameplay has great flow and pace, as you weave your way through the frozen caverns and avoid the flames which lurk there in the ice. The scenery matches the theme beautifully, with nice material choices and a couple of lovely set pieces with the mysterious Spirit of the caverns. It’s not all easy, straightforward jumping and swinging either. There are enough twists and surprises in the gameplay to make you want to come back again and again until you’ve perfected your run through. Platformers as good-looking and fun to play as this are the lifeblood of LBP and McDonald1967 is clearly a creator to watch.


     Running Bot
    by  bikerider12
    Run and jump through the puzzling maze of platformers in your exploration of a temple overrun by plants... and tags? Ignore your LBP instincts so you can get through this hard level. THANKS TO: NinjamicWZ for advice, Jedi_Brad for help with the details and badge, and thanks again to Nk827 for the amazing music, and finaly, CompherMC for the font.

    Getting from point A to point B sure can be difficult, especially if you are directionally challenged. The natural platformer inclination to run is put to the test as you struggle to simply get through a doorway. A doorway that is so tantalisingly close you just need to jump... Wait. Hang on. That doorway requires a mind bending detour through a world of tags and pre-planing each and every step. It’s worth the effort just to feel the satisfaction of working out how to walk down a corridor. Eventually take a left and head toward this stage, there is almost no turning back once you do!


    I’m running to the right and there is a platform, I’ll just jump up there and hey, wait a minute! Now I’m running back to the left. Great! Now I’m going to the right again! What in sam hill is going on here? Is my controller broken? Relax, you’re controller is fine. It’s this brilliant level that bikerider has constructed. You won’t need those pesky thumbsticks in this amazing puzzle platformer. The concept is simple. Use L1 to run and then jump and grab as normal and let the level do the rest. Via tags and strategically placed grab points, you’ll traverse an area that has a catacomb feel to it. It’s very well made and one of the most unique gameplay mechanics that I’ve had the pleasure of playing. Be warned though. This ain’t a run your butt to the scoreboard as fast as you can level. You’ll need to stop a few times and plot your course accordingly or be impaled for your impatience.


     Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy 2
    by  damaz10
    You've cleared your training on Geyser Rock, now set out and begin the search for more power cells to power the heat shield on your A-Grav Zoomer. Get familiar with Sandover Village while you're at it, and who knows some of locals may have power cells to offer,,. (Strictly 1 Player)

    The second instalment in an epic undertaking to re-tell the much loved story of Jak and...something... *squints* Wait. What is that? An orange ferret? You play Jak as you run, jump, and jump even higher to try and pick stuff up in this lush collect-a-thon of not-nearly-retro gameplay. To discover what the heck an ottsel is, you need to collect deviously hidden power cells, dotted throughout the lovingly crafted recreation of a PS2 classic. Or just stand on the shores and watch the sun set. Those locals sure are weird. “An ancient object of untold power you say? Sure; I hid mine up that tree over there” An amazing series that is just beginning. Get on board the fan boat and enjoy the ride.


    Well this is a treat both for fans of the original PS2 series and those, like me, who have never played them. You should probably play Part 1 first just to get familiar with the double-jump, super jump and roll-jump...thingy moves. After that, though, you’re ready to dive in and start collecting precursor orbs and the precious power cells which the natives will give you as a reward for performing tasks for them. Damaz10 has done a fantastic job of creating a retro gaming world. The village and scenery are cute and charming, as are the different characters you meet, even the hairy yaks, sorry, yakcows. The sackbots work smoothly and the dialogue is funny – whatever an otsell is, it sure has an attitude...and a very cool hat! I had a blast wandering around and exploring all the nooks and crannies. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series, though I quite like Daxter the way he is, so I hope he doesn’t get transformed back into his real shape too soon. Anyway, whether it brings back fond memories or just inspires you to want to play the upcoming remake, you won’t want to miss this level.


     Rescued -:|:- Part 1: Fresh Blood, Old Stone -:|:- 1 Player
    by  RottenRob
    Top Down, Dual Stick Shooter (like Dead Nation) -:|:- Objective: Rescue a squad of Space Marines from an ALIEN base, fortified inside an ancient alien ruin. -:|:- 1 player ONLY due to lag issues!! Game will not start with more than 1 player! 6 to 12 minutes playtime depending on skill level and time spent looking for Pink Flowers ;) Have fun! (ver 1.4) Now with Prizes!!

    Some things just can't be ignored. Sometimes it’s the little things, other times it’s the big things. Some other times it’s that strange flashing thing in the corner. This is something that can not be ignored. You are in a vast sprawling alien military compound, tasked with finding the crew of a downed spacecraft and extracting them. As you wander cautiously through the environment with your only companion a chatty hi-tech GPS leading the way, you learn about the alien technology, but only enough to kill the inhabitants and find the crew, now with some more firepower you need to fight for your survival and escape. Amazing visuals and details, with an intriguing story. This is only the beginning of something, and will leave you wanting more. Rescue those Marines! Shoot some Aliens! Collect pretty, er, flowers? Sure, why not.


    If you think you’ve seen everything that a top down dual stick shooter has to offer, then you need to play this and have your mind changed! Your mission is to find your fellow Space Marines and rescue them from a sinister alien facility. The tutorial is light touch and witty and you’re soon launched on your assignment, helped by your Blade Assistant – a handy little guy who watches your back and detects enemy presence for you. The guiding system keeps you on track in this huge, monolithic compound and, activating light bridges and collecting flowers as you go, you soon breakout two of the Marine crew. The visuals and lighting are gorgeous and the story soon has you immersed in the level. There are some great little touches too, such as the pink footprints you leave behind if you step in the alien goo! I loved this level – even if it did have the nerve to switch to “easy mode” halfway through my first play. I was doing fine, I tell you, FINE! Apart from that obvious glitch, the logic on display is impressive and integrated seamlessly into the gameplay. My only complaint is that it was over too soon!


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] Gah! Zombies! Luckily, I’m in the middle of renovations. Fortify your not-nearly-enough-'Zombie proof' bunker as you fend off waves of the undead in this interesting take of a Topdown Base Survival 2 (BETA Stage) by DoomeDx.
    • [LBP2] Have a blast, literally, as you tackle enemy soldiers and gekkos in this lovingly detailed and highly charged tribute to MGS4 – complete with cardboard box sneaking! MGS4 - Liquid Sun by croissantbuncake.
    • [LBP2] The classic arcade game Break Out has been brought to LBP and given some cool new twists. I’d forgotten just how fun and addictive this game can be! Break it by Karrades.
    • [LBP2] A remake of an LBP favourite, updated for today’s discerning player. Explore the catacombs and discover (while trying to avoid) the dangers within The Unknown Depths of the Cavernous Catacombs by SX_Shookie99.
    • [LBP2] Arrgh, where did that path go next?! I was sure I had it down *clutches head* - some of the reactions I had playing this humdinger of a memory test. Are you up to the challenge? Find out in Pathway [1P] by SneakySteve1983.
    • [LBP2] Those monkeys will stop at nothing to get to your bananas! Shoot them down as they parachute in in waves! Oh boy, now they’ve brought in the heavy weaponry...can you survive the onslaught in Ape Escape: Banana Move (1P Only) by BlackTwista.
    • [LBP2] An atmospheric creepy crawly journey through a dark moody world. But with a very shiny prize at the end! Along Came a Spider by ladylyn1.
    • [LBP2] Fans of retro gaming will love this fantastic recreation of an 8-bit environment through which Sackboy platforms his way with aplomb and a smooth double-jump. You’ll enjoy this taster of what looks like a fun series in the making. 8-Bit Beats World-1 by Geet-R.
    • [LBP2] A lollipop seeking turtle with a laser gun? Sure. Why not? Sounds like a blast. Get your 8-bit on and collect some nostalgia in Ultra Turtle Blaster Extreme by iiNunsmash3r.
    • [LBP2] An evil witch, an ominous forrest. Enter our hero; an intrepid sackthing. The first in a series of 5, run jump and swing through the perilous perils as the trouble unfolds. T.O.D.( The Forest Saga) Prologue: The witch in the tower by punk_jr.
    • [LBP2] Inspired by the iphone app of the same name, this level will have you spamming buttons like a mad thing. Great music and a simple design mean the focus is all on sync’ing with those notes. You'll find one serious musical challenge in Tap Tap: Revenge DEMO [1P ONLY] by Darwin_Corona.

    PSP Spotlight

    We're sorry but the PSP Spotlight has had to be delayed until the next episode. Hang on in there, PSP fans, we'll get there as soon as we can. Promise!
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