• Community Spotlight Episode 102

    Welcome one and all to the 102nd Episode of the Community Spotlight featuring the brightest and best from the Level Showcase. This is a cracking episode, jam packed with fantastic levels – just the thing to get rid of those post-Christmas, end of holiday blues! So draw the curtains, grab a hot cocoa and settle down to a non-fattening feast of platforming, puzzling and general awesomeness.

    We’re hoping to catch up with our hub publishing on StevenI’s return from holiday tomorrow, with the hub for the 100th Episode being up first, so watch this space!

    Finally, there's no Karting Spotlight this week but never fear it will be back next episode with a bumper crop of levels!

     Forest of the Rising Sun
    by  se-mi92
    Another easy Platformer, i hope you enjoy! Best 1 Player. The bar in the upper right side is only important if you play with more than 1 player (it kills the players that are out of the screen)

    If you adore stunning scenery and seamless gameplay, tied together in a pretty knot of style, Se-mi92's Forest of the Rising Sun will tick every box. Every single inch of this platformer is stuffed to the rafters with eye candy, and the mini-puzzles throughout the level will be enough to keep any casual platformer happy. You won't get a mind-blowing puzzler here, but you'll certainly get a wonderful, calming experience!


    Another level full of effortless charm from se-m192. The novel camera angle ensures the level stands out from other nature platformers and the scenery, bathed in a golden light, is gorgeous. Hunting down the hidden apples and solving a few puzzles is entertaining and whole experience is delightfully relaxing...except for the traps! That tree gets me every time. I’m just pottering through the level and BAM, squish – EVERY TIME! And don’t forget the spiked moving platforms you need to pass to reach the final apple – getting progressively faster and trickier to time. So yes, lovely and calming but don’t nod off entirely...


    Obscure Cavern
    by  Sabre_
    Welcome to my new level Obscure Cavern, hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. [1-2 Players] Difficulty [Medium]. Race now added...Special Thanks to: NinjaMicWZ, Xx_Mr_Orange_xX for there help. Also to my beta testers: Alley_Cat_8633, Brannayen, Buddydestruction, Fireblitz95, Justice1989, Klumb-Z, Lili-80, theevilpenguins, zBaH-, Zerotiger99, Zippopot. Music by BuddyDestruction.

    This crafty platformer is jam packed with nifty obstacles and head-scratching puzzles! Squint in the darkness as you make your way through the murky depths, and attempt to keep your strings tied to the end – it's harder than it looks! A great level by Sabre_, well worth the play.


    This cavern may be obscure, and although not knowing much about it, what you do discover, very, very quickly is that the obscurity does not extend to spikes, they prominently line walls, floors and ceilings… it's all bristling with clear danger. Maybe the obscure nature stems from the contraptions that are dotted thorough out the caverns to help and hinder your progress. Find a hard hat and get to spelunking!


    Hey Bro...Those Are Some Glorious Wormholes!
    by  Elguerogigante
    El Guero has returned to all that is glorious! Behold...a level that has it all! From fabulous challenges to radioactive Pancho Villas...and wormholes! Ooooooooh! My fancy is tickled just thinking about it! All that is glorious awaits! [1 Player only]

    Glorious wormholes indeed – the title says it all. These are not cross-controller wormholes but custom-built portals which miraculously (well it’s a miracle to me anyway – logic being a closed book...) retain the direction and momentum of your sack as you pass through them. All this makes for some brilliantly clever gameplay. It starts off in a relatively straightforward way but soon has you clutching your head as you try and work out how to progress. Lateral thinking ftw! And, as if progressing through the level were not challenge enough, there are 19 weirdly luminous (!?) Mexican revolutionaries to be bagged en route. It’s ingenious, original and gloriously quirky in a way only El Guero can pull off. Levels like this make you glad you’re still playing this game 4 years on...


    Ooooh, nifty! This was my first experience playing with wormholes (resist the portal joke.... RESIST) and it was a wonderful, challenging, fun-filled experience! Figuring out each of these mini-puzzles (and I still haven't figured them all out!) takes some major determination and brainpower, far more than I possess anyhow! Using the momentum tricks that creators have been praying for for some time, Elguerogigante has come up with a masterpiece. Play it, nao!


    Temple of Deep Death
    by  cakito123
    [Difficulty: Medium/Hard] [1 player Only] Escape of the Temple of the deep death, but watch out for the... Danger... '-' Jump in monkeys... Okay, I Don't know what to say about this level, so... Just play it! Thanks to @clashtowworlds, @grandguinus98 and @GAB--LUC!! =D

    Lol, I don’t know what to say about this level either! The jumping monkeys have to be top of the list though – an awesome gameplay mechanic that made me laugh out loud and, as for that PESKY bald eagle, well I'm speechless, lol. He really made me wish I'd left him locked up in his cage - the ingratitude! Well, I suppose he makes some amends in the boss fight. The level may defy description but it’s packed with cool and inventive gameplay including some neat use of the new cross controller wormholes. If you’re looking for something a little off the wall, then you’ll have a blast tackling all the eccentric obstacles in this level. So, yes, I’m not going to try to encapsulate it in words. It's unique and, as cakito123 says, “Just play it”!


    This sure is a strange temple! Full of monkeys, that by now have splitting headaches, and some other critters that help you, sometimes (admittedly) a little unwillingly, to bounce, swing and grab your way to a fun, but challenging boss battle… I'm not sure why you fight the boss, or why a bird helps you out, but it sure leaves you with a good feeling knowing you trashed the place for some reason or another


    The Adventures of Outback Jack: Level 2
    by  Alley_Cat_8633
    Level 2 takes Jack down to the lake. This map features new enemies, a new powerup, and a new goal (time trial) for maximum score potential. Thanks to Steve_Big_Guns for help and Buddy Destruction for making awesome music and sharing it with the Community. I would say this level is Medium Difficulty. Enjoy!

    Outback Jack is back and better than ever! Free of the constraints of the tutorial format of Part 1, his adventures really take off as he heads for the waterhole and a bunch of new enemies (be warned the frogs may look small and cute but they’re deadly!). The gameplay hits new heights too, with a new chilli power up, chests to find and nab and a time based bonus which leaves any completionists amongst us with the awful dilemma of whether to go for speed or try to collect everything. The gameplay is fresh and engaging, the environments are superbly detailed and Jack himself is still ridiculously charming. It all adds up to a game I’d happily pay money for.


    Crikey! A level full of stars, boxes and pickups may seem daunting and leave you feeling lower than a goanna's belly, but when your discover your swag of tricks, you'll be jumping like a jumbuck camped by the billabong, avoiding some critters that are madder than a cut snake and kicking the vegimite out of them. Crack out the TimTams and ignore that the southern cross is a little off and Tassie is missing, because you are about to play a top notch platformer that instantly jumps out and grabs you like a Dingo looking at a small child.


    Simple Pleasures [one player only]
    by  JakePutz
    Platformer/ high score challenge level. Use your wall jumping and wall sliding abilities to stay alive and keep that bubble combo going! One player only. Music by Velvet--Audio, font by Comphermc.

    Jake always impresses me with his creations, and this is no exception. Taking the ever popular game mechanic of wall jumping and wall slides, he has concocted a marvellous platformer, oozing with slick brilliance. If you're very talented (far more than I), you can even attempt to make a huge bubble chain through the level – erm, yes, I suppose I'd better get practising!


    This level is another proof that sometimes less is very much more. As the title indicates the central idea is simple enough but the execution is pitch perfect. From the clever gameplay, to the spot on bubble placement and great music, Jakeputz hasn't put a foot wrong and the result is just awesome..and I am totally in thrall to it. It is soooo addictive. I'll never get anywhere near the high scores (my wall sliding let's me down wildly – literally as well metaphorically, lol) but I simply can't resist having just one more run through, just in case... Platforming at its purest and best!


    by  SnakeOwl
    Please enjoy it! (1Player)CC素材をたくさん使いました。Thanks@dogchiwawa

    So UFOs are built in a factory just like anything else, who knew! And thanks to SnakeOwl you can now take a trip round the facility and see for yourself. It’s a fun-filled, fast-paced level crammed with cool obstacles and lots of great industrial eye-candy. Keep your wits about you, though, because the floor is likely to disappear from beneath your feet when you least expect it (alien schadenfreude?). It’s as brilliant and slick as we’ve come to expect from SnakeOwl and well worth a play.


    A level that is literally packed with great tools and high tech stuff for you to grab and jump on, but be quick! Some of those little platforms have a habit of moving around, so pay attention you may need to jump into a handy teleporter to get out of some sticky situations!


    Power Up PowerPlant (Tricky)
    by  Just_Tom__
    Use Power Ups to work your way through this tricky PowerPlant... (Thanks to @Missi_Cat for support and @Soundisme for the awesome tune!)

    Time to stretch my gaming thumbs! This platformer will have you on the edge of you seat as you aim yourself towards your goal. Making wonderful use of the Cross Controller pack, including the all-new wormholes, Tom has once again shown his flexibility with this gameplay. Combine a wormhole with a flipping platform, combined with a power up, combined with a puzzle, and add a time challenge to the mix. . . And you have the current state of my mind. Blown.


    Featuring a whole raft of power ups including the neglected jetpack and paintgun from LBP1, this level will test both your skills and ingenuity. It’s just exactly what a platformer should be –ingenious obstacles, finely tuned difficulty and clever, clever gameplay. Just_Tom__ even manages to make a virtue of the unlovely red power up removers. It all looks fantastic too- some of the best use of the cross controller pack materials I’ve seen so far. And then there are the secrets - 6 more or less evilly hidden (and comically named) secrets to lure you back, again and again...and again. There’s something impish about the challenges here too – I can’t help feeling that Tom was laughing up his mischievous sleeve somewhat at the thought of putting us all through our paces. A tricky but immensely satisfying platformer and my new favourite of all Tom’s levels.


    My Robot Factory (platformer)
    by  yu-kamone
    Welcome to the My Robot Factory! Would you show me your stimulative action for my machines? Machines are always asking for the stimulus. (1~4player) ---- 僕ノ工場ヘヨウコソ!アナタノ刺激的ナアクションヲ僕ノ機械タチニ見セテクレナイカ?機械タチハイツモ刺激 ヲ求メテイルンダ。 Thanks @Stellakris

    A steampunk-esque futuristic space station type theme may very well have to become a new genre, with this gem leading the charge! A level that finds you in almost constant motion racking up multipliers and trying to grab bonuses, throw in some great set design, some portals, and some cool japanese robots and you have your self a fun platformer with great replayability!


    Yup, I don’t think we’ve seen our last factory/space station level, not by a long chalk :P, but this stellar level sets the bar very high. The visuals are amazing; Yu has clearly entered into a pact with the gods of logic which allows him to cram more into his levels than other mortals. The details are wonderful and he even plays with perspective to give you a sewer rat’s eye view of the bowels of the factory. The gameplay is superbly polished with countless great obstacles and contraptions to get your teeth into, including the new wormholes, and the overall level design is just spot on. If biorogue were here, I’m sure this level would get one of his trade marked “whoas!” and deservedly so.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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    1. shropshirelass's Avatar
      shropshirelass -
      Yay, it's live! Thank you so much to the Crew all for their hard work and to the creators featured for making such awesome levels and keeping me as addicted as ever to this game. Seriously though, there are some truly awesome levels in this Episode (including in the nods section), that it has been a pleasure to play ...and play...and play..!
    1. VelcroJonze's Avatar
      VelcroJonze -
      Thanks for spotlighting my little Christmas level.

      And thanks to all the hard work the spotlight team does, over and over again.
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      HAH! Spotlight nod! I rule. :3
      Thankyou sweet spotlight crew.
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      jaffakree503 -
      thanks for the love guys! it was a pleasure showing the LBP community what Christmas is like in Oz!
    1. yugnar's Avatar
      yugnar -
      Oh my holy holiness! My first proper Spotlight (yeah I saved this Santa smiley, I so freaking love it)! Thanks you a thousand times spotlight crew! Really glad you enjoyed it. It seems those almost-48-straight-hours in Create after the corruption were actually useful!

      Congrats to every other level as well! My queue has now an enourmous amount of great levels to play!
    1. xxMATEOSxx's Avatar
      xxMATEOSxx -
      Awesome, a shiny new spotlight to dig into.
      Glad to see hubs returing soon as well.
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      biorogue -
      man, it really killed me to not be able to spotlight this episode (was out on vacation). Congratulations to everyone featured and I can't wait to dig into these myself. A big congrats to UNC92sax for that Vita Spotlight! You finally got one dude! Awesome.
    1. goranilic's Avatar
      goranilic -
      Fantastic selection, all excellent levels !
    1. rialrees's Avatar
      rialrees -
      Congratulations to everyone spotlighted this episode!

      And huge apologies to the crew for my flimsy attendance record these past few weeks. I'll bring cookies next time, promise. xxx
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      alain251 -
      Another great spotlight, with awesome levels

      Thx for the honorable mention ^^
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      Jedi_1993 -
      Well done to those spotlighted! With particular shoutouts to the [VCC] levels picked!
      Hopefully with the holidays over, the number of great levels won't decrease!
    1. cakito123's Avatar
      cakito123 -
      Thanks veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much for spotlighting my Temple of deep death, crew!!!!!!

      by the way, there is a Deadline for spotlight too??
    1. shropshirelass's Avatar
      shropshirelass -
      Yes, there is a deadline of sorts. Levels posted in the Showcase before midnight GMT on the Wednesday before the Spotlight publish weekend will be featured in that Episode. Any posted after that time go in the next Episode. That gives us time to finish playing all the levels, write the reviews, stress out, put the Spotlight threads together etc...
    1. unc92sax's Avatar
      unc92sax -
      Quote Originally Posted by biorogue View Post
      man, it really killed me to not be able to spotlight this episode (was out on vacation). Congratulations to everyone featured and I can't wait to dig into these myself. A big congrats to UNC92sax for that Vita Spotlight! You finally got one dude! Awesome.
      Yes! My first real spotlight that didn't involve "nod" in it!

      Thanks guys for the great spotight full of awesomeness. Thanks for noticing my level and putting it up in the Spotlight. Thanks for that congratulations. Thanks to all the others who put time into making great levels for a great spotlight. And just… THANKS to everyone who was involved in this!

      I hope you all had a great Christmas!
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      JustinArt -
      Another set of spotlighted levels to enjoy. Considered them all queued.
    1. Mat-S-Aint's Avatar
      Mat-S-Aint -
      As usual, it's cool to see there stille is good level to discover in LBP2 !

      ANd, a big thanks to the spotlight team for speaking of my level in the nods section
    1. RickRock_777's Avatar
      RickRock_777 -
      Thank you again Spotlight Crew for your dedication to this valuable corner stone of LBPC. And Bio, I could almost feel your pain when reading your comments everytime you queued a level.

      Thanks to the holidays, I got to play more of these awesome levels, which includes those receiving Nods, and all of them were wonderful. Can't wait to play more of them. Excellent job Creators. BRAVO!
    1. tom230889's Avatar
      tom230889 -
      Thank you so much for the spotlight, even more for the kind words!
      Reading them puts a big childish smile on me face
    1. ElGueroGigante's Avatar
      ElGueroGigante -
      Thanks once again for the recognition! It looks like a dedicated few are starting to get the hang of my level...I'm still waiting for some really high scores! Thanks again!
    1. thespacemonkey187's Avatar
      thespacemonkey187 -
      Congrats to everyone that received a spotlight