• Community Spotlight Episode 101

    Welcome one and all to our Christmas Episode featuring all sorts of gifts and stocking fillers from the Level Showcase. As well as the statutory Christmas themed levels there are some great platformers, puzzlers and shooters to keep you entertained when you’ve had enough Christmas cheer...

    The Crew wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and would like to thank the creators who have produced such amazing levels over the past year and make the Spotlight what it is. You guys rock!

    A quick reminder that you still have time to enter our two 100th Episode contests: the Spotlight Trivia Quiz here and the Triplesack Contest here. Also keep a look out for our 100th and 101st level hubs which Hubbie should be publishing sometime...soon. He ate rather too many cookies during the 100th Episode celebrations and has had to lie down for a while in darkened room.

    Anyway, without further ado, let’s crack open the champagne and get on with the Spotlight!

    Christmas Village (platformer)
    by  yu-kamone
    Merry Christmas! Welcome to the Christmas Village. This Village is ornamented on a grand scale on the day of Christmas. Let`s experience Christmas special for you, walking in beautiful illuminations! (1~4player) -------- メリークリスマス!ようこそChristmas Villageへ。この村はクリスマスになると盛大に装飾がされます。綺麗なイルミネーションの中を進んで ください。あなたにとって特別なクリスマスになることを約束します。 Music by @Taxok20 @EDGE001

    Yu-Kamone should change his name to Midas, everything he creates is pure gold. I've come to expect a good holiday level with solid gameplay from him and he certainly delivers with this one. This was a real blast to play through. You know those big Christmas Displays that the fancy department stores put up? It felt like running amok through one of those, with all the cool deco and platforming elements. It certainly did a good job of stifling the "Bah Humbug" within me. A perfect level for the season and one that certainly shouldn't be missed.


    Twas the week before Christmas, a time of year when Craft World overflows with seasonal levels, and yu-kamone has managed to produce the perfect level for those wanting their annual dose of LBP Christmas cheer. It’s beautifully decorated, from snowy outdoor scenes to cosy firesides hung with stockings. There’s never a dull moment as you platform through the village attempting to re-unite an unfortunate snowman with his lost head. It has secrets to be found, some fun platforming and lots of great details to enjoy. And it all ends on real high note with an exquisite set piece which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A very merry Christmas level.


    The Adventures of Outback Jack: Level 1
    by  Alley_Cat_8633
    Level 1 will teach you Jack's new abilities as you play. Journey across the Outback and prepare yourself for the challenges to come in the following levels. Special thanks to BuddyDestruction and Comishguy67 for their amazing music and Breezy-the-Pro for his awesome sticker font.

    How can you NOT be addicted to Little Big Planet when people keep producing gems such as this? I mean, c'mon! In this level, no, it's more than that. It's almost a standalone game. Anyway, you take the reins of one, "Outback Jack" in this introduction level to what I hope is going to be a series. You'll be learning the basic mechanics of our hero. The area is divided into different sections where in each one, you learn a new technique such as his double jump, wall jump, slam jump and others. The level is drop dead gorgeous, well, it is an Alley_Cat level after all, and it's a treat to play through. I can't wait to see the next installment in this series. Please! Let this be a series.


    Craftworld has a new hero. Outback Jack arrives on the scene with a bang in this new level by Alley_Cat. With an infectious grin and something of a swagger, he sets off on an adventure through some stunning scenery, meeting and defeating a host of Outback enemies, including some particularly evil bats *mutter*. This opening level in the series cleverly introduces you to each of the moves in Jack’s repertoire. It’s handled beautifully as the “tutorial” element is not overdone and each move is easy to pick up and fun to put to use. You’ll notice too that Jack must have steel toecaps to his boots because his jumps have none of the usual LBP floatiness. That and the focus on defeating enemies and collecting stars give it the feeling of a classic platformer. It’s great to see creators taking a new direction and this new series from Alley_Cat is refreshingly different and has heaps of charm. Like Bio, I can’t wait to see what Outback Jack gets up to next.


    by  xSLEVENx
    SHIFT is a puzzle platformer where you arrange level chunks to form a path. Your goal is to get the key and find the red door. Score is based on number of deaths , shifts and time. 1-4 players -------- Many thanks to my friends who helped out. Zippopot | EpicTommy | Wages-of-War | Skullking266 -------- Music: Painted Rain | Velvet-Audio | WeirdyBeardy | Hammys

    Whoa! I love the one room or room escape puzzle levels but this takes it to a whole new level! Wow! The first thing you may notice upon entering is how sleek looking it is. Clean lines and nice tight design makes this a treat for the eyes. Ok, let's get into the meat and potatoes of this here level. You're stuck in one of three visible rooms and in order to advance, you have to "shift" the rooms around to the correct order. Kind of like a slide puzzle, only maybe a little trickier. One room will have the switch that opens the door, but you can't access it because the rooms are not aligned correctly. Shift the rooms around and voila! you have success. Climb in here and get to shifting!


    Yes xSLEVENx, Yes, YES! Ahem. Sorry about that, I got terribly excited there for a while! You may be forgiven for thinking that this level is going to be a simple puzzle affair. As it stands, it's not. Oh, don't get me wrong, we've got the usual dazzling display of logic genius here, but there's so, so much more going on. The level gets its name from the main gameplay mechanic – you move the level itself around, as if it were a sliding puzzle. By pausing to go into 'shift mode' at the most opportune moment, you can even propel yourself through the level, Portal-style. If you haven't played this level yet, then you absolutely need to get on and do so. Now.


    Craftworld Christmas Collaboration: Music Giveaway!
    by  CraftworldCollab
    Merry Christmas to sackfolk everywhere! This awesome bunch of creators and composers have ganged together to give you a wonderful selection of free Christmas tunes to use in your festive levels! Come in, and know them better, sack!

    I'm not even going to attempt to list everyone who was involved in this project. Although, I could just do that instead of trying to write a clever review. Nah, the list is way too long. I will say this, it was a joint effort by many, many people. These guys and gals came together as creators, musicians and artists and created one of the finest music giveaways ever. The opening cinematic is a fantastic parody of "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" and is well worth the price of admission. After this, we are presented with a late model jukebox where all the Christmas tunes are neatly housed. A big thank-you from me to everyone involved in this. Merry Christmas guys!


    Deck the halls with yuletide folly, fa-la-la-la-lah-la-la-la er… la? I've never been good at this music thing… luckily, other's are and they have gotten into the spirit of christmas, by creating some christmas classics in LBP, to continue the metaphor the spirit has not left them and they have decided to follow the age old adage of 'tis better to give than receive', and thus this level is packed full of musical treats for you to unwrap and use!


    The Great Seasonal Bunker
    by  P-I-M-P-I
    This is Santa's wonderful bunker, where it is christmas all year! Enjoy your visit. ------- Credits: RacingCreed, swat1492, tevlon1 and mrz793. (1 Player Recommended).

    Woo! Just what I love! A score bubble bonanza! This level is the epitome of "cool." It really is and like I've stated numerous times before, I love a nice, clean and tight design and this one meets that criteria perfectly. Not only are the visuals slick, but the gameplay is equally impressive. You guys know that I love me some cool contraptions and you'll find no shortage of them here. To be honest, I know this had some sort of plot, but I don't recall it. All I can picture from playing this, is all those score bubbles. Look left, score bubbles! Look right, more bubbles! Glorious score bubbles everywhere the eye looks! And, if you're cunning enough, you can pull of some sick combos and rack up a ton of points. There's even a cool mini game where you..oh yeah! I remember now! There is a story. Let's just say that a certain rotund elf makes an appearance. Have fun!


    Bio's right enough here – this is a score bubble fest, through and through! Get your high score face on, and scramble your way through this bunker-style Christmas grotto to help save Christmas! P-I-M-P-I shows their usual flair for platforming gameplay with smooth transitions and friendly puzzles. This one isn't about challenging yourself to finish, anyone should be able to do that – but getting that highscore will prove far more tricky


    THE ARENA By AngeloMattei
    by  AngeloMattei
    When economy has reached the lowest point, Comes the #1 TV Show on Earth! THE ARENA. Risk your life to win millions. Some call it Bloody, Psycho, Indecent. We just call it FUN. -------[STRICTLY FOR 1 PLAYER ONLY]------- Thanks to the prodigy SoundIsMe for songs.

    Oh. . . My . . . Lord. AngeloMattei gives us a new reason to bow down and worship them with their newest level, The Arena. If you dare to enter this contest, and pit yourself against wave after wave of the reality show's most fearsome Gladiators, you'd better keep your wits about you! Make sure to hunt out every box and grate you find, you never know where a handy rocket launcher or a snazzy hand grenade will pop out to your aid! This is truly a wonderful level. How did they do it? Darned if I know, I'm having too much fun playing to worry about that!


    The arena is empty, except for one man… whoever said that there were no guns in LBP has not played this yet, a well developed FPS with a full range of movement and some very detailed set pieces, try not to get too distracted though as you rush around the maps looking for health and ammo for a multitude of weapons you are carrying as you lay waste to some evil looking robots. Not too worry though it's all for a game show… wait… these robots are firing back!? aww that makes it a little more challenging. Here Mr. Robot have a grenade…

    Mr. Fusion

    The rescue “ Mountains of Elsweyr By ricksnun
    by  ricksnun
    PLEASE TURN SUBTITLES ON BEFORE STARTING THE GAME!!! This is the story about Hank. a guy that went missing on the mountains of Elsweyr. your mission is to find him a save him. this is a very very very challenging lvl full of puzzles inside a temple. Pls note that this lvl was designed to be hard, so pls avoid comments about it's difficulty. There's also a lot of secrets through out. just play till the end cause every second will be worthy. also leave feedback for future improvements. thnx and enjoy.

    An atmospheric and tense story driven puzzle platformer that oozes with design and thoughtful layout. This is certainly not a short blast through some tricky ledges and drag-the-key-to-unlock-door type of Tomb Raider clones that pop up occasionally, but rather a full story and fleshed out game that builds slowly.


    If you like a shot of adventure with your platforming then this is the level for you. It’s a ripping yarn involving a plane lost in the jungle, a missing friend to be rescued and a mysterious Temple full of traps and puzzles. So dig out your most dashing Indiana Jones hat and get exploring. The Temple is fantastically detailed and has lots of stunning visual set pieces along the way. And it’s worth exploring every nook and cranny because there are some cunningly hidden secrets to be unearthed. The puzzles are clever and beautifully integrated into the Temple setting and there’s the occasional bit of platforming thrown in to keep you on your toes. The story builds to a dramatic conclusion which leaves you wanting more. The love and care poured into this level shine through and it’s a pleasure to play.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] A very atmospheric level with some good platforming awaits you in Foggy Fields (platformer) by PyroTrooper91
    • [LBP2] If you love to hunt down the latest tunes on LBP, be sure to check out the beautiful, serene Music Gallery by Lavigne by bombird
    • [LBP2] Platforming with a touch of class, and a dollop of beauty - if you love platformers, you can't miss Spirits and Beauty, With a Cherry on top by Fuzzbreeks
    • [LBP2] Top down shooting more your kind of thing? Throw in an awesome mech design and you have Mech Warrior: Tundra Warfare by c-black111
    • [LBP2] Enjoy a intricately designed level as you explore your way through this island. See if you can find all the moons scattered around the The Island of Aether by bonner123
    • [LBP2] If the festive season is getting you down, pushing you to your limits, and you need a bit of relaxation, Snowfall by EnochRoot is sure to satisfy!
    • [LBP2] Looking for fun and engaging gameplay? Great scenery? Then step into Natural Darkness (Platformer) by alain251
    • [LBP2] This Tower of Whoop inspired level will bring out the festive spirit in even the most grumpiest of grumps. Can you get the high score in Christmas Tower by PyroTrooper91
    • [LBP2] The aliens have invaded! The design of this level is very detailed, but you don't have time to gawk, there's aliens trying to blast you from existence! Can you defeat the aliens and thwart the End of Days 2012 by FabFio71
    • [LBP2] Don't miss this showcase & giveaway of handmade custom stickers, designed to make your sackperson look GOOOOOD! :=|[The Stickerplex]|=: by Debonaire Toast
    • [LBP2] It's Halloween, no it's Christmas. It's Hallomas! Two great themes rolled into one in this cool platformer. (SSCC) All Hallows Christmas Platformer by one-mad-bunny
    • [LBP2] This awesome top down tank shooter has oodles of power ups and collectables and is a blast to play. So hop in a tank and battle all-comers to keep your bases alive - Tank vs Aliens 1 or 2 players by Shade_seeker
    • [LBP2] The Halloween and Christmas themes are fantastically well blended in a series of fun and festive minigames which will test all your skills and make cookie baking an extreme sport - (SSCC) Paranormal Festivities by Liquid_Blood_
    • [LBP2] Pinball levels are always a hit with the spotlight crew, especially when they show as much flair as X-Men Pinball by Teartime
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