• Community Spotlight Episode 93

    Welcome one and all to the latest instalment of the Spotlight. It’s small but perfectly formed, filled as it is with a varied set of levels with one thing in common – their all round awesomeness!

    You will notice that we haven’t included in this episode any levels entered for the Progressive contest. We agonised over this decision but in the end we felt that, given the way this particular contest is being judged, it would not be fair to feature any contest entries until after the shortlist has been finalised. Progressive levels posted in the Level Showcase in the last fortnight will be held over until the 10 most hearted levels have been selected. It wasn't an easy decision to come to but we thought it was the right thing to do in the circumstances.

    PS3 Spotlight


    STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back: Hoth: err...Etc! (S.E.) (1P)
    by  julesyjules
    1P ONLY. Brrr! Take an adventure on the ice planet of Hoth, but watch out, the Empire is on it's way....! Special thanks to dog-egg, Centurion24, Jaeyden, L1ghtmare & Just_Tom. Linked but published seperately.

    I don't think I'm cut out to review levels such as this, not when they are this freakin' awesome. This series is just so impressive that I forget my vocabulary and wind up blubbering like an idiot. I'll try and compose myself and give you an idea of what this level series is about. You begin your journey on the ice planet of Hoth and you have to escape the clutches of the snow beast. and come up, yeah and ride it but then WHOA! Then next and won't believe, dang! How? Cool! But then jump and slide but turns out that.. and then...ahem. Well, I started strong anyway. Just trust me, Julesyjules has really outdone himself with this one. I didn't think it was possible, but he did it. There are so many small details and unique challenges in this level, it's unreal. A phenomenal series that you simply MUST play.


    I really don't think there ever needs to be a Star Wars pack for LBP because we already have one: julesyjules's earth! His next entry in the series is an exciting one. Taking one of the scarier sequences in the series - the ice cave creature attack - julesyjules has turned it into an thrilling chase level, with his trademark attention to detail and fantastic scenery just as you'd expect. Be sure not to miss this one!


    It’s probably sacrilege to say so but I’d rather play julesjules’s Star Wars levels than watch the actual films *waits for lynch mob*. They just have an indefinable charm. It’s something to do with the way they have been so brilliantly translated into Craftworld and the lashings of dry humour - like all good parodies they both send up and pay tribute to the original version. They are also just plain FUN to play. There’s so much awesome gameplay packed into these three levels from chase scenes to shooting, puzzles and platforming. And there’s a decent amount of challenge to get your teeth into as well. This LBP series is second to none in its quality, ambition and pure entertainment value. I have my fingers firmly crossed for another instalment.


    Stormy Valley (platformer)
    by  yu-kamone
    In this valley, a strong wind always blows violently. Let`s cross this valley, using the power of a wind well!! ※Yu-kamone is hiding in somewhere in this valley. find it!(1~4player) この谷では常に強風が吹き荒れています。風の力を上手く使いこの谷を越えよう! この谷のどこかにyu-kamoneが隠れています。見つけてみてね!Music by @Taxok20

    Yu-Kamone blew me away with this one! Ha ha ha ha, sorry, couldn't resist the pun. Well actually, there may be more truth in that statement as the level really did blow my mind. This level flows so well with and with a great balance of gameplay elements, you'll be oohing and aahing in no time flat. The level is gorgeous and just when you think you have a second to gawk at the scenery, you are whisked to a new area with even more fun contraptions to play on. A well designed and creative level that you will have a blast in!


    As Bio has mentioned, Yu-Kamone quite literally blows you away with extremely clever gameplay and platforming centered around gusts of wind and timed jumps. Kamone does a fantastic job of keeping the player active in the level, and at various points stopping to take a look at the scenery could give you a bruising! It's a wonderful level you shouldn't pass up!


    VR3 - A Survival Challenge
    by  v0rtex2002
    Grab the points while you can, because the longer you play, the less time you'll have. Make your way to the safe zone in each room, before the timer expires and the next room drops down around you. This is an LBP2 flavor of my popular LBP1 series. I hope you enjoy it! Find me on

    It's so good to see V0rtex back in create mode and to come back with this gem is fantastic! This is no ordinary survival challenge, it's more of a bubble hound's paradise! You begin the challenge with a simple task, make it through a cool looking room (collecting bubbles along the way) and get to the green safe zone before the timer runs out. You make it and another, completely different room, appears around you and continue on. Don't make time and it's game over. What's really cool about this, other than the tight looking rooms, is that once you make it through all of the rooms, you get to start over, only this time, you better be faster because the timer sure is! Head on over and see if you can make it to the top of the leaderboard.


    We all know V0rtex for his logic displays and popular survival challenges and VR3 will be sure to delight returning fans or new happy gadders. VR3 is a new twist on an old series that you may posses fond memories from the original LittleBigPlanet. V0rtex created a spot on atmosphere for you to hop, skip, and jump around in. Frantic, fast paced action will keep you on your toes as the time creeps up on you until you randomly start mashing buttons in an attempt to get to the safe zone, and more importantly, a nice spot on the scoreboard.


    A great concept, tight design and perfectly functioning logic make this level a joy to play. It satisfies all your OCD bubbling hunting desires with multipliers to die for (though not literally, you hope) and that, of course, is the really clever thing about this. There’s a constant balance to be struck between risking all for that long, long multiplier or playing it safe and taking the shortest route to the end zone instead. It’s a judgement call that gets harder as the timer gets faster and you have less and less time to get home...phew! Awesome stuff!


    by  Pirmaut
    PIRMAUT AND FESTERD_JESTER Presents:SYNCHRONICITY V 1.2.(NOW WITH 4 DIFFICULTY MODE AND 3 DIFFERENT TRACKS) Shake your head and Beat your feet,Open your ears and close your eyes.Follow the rhythm and cook your fingers.Play more hard and earn more score!.(BEST AS 1 or 2 PLAYERS).ATTENTION:if you r prone to seizures switch off lights and effects option.

    Holy Cow will this ever get your heart pounding...and your thumbs too! The idea may not be new to Little Big Planet but the implementation sure is. You have several options to choose from here: four difficulty settings, you might want to start with easy mode first and three different tracks to stomp your feet to. Oh and the option to turn off some of the lighting effects. The lights come on and the chosen music starts and it's on like popcorn baby! Mash those buttons in the correct order and make combo after lovely combo and rock your way to the top of the charts!


    Whoa! Let me just say that I am not prone to seizures, but after I played this rockin' level I couldn't describe what I was feeling. Pirmaut and Fester crammed so many mind boggling light displays into this level it is amazing it didn't overheat. Can you say sequencer? Stunning lighting aside, think of a Guitar Hero/Rockband cross in LBP except better! It caters to every style of player with different difficulties and tracks to choose from which all guarantee to make your thumbs sore. I wouldn't suggest closing yours eyes as per the description because you would do terribly, and you would miss the beauty of lights entirely!


    Aero Spartan: Warriors of Pirate Bay (1-2P) V.1.09
    by  Rodrigo-Filipino
    Take the battle to the skies, as you fly your Aero Spartan Fighter, armed with high caliber machineguns, rockets, and hyperbeams to retaliate against an incoming Inazarian Imperia Fleet directly progressing towards Pirate Bay. Suit up and prepare for a full-out battle! Godspeed pilot! [Started: 7/7/12 --- Release: 8/23/12 --- Rating: E] Music By: @Headman1000 @Mastablastya

    Whoa! Is there anything this game can't do? Rodrigo has gone and done it again, he's completely melted my brain with this epic shooter. Everything in this level, level? No, everything in this GAME just spells intensity. My gosh! He left nothing out. From the stellar start screen to the impacts and explosions that surround you as you fight your way through the encroaching Imperia Fleet. Bullets and rockets are filling the screen and you're frantically shooting everything in site just to try and stay alive. Board your ship and see if you can be the true..Aero Spartan!


    All you 16-bit nerds out there, queue up this level if you haven't already. It's a sidescrolling pew pew-fest with a LittleBigPlanet twist. Take on a massive fleet of battleships in this amazing level. Fast action, screen-filling bosses, insane power-ups... it's all there in spades. This one has me thinking of pulling my SNES out the closet - it's that good!


    RajeXejaR Act 1: The Forgotten Path
    by  x__Fenris__x
    The ruins of a forbidden world reveal a forgotten path into the heart of a dangerous place called RajeXejaR. Make your way but behold... The mystery and the secrets that have so long been untouched seem to be little inviting. Better be sure to pack all ur bravery when you begin your journey through this fortunate and unforgiving land... What will await only you can find out! - Platformer medium to hard difficulty 1 oer 2 Player recommended but doable with more Music written and composed by me Have fun

    Oh..My..Goodness! Fenris owes me a new controller as I drooled all over mine! Dang and double dang. Jump into this level and you are immediately drawn into a world like none other. Striking details, a moody environment and a fantastic musical score accompany you in your journey through this forgotten land. The path is not easy but is always fun and you will be amazed at the ingenious platforming elements this level has in store for you. The level left me speechless and had me wanting I dove back in and played it again! Do yourself a service and play this amazing gem of a level, you won't be disappointed.


    The thrills come thick and fast in this high octane level. It’s a potent mix of adventure, puzzles and platforming, all set in a superbly atmospheric underground cavern and with a pumping soundtrack to get the adrenaline going. There’s no handholding from Fenris either – you’ll need all your wits about you and some sharp reflexes too if you’re going to get through. Each time you come across a new seemingly impossible challenge you’ll dig deep and surprise yourself with what you do when the chips are down. It’s both a challenge and a blast to play - a gripping adventure you won’t want to miss.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] Sit back and listen to 87 tunes, all neatly displayed in eight different categories. Put those headphones on for B.T.'s Music Gallery App by BlackTwista.
    • [LBP2] This short and sweet demo level will knock your socks off as you move forwards and backwards in time to solve the mystery of The factory between flows of time ( 1P ONLY ) by Unexpecter.
    • [LBP2] Grab, jump, swing and bounce your way through this great fast paced platformer. Just be mindful of those spikes! Yeouch! Rusty Racing [1P] by L1N3R1D3R.
    • [LBP2] Hop in your tank and battle ferocious aliens in this to top down shooter. Pew Pew Pew! You'll have fun in Cosmic Crash by ElektroDJ.
    • [LBP2] Beautiful vistas and varied gameplay await you as you take a stroll through Dream's forest(3D platformer) by remy_-46.
    • [LBP2] The puppetmaster returns to tease you with more challenging and unique gameplay – another masterpiece from Just_Tom__ - A Stroll Through Puppet Manor Coridorrs.
    • [LBP2] The gorgeous visual set pieces in this level will have you just watching (and drooling) in awe – get your camera ready – Beyond the Roots [part 2]: The secrets hidden Underground by bombird.
    • [LBP2] Lose yourself in this wonderfully atmospheric attic – time will fly as you explore all the neat contraptions and meet the characters who lurk there - The Vintage Attic (1 Player) by jauw2.
    • [LBP2] Help the mysterious Houdini in this stunning looking platformer – a cool story and a great setting make this a must-play level series. Can’t wait for Part 2 - Houdini's Great Robbery - Act 1 : Cavern Scenery (Platformer) by samprod_psx.
    • [LBP2] As beautiful as it is tricky, this temple lives up to its name and will you keep you on your toes. Great design and some clever platforming ideas throughout - Tricky Temples by larochepower.
    • [LBP2] More challenging platforming in a world of rusting and dangerous machinery. Will you make it through? Old Metal 2 by HELLYEAH1982.
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      biorogue -
      Thank you guys for making all these awesome levels and congrats to everyone in this episode. Thank you to my crew mates for another great episode and for keeping me around.

      The Spotlight Crew will NOT let you know beforehand if your level is to be spotlighted. We certainly will NOT ask you to lock your level, make it copyable, and send us a key so that we can show it to the community coordinator. If someone claiming to be a member of the Spotlight Crew ask you to do this...DON'T!

      Now, get out there and put the final touches on your masterpieces and place them in the Level showcase. Be sure to check out Ria's awesome tutorial on Showcase Guidelines to help you get the most out of your thread. Can't wait to see what you guys have for us in the next fortnight!
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      thanx alot for the Spotlight again you made my day!, and congrats to all too.
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      big thanks for honorable mention^^
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      Great choice with the progressive decision.

      Now onto the picks.........Awesome levels had much fun playing them all and a lot of the nods as well. Congrats to all..........and........and.......and....... you all rock!!!!

      Still gotta queue a couple of nods
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      Congratulations to all who were Spotlighted and the Spotlight crew themselves. I can usually always count on the Spotlight crew to find me the best levels to play. I have no idea how they keep up with all the showcase levels and are able to put out new spotlights so fast. I’m thinking it’s all black magic or a computer glitch, but I can’t be sure until I capture one of the crew and dissect them!
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      Another fantastic collection of top notch levels. The main spotlight may be short, but it's a great set. Not to mention all the nods to try out. Congratulations everyone and thainks to the spotlight crew.
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      Thanks a lot for the second spotlight nod! Now, to get an actual spotlight...