• Community Spotlight Episode 100

    Woohoo! We did it; the 100th Episode of the Community Spotlight is up! How awesome is that? It’s truly amazing to think of all the effort, all the blood, sweat and tears...and all the laughs, exhilaration and camaraderie too... that have gone into these 100 episodes over the past 4 years – both from the creators and the spotlight crews. We’ve had a blast over the past fortnight remembering some of the incredible levels featured since Episode 1 and if you fancy a trip down memory lane yourself (or just want to win the Trivia Quiz) then take a look at V0rtex’s amazing Spotlight Search Engine which is a treasure trove of every level spotlighted.

    To help celebrate we’ve already launched the Trivia Quiz! but we have plenty of other awesome bonus features in store over the next couple of weeks. In fact we have just launched another contest for those who think they know their levels and have mad skillz at playing. Head on over to the Site Contest forums and check out our Tri-sack contest.

    But back to the matter in hand! Without further ado, here’s the Big One, the 100th Community Spotlight packed with suitably awesome levels and seriously the levels do the 100th Episode proud; from stellar shooters to superb platformers and mind bending arcade games and puzzles, they end*the first 100 episodes with honour and set the bar for the next 100 episodes to live up to.

    Shade Seeker: Suns of Arrakis
    by  THe__EGG
    Try and keep in the shade as you avoid the searing heat of the desert planet Arrakis. Jump and puzzle your way through abondoned spice refineries using just your grappling hook and a few ounces of grey matter. Take your time, plan ahead and chill out with great ambient tracks from Velvet Audio. Thanks for playing!

    I always look forward to seeing a new level from The_Egg. His work is always filled with clever gameplay, obstacles and not to mention, easy on the eyes. This level is no different. The idea is so impossibly simple that it's brilliant. Stay out of the sun or risk being burned to a crisp in a matter of seconds. Believe me, my hide was toasted on more than one occasion. Along with this great gameplay mechanic, comes some fantastic puzzle platforming. The puzzles are well balanced as is the platforming. You'll scratch your head in a few places, trying to figure out how to get from one shady spot to the next, but you'll be smiling the entire time. If you're in the mood for a great, original level, then look no further than Shade Seeker, where no amount of SPF will save your hide.


    The planet Arrakis is an arid, unforgiving land – where just thinking about the sun is enough to make you gag for an icy drink. It's a good thing there's so much shade around! Such a shame that finding said shade requires so much brainpower. The less intellectual types (like myself) will just have to rely on luck, I suppose! No, in all seriousness, this is a wonderfulidea for a level – in order to reach your goal, you must keep yourself cool at all times! Find as many patches of shade as you can in the midst of the spice-harvesting machinery strewn around the planet, seemingly functioning of its own accord. I recommend bringing an icepack.


    Craftworld Aleste
    by  Stellakris
    [EN/JPN] Strap into the jet seat of fighter pilot Ellinor Waizen to take on waves upon waves of enemies as you battle your way through this challenging vertical shootemup. Strictly single player, 6 upgradeable weapon systems and 3 manual difficulty modes. v1.0; Title, Intro and First Zone. More to come.

    Whoa to the tenth degree! I wanted to just write "Whoa!" a hundred times, but Hubbie, the tyrant, wouldn't let me. I really am at a loss for words here so I'll just describe my first time playing it. I sit down and hit "play" and while that's loading, open up the laptop and check the ol' twitter. Hmm, looks like people are posting lolcats, think I'll change that to lolmonkeys, nevermind, my level loaded and oh. my. good. googa. mooga! Wow! What!? How did he...Whoa. There's no *expletive* way! This is sick!(good) pause level, return to twitter and tweet that everyone needs to play this NAOW! Tweet StevenI that I've found his next MMpick. Return to level and stare at the awesome menu screen for a few seconds, select my options then hit start. As the gameplay begins, I giggle like a 4 yr old farting in the bathtub for the first time and am paying so much attention to the gorgeous visuals, that I forget there are enemies on screen and am immediately dispatched of. This is just too awesome for words so, Whoa, Whoa Whoa!


    Woah. Welcome to Aleste! From the very get-go, we are immersed within Kris's world. From his very own nostalgic-feeling STELLAKRIS logo, down to the finely crafted storyline, right to the adrenaline inducing bossfights, you could be forgiven for believing that this level is in fact a game in its own right. The gameplay is wonderful – never once fooling you into thinking that you are going to defeat enemies easily, and yet rewarding you with each craft you successfully eliminate. The learning curve is a far cry from the usual level we see on LBP, where we as players are quite often led by the hand, and told what to do before each baby step. Not so here. We learn, and we are rewarded with yet more awesomeness. Craftworld Aleste is a true work of art – I'll happily wait another two years for part two, if the going is still this good!


    Astro Lander
    by  ShadowFlareX
    In the most retro reaches of space, its your mission to explore new planets by safely flying your Lander through the treacherous caverns of unknown worlds. Or just batter your friends up in a sprawling DogFight! Astro Lander features completely unique Single Player and Multiplayer modes, it's really 2 games in 1! Includes an interactive Flight School to learn the basics for this challenging game, and 27 custom music tracks from LittleBigPlanet's finest. Full list of credits are listed within. Thx 4 playing!

    Wow, we haven't seen one of these in quite some time. Don't get me wrong, this is not like the average "lander" levels that you've seen grace the imagisphere. No, this is like "lander" level on steroids! ShadowFlare has included more options than you can shake a stick at, and trust me, I can shake a stick at a lot of options. You can choose between an array of ships, difficulty settings, music a slew of maps and much much more. There's even an option for either single or multiplayer mode and each have their own unique gameplay modes! No my friends, you haven't played a "Lander" level like this one before. It's entirely unique and you will love the heck out of it!


    Ummm… I remember playing this on Commodore 64… or Atari… or something…. ah never mind. It was good then and great now. The reaction of the subtle movements causing you to drift ever so slightly, resulting in you correcting the movement, but then you drift the other way, so you over correct and get really close to that wall, so you over-over correct and everything goes bad. But then you realise that it actually went bad four moves ago. A deft touch required here!


    Arrgh! I crashed at the last minute AGAIN! This level had me on the edge of my seat and only realising at the end of each stage that I’d actually stopped breathing as I tried to get my brave little moon lander through those winding caverns. Dexterity, a cool head and, above all, patience are required to succeed here and a last minute lapse of concentration let me down so many times. I had a blast trying though and I was hugely impressed with how beautifully balanced and responsive the controls are. It all just felt spot on as a flying experience: the only faults lay with me as the pilot! The presentation and UI are polished to perfection. This is one of those levels which you know has had hours of love and attention lavished on it and it pays off a hundredfold. With its retro feel and superbly balanced gameplay, it puts other lander levels in the shade.


    Woodenheart Melancholy [Platformer]
    by  TheBobZombie
    Ver 1.9 (Added some design details and fixed small bugs )---- After a long week working on my second platformer, finally here it this. I really hope you like it. Please your feedback, comments and sugestions would be greatly apreciated. ---- The music is an edit from XH3LL_DAWGX work.

    Well, I have to say melancholy is the last thing you’re going to feel playing this level! It’s a beautifully crafted old school platformer brimming with well designed and inventive obstacles. There’s no story and no big budget special effects just first rate gameplay with plenty of spikes and bouncepads and some great bubble combos to chase down. The steampunk meets forest theme works really well and with the evening lighting and sombre earth colours of the backdrop, perhaps there is a touch of melancholy in the air after all. I promise you though that it’ll do nothing to dampen the sense of satisfaction and pure pleasure you’ll feel in playing this level. You would have to be wooden-hearted indeed not to fall under its spell.


    Ok you platform enthusiasts, I've got just the level for you. There's no back story here. We don't know how or why we've come here but we're here. And I like it! Take a romp through this exquisite landscape that is just chock full of neat contraptions and dastardly obstacles. The entire level is loaded with beautiful and original design work and the details are fantastic! You'll encounter a great variety in gameplay mechanics from bouncing to grappling and from the easy to the tricky and believe me, you'll be smiling the whole time. I loved the design layout and with all the different styles of platforming, this level just screams, "Play me now!"


    STAR WARS: Episode V: Dagobah: err...Etc! (S.E.) (1P Only, Hard)
    by  julesyjules
    Chapter Five: Calling all Padawans! You've charted a course to the planet of Dagobah in search of the mysterious Yoda - but have you the platforming skills it takes to become a Jedi...? Long, story platformer with puzzle elements. Medium difficulty. Thanks to Just_Tom, Just_Crusader, Jman53111 and Slufoot48 for testing! --- (Small hint regarding level links - check your Earth, if all your levels show up then your server connection is not too bad)

    I don’t know whether julesyjules ever feels the urge to make an abstract fast-paced platformer or a minigame (I know, it just sounds wrong, doesn’t it?) but if he does I’m glad he suppresses it and keeps on giving us more instalments of his awesome Star Wars series. A new one coming out is always an event and you’re beaming with anticipated pleasure before you‘ve even loaded the level. I have to say this one may be my favourite so far (though I’ll always have a soft spot for the Ewok village level from LBP1). I loved the story telling elements and the faithful recreation of the Dagobah scenes from the film. Above all, though, I loved the hefty dose of platforming challenge. In each of its 3 parts you learn and perfect *cough* a new skill, from momentum based grappling to cool double-jumping and awesome stomping. These skills are then tested in a series of challenges which can be tricky at times but are fun precisely because of that. I laughed, I cried, I nearly strangled the hamster but it was so much fun, I immediately replayed, having done Yoda proud by learning patience and to stop pressing X too much. I don’t need to tell you how good the visuals are or how funny the cutscenes or how wonderful the sackbot logic is. I don’t even need to tell you to go and play it now, because you all know that already and will need no urging from me.

    Tl;dr version – it’s awesome, nuff said.


    I really must expand my vocabulary beyond the word "Whoa!" I'm starting to sound like Joey Lawrence. But I can't help it. It's mostly what I'm saying as I play this phenomenal level. I'm playing it again as I type this and just wow. There's no doubt about it, Julesyjules makes the best Star Wars levels on LBP and this is no exception. If you thought the last one was good, wait till you see this one. Following the film, we've landed on Dagobah to continue our Jedi training. The first thing you'll notice is how awesome the swamp looks. You'll be shaking your head the entire time going, "I don't believe it. How?" Venturing deeper into this world we meet up with Master Yoda and begin our training, which turns out, isn't so easy. The little green dude has some tricky tests for us, but with a little bravery and patience you'll soon be moving rocks around with your Jedi mind powers. An awesome addition to the series, with a great variety in gameplay, full of humor and out of this world extraordinary scenery. A must play!


    by  timeSlider_86
    Welcome to Concentric. Press X to confirm. Press O to go back. Left stick to move. Hold triangle to quit. Hold L1 and R1 to go back to main menu. Press L2 or R2 to change music.

    Da, da dee dah, da da dah dah...”Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel. Never ending or beginning, on an ever spinning wheel. As the images unwind like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind”. That song could have been written for this level. It describes the gameplay perfectly...right down to the distinctly windmill-like sensation it produced in my head. The idea is to align the rings in each picture puzzle so that the scrambled image becomes clear again. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But some of the circles are linked together so that moving one circle will spin another one too and in trying to match up one ring of the picture you find you’ve undone another. It will make your head spin and have you craning your neck one way and another to see which bit goes where. It’s slick, beautifully presented and will drive you crazy trying to work out why what looks like it’s lined up actually isn’t...if that makes sense, which it probably doesn’t. I think I’ll just go and lie down in a darkened room for a while. Play it; it’s cool and clever, and is a nice spin (ha!) on the usual picture puzzle.


    This level will have you in a spin! Sure I could circle around the concept with bad puns, but the humour would gurgle and drain away eventually. That shiny LBP2 disc keeps dishing out great levels at a dizzying speed, this level is based around the Assassins Creed mini game is sure to leave scratching your head in puzzlement. Look at me… I'm talking in circles!


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • ​[LBP2] Venture into this chilly platformer with cool gameplay mechanics and see if you can find a way to warm up those penquins in a Marvelous Penguin Love Story by batuhan585
    • [LBP2] It's kind of like Hot Potato, but with bombs!Best your opponent by lobbing the bomb back to his side before it blows. Very cool design and lots of fun to be had, when you load into Boom Ball by Papanurgle123
    • ​[LBP2] A technical marvel this place is. Restore power to this plant that is full of complex machinery and fun gameplay. Surge Impacted by TRIPPLE_SSS
    • ​[LBP2] A very fine platformer with a great musical score. Jump in here and you'll find out why it's aptly named The Blue Factory by REMY_-46
    • ​[LBP2] Traversing this level is a feast for the eye sockets. The platforming is fun and did I mention it's gorgeous? Don't wait, set sail for Sunset Isles (Platformer) by PyroTrooper81
    • [LBP2] A stunning tribute level with great visuals and some cool gameplay ideas – Another night at paris by Dark2541
    • ​[LBP2] Halloween has come and gone but that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy a little trick or treat fun now and then. The Spooky Things Left Here by Porkyfern is just the treat to bring a smile to your face.
    • ​[LBP2] Yeouch! Thems a lot of spikes! A nice platformer with loads of neat contraptions that will keep you on your toes. Get ready for Spikes 'N Stone (Platformer) by Garak101
    • ​[LBP2] Daw! They're so cute! Platform your way through this sanctuary, restoring nature to its beauty when you go and help out in Pandamonium by SweetRejection
    • ​[LBP2] Bronies, it's time to s'mup some rainbows in My Little Pony: Invasion of the Changelings by zippy93
    • ​[LBP2] Christmas has come early. Or not. It may be delayed! Hurry! You need to find Santa's Missing Sleigh! by knowntokill
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