• Community Spotlight Episode 94

    Welcome one and all to the latest batch of freshly baked levels, hot from the Level Showcase, each one good enough to eat...sorry, must have been hanging around with Hubbie too much! Anyway, thereís a distinct feel of Autumn in the air in this Episode and even our first Halloween level of the season! So banish those back to school blues by booting up your PS3 and getting playing. Be sure to check out the nods too, as there are some real gems in that list.

    Finally, a quick note that we are still accepting applications to join the Spotlight Crew so anyone who might be interested should pop over to this thread and check out the details.

    Without further ado, on with the Spotlight:

    PS3 Spotlight

    The ride autumn
    by  SnakeOwl
    You can feel season of Autumn. I recommended night mode. 秋の雰囲気で鑑賞要素も入れました。ステッカーセンサーでナイトモードもお楽しみいただけます 。 Special thanks @chaosgear, Music @Velvet--Audio, Food @keisama777, Moon @Stellakris

    Ahh, it's that special time of year. Cooler air is moving in, the leaves are changing colors and getting ready to fall, squirrels are storing nuts and zombies are stirring in their graves. Ok, maybe not that last one, but this new level from Snakeowl certainly has plenty of the other elements of the Autumn season. He's done an excellent job with capturing this mood through beautiful scenery and tons of detail. Of course this wouldn't be a SnakeOwl level without great gameplay incorporated into the environment and a load of secret points to locate as well. So wash off that summertime sweat and enjoy your Autumn Ride.


    If all the stress of returning to school is already getting you down, then Snakeowl has the perfect remedy. Breathe. Sit back, relax. Listen as the plinky-plunky music takes you away to a land of burnt umber foliage and watchful Ravens. Where tree branches gently guide you to your destination, with the occasional stop at an idyllic photograph opportunity or simple yet satisfying puzzle... Erm, sorry about that, I think I had an outer body experience there for a moment!


    SnakeOwl is one of those consistently good creators; he has an unfailing knack for combining cool gameplay with pretty visuals to produce levels that are simply a pleasure to play. This one is no exception. It shows off the Autumn pack to great advantage as you journey through a rocky landscape filled with glorious colours and quaint buildings, your footsteps dogged throughout by slightly sinister crows. The mood is relaxing and there are some fun encounters along the way including Avalon moonlighting as a barman (bet he makes a great cocktail!). As ever SnakeOwl comes up with some interesting gameplay: some neat jetpack obstacles and a night-time mode which transforms the level into something altogether more eerie. A level which will put you in the mood for roast chestnuts, long walks in the woods and frosty nights.


    LUMINES: Ragtime Symphony V3.00 [1 Player]
    by  Robo_Ranger
    Use the symbols (circle, square, etc.) to rotate block. Use D-Pad to move. Try to make 2x2 squares to score points! V3.00 features a massive performance improvement.

    Everyday I am amazed in some new way in Little Big Planet. Take this level for example. Having never seen the actual Lumines game, I didn't know what this could be about or what to expect. Actually, I misread "Lumines" as "Lemmings" and thought it was a "save the sackbots" level. I was pleasantly surprised to find to see a neat little puzzle game instead. The premise is simple enough, as differently colored blocks fall from the top, you have to maneuver them left or right and rotate them so as to match up the colors to the already fallen blocks, thus destroying them before they can build themselves to the top. Be quick though, for in the beginning it's quite easy but as time progresses, so does the rate at which they fall and once they reach the top, it's game over buddy.


    Something fruity is going on... One second, sorry guys. I need to check my XMB screen... Oh wait. I am still in LBP2... No! No that canít be right... Oh wait, thereís my sackgirl, waving at me. But, this looks just like LUMINES! it plays just. Like. LUMINES! Iím stumped. I donít know what to say... If you like LUMINES - check this out!


    Savage Planet
    by  Elvenbane
    A Spaceman Spiff Adventure. * Spiff not included. No flying saucers were harmed in the making of this level.

    I quite literally fell off my couch when I loaded this level, alright, it was mainly because I miscalculated the distance from my rear to the seat but that's beside the point. I can't tell you how long I have waited for this level. I first saw this locked level on FullofWin/Elvenbane's Earth ages ago and was immediately intrigued by the title. I bugged him a couple of times about it and was politely told that I'd just have to wait. The wait was worth it. The level is based off of my favorite comic strip chararacter's alter ego..Spaceman Spiff. as the story opens, our intrepid hero is nearly in the clutches of fiendish aliens and after a battle, finds himself crash landed on some lone planet. We quickly learn why it's called, "Savage Planet." The terrain is gorgeous but oh so unforgiving and the creatures that inhabit this world would like nothing better than to have you for lunch!The gameplay is phenomenal and the scenery so unbelievable, you'll be drooling all over your controller. Get ready for an adventure like none other as you try and tame...The Savage Planet! TL;DR It's awesome, play it!


    We are reaching a point where something must be done. Something has to prevent this man fro making another awesome level, or my skull may very well be in danger. I'm serious now, this is too much! ...... Well no, no it's not too much, it's just right. I just have to face it, every time Elvenbane brings out a new level, I should just prepare the altar to worship the ground he walks upon. And what barren, treacherous soil it is too! The thing that drew me to this level to begin with was the wonderful comic style introduction. It's quite a difference from many of the levels we've seen lately. Couple this style with stonkingly wonderful (as usual) visuals, thumb-breaking puzzles and more than a handful of "a-HA!" moments, and you end up with this wonderful creation. Get off your behind and go play it!


    This might be my favorite of Elvenbaneís levels to date. This ambitious masterpiece brings together snippets of many different genres, neatly wrapped up in a gorgeous environment and an amazing comic book-style, b&w cinematic. The plot is pretty straightforward: youíre marooned on an alien world and facing some tough puzzles as you search for a way off, all the while eluding the giant killer worm thatís hot on your trail! This isnít the easiest level to get through, but itís so worth trying!


    From the minute this level kicks off with its wonderful comic book style opening you know you are in for a treat. Youíve embarked on an adventure through gorgeously coloured and detailed alien landscapes peopled (!?!) with Elvenbaneís amazing creatures: stunningly articulated dinosaurs and a giant worm with distinctly Terminator-like tendencies. The imaginative and quirky gameplay keeps you guessing and challenges both your brain and your gaming skills. So, if like me, you suck at shooting asteroids, you can still scrape together a decent score by finding the cunningly hidden secrets. The passion which has gone into crafting every aspect of this level just shines though. Itís supremely engaging, funny and a feast for the eyes. Levels like this are a joy to play and worth any amount of waiting for!


    Atomic Fortress
    by  P-I-M-P-I
    Enter in this radioactive fortress, where long time ago it was used to do dangerous tests with animals. Credits: RacingCreed, deadmn and swat1492. (1 Player recommended due to lag).

    "Wait... so you're telling me that this sucker is nuclear?" This level sure is a glowing (heh) example of how to make a stage ooze and flow from one part to the next. Short stops to get your breath, and brush off some isotopes, with a clear view of the next section to come. Grab a hazmat suit and get contaminated by the speed and fluidity of this fortress!


    What I love most about P-I-M-P-Iís levelís is the incredible amount of detail to behold while playing them - every corner is absolutely bursting with great visuals. This one is no exception, but itís not only pretty to watch... the gameplay is equally refined. Step into the nuclear wasteland and hope that you make it out in one piece!


    Halloween Night Mansion (platformer)
    by  yu-kamone
    Welcome to my mansion. It is Halloween tonight. Ghosts are waiting for the visitor. Let`s enjoy Halloween! (1~4player) ようこそ私の豪邸へ。今宵はハロウィン、幽霊たちも客人が訪れるのを今か今かと待ちわびています。さぁ、ハ ロウィンを楽しみましょā Music by @Taxok20 Picture by @my friends

    I can hardly believe that Halloween is nearly here again. Seems like yesterday we spotlighted a slew of spooky levels. This year yu-kamone is getting a head start and what a start it is! Wow! It's going to be tough to top this "Fan-dang-tastic" level. Head into this spooky mansion that is packed to the rafters with all of the tropes of the holiday, like Jack O' Lanterns, ghosts, scarecrows, witches, skeletons, you name it it's got it. And the gameplay!My goodness is it just as equally "fan-dang-tastic!" Run, jump, swing and bounce your way through this eerie Mansion while avoiding those creatures of the night and looking for those hidden extra points. You're guaranteed a great time when you go trick or treating at the Halloween Night Mansion.


    Okay, maybe itís a little early to break into full Halloween Celebration yet, but I still urge you to go check this level out. Between the detailed, funky visuals, eye-popping original artwork, steady platforming and beautifully themed music, itíll get you in the mood for trick-or-treating for sure! You know what, Iíll give you one reason. Trust me now, this is a deal-breaker. You ready for it? Okay.... It has cane-twirling ghosts, who wear top hats. There, Iíve said enough! Now go and enjoy


    This stunning level was an early Halloween treat for me, bringing back lots of memories of the Haunted Mansion at Disney. Like the aforementioned park ride, thereís almost too much to see in this level... you might have a few times to take everything in. As you trek through a creepy mansion, be on the lookout for some giant ghostly inhabitants. This is perfect way to ring in the fall sure to check it out!


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] A music gallery with a difference! You wonít just find great music but stunning scenery, a story and a platforming challenge in this impressive first level. A feast for both ears and eyes! Curse of the Dragon (Music-Teaser-Level) by CuriousSack.
    • [LBP2] The level is aptly named, it's both fast and sometimes can be frustrating but is a load of fun to play. You'll find a clean, neat design in The Fast And The Frustrated by Muskwa_1.
    • [LBP2] Puzzle your way through the stunningly designed interior of this eerie spaceship. The superb atmosphere and clever gameplay make this a compelling and intriguing level which will appeal to all sci-fi fans. Kerberos 26.476 AD by l-wintermute-l.
    • [LBP2] Tap your feet and nod your head to the techno beat of this great mini game survival level that is Robot Rock by TheNotorious-187.
    • [LBP2] Make your way through this challenging dungeon and you'll have a real feeling of accomplishment. A well designed level with neat contraptions await you in The Drowned Dungeon by bonner123.
    • [LBP2] Oh noes! You've been sucked down the toilet into a strange land. Help the strange inhabitants win their freedom from the oppressive Toilet Paper Roll Army. Pooptopia:Adventure in the land down under (1-2ply Platformer) by Kaiju__kid.
    • [LBP2] Get lost in a dark and scary adventure in Derelict (1 player horror) by gigglecrab.
    • [LBP2] Can you escape from Saturn Corporation alive? This action-packed platformer with plenty of exciting set pieces will have you gripped. The Escape by XboxSmasher007.
    • [LBP2] A stunning trailer for what promises to be a epic level series Ė 5 minutes of action packed cinematic goodness will have your appetite well and truly piqued - -~MOCKINGBIRD~- (Movie) | Trailer by thi766.
    • [LBP2] Some excellent sackbot AI on display in this level with a fun combination of shooting and platforming and one cool looking hero! Megabot Level 1 by Rambo3416.
    • [LBP2] Grab some friends and bully off for on uproarious game of ice hockey in Little Big Ice Hockey (2-4 player) by FabFio71.
    • [LBP2] Holguin takes the bomb survival genre to a whole different level in this utterly addicting and fun mini-game. Great pacing, progressive difficulty and tons of explosions make this a bomb survival level youíll actually have a blast playing! Bomb Survival Reloaded! by Holguin86.
    • [LBP2] Ding dong merrily! Set those bells ringing in this stunning looking platformer with clever bell inspired gameplay and a cool time warp idea Time To Ring The Bells by P-I-M-P-I.
    • [LBP2] Great looking Autumn themed platformer with solid gameplay and lovely atmosphere Autumn Inception [1 Player] by DeKa1357.
    • [LBP2] Be sure to try out this Super Mario level Ė youíll be amazed at the brilliant reconstruction of the graphics, music and feel of the original Super Mario Bros. World 1 by fifty-patoots.
    • [LBP2] Give your reflexes a workout in this fun level which has you switching the lights on and off with lightening (groan) speed as you puzzle and platform your way to the scoreboard in Playing With Night 'n' Day. by AlexBombStyle.
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      Awesome picks as usual guys! Adding to my never-ending queue.
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      Great amount of picks to choose from. Congrats to all
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      ONLY 5!!??!! D:

      Lol, great job guys! I can't wait to try 'em out
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      Good picks, but i hope you guys can find levels that have a smal amount of plays.
      But these levels are very good and worth playing.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Wolffy123 View Post
      ONLY 5!!??!! D:

      Lol, great job guys! I can't wait to try 'em out
      Quote Originally Posted by dermZ96 View Post
      Good picks, but i hope you guys can find levels that have a smal amount of plays.
      But these levels are very good and worth playing.

      Going to get a few qu'd
      S'been a quiet week at spotlight central

      Hopefully have more for you next episode!
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      WOW such awesomeness wrapped up into one. I am still quite amazed by the fantastico that is this community and their imaginations
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      I'm amazed at how much work goes into finding all of these. Thanks!!!
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      so this is how the Spotlight works, interesting, well, I've never been in the Spotlight and people say its time for me to be in it, if whoever runs LBPCentral wants to check it out and wants to add me to their next Spotlight, feel free to do so, the signature will lead the way