• Community Spotlight Episode 108

    Welcome everyone to the latest instalment of the Spotlight brim-full of brilliant levels plucked fresh from the Showcase and brought to you for your playing pleasure by the Spotlight Crew – who, I will just add at this point, are well known for their seriousness, truthfulness and sense of responsibility…

    LBP3D Shark Survival (3D edition)
    by  StevenI(PS4 beta)
    All aboard! Sharks with lasers are attacking! See how long you can survive in solo mode or challenge your friends in the 4v4 arena of shark death! 1 PLAYER or 8 PLAYER (multi mode). TESTED with SONY 3D glasses, let me know on my wall if the sharks don't jump off the screen

    Well, great, another shark survival stage" I thought to myself as I put on my 3D glasses, and boy was I wrong! While you do find yourself waving your arms frantically trying to keep the sackbot swimming and there are plenty of sharks, the clever use of the 3D layers to have the sharks swim toward you really makes this a stand out level for LBP3, well deserving of it's spot on the beta's cool pages. This review may be biased though especially since the Spotlight crew won the best of 3 4v4 Shark Attack against the Mm Dev Team. The trophy is center spot in my Pod's lounge module. Although, I must say; The Shark Still Looks Fake

    Mr_Fusion(PS4 beta)

    Ha! Constantly pestering StevenI for an LBP3 beta code on Twitter was soooo worth it :P I wouldn’t have missed out on this level for anything. The 3D experience is totally immersive even if dodging Mr F’s friendly fire in that 4v4 Shark Attack contest has left me with a dislocated shoulder...or was that when we were all at the Sack disco in Hubbie's pod afterwards? Anyway, it may owe something in its design to the Shark Survival level that opens the LBP3 Story Mode but this level is so awesomely eye-popping that I was left simply murmuring “deer god the colers!”*. A must play level, totally worth the yay and five platinum trophies I gave it. Rate up if you agree…

    *ask Taffey...

    shropshirelass(PS4 Beta)

    shark and bomb survivals are my absolute fav! but when I got my ps4 in the mail with a code to LBP3 I had to play this as my very first level. I was hooked as soon as I hit the level. I must have played this level at least 40 times by now. everything about this level was impressive. Playing this with Bio was awesome I really like the part when Bio rode the shark like a bull. Best level made this year so far. You should def check this out when you get the beta.

    WESFUN(PS4 Beta)

    Ermahgawd ---> Well, Well, Well... first of all, LBP3 is freaking epic in an ok kinda way. This weekend I got a chance of a lifetime and here is my story and I am sticking to it: I started my Saturday Morning with a drive to Santa Monica Studio. Once there I was greeted by Kazuo Hirai. After introductions StevenI and the crew popped this little gem of a level in. As the biggest advocate of Shark Survivals in LBP, I must say StevenI really went all out in this one leaving very little room for creativity in shark survivals in LBP3. The most heart pounding Shark Survival to boot. I have always wished my Shark Survivals were customizable and now with LBP3 I was able to do just that. Great way to start off the next in line for Sackboy. Well gotta go, Syroc just finished a MLP vs. Care Bears Mortal Kombat Level.

    L-I-M-I(PS4 Beta)

    Lamb & Wolf
    by  Ungreth
    At the dawn of a brand new day, three little lambs come out to play. But danger lurks down at the farm! Can you keep them safe from harm?" STEALTH-BASED ADVENTURE, FOR SINGLE PLAYER ONLY

    Stealth and patience is the name of the game here, which is something I've never been too good at in games. I've gotten Sam Fisher and 007 killed more times than you can count because I just go in guns a blazin'. I figured I'd have a hard time with this but I really didn't. Maybe it's because it was cute little lambs and they were gunless, else those wolves would've tasted lead! In this level you will need to guide 3 poor little defenseless lambs to their destination. Problem is, there are wolves all along the trail. You have to be stealthy, patient and cunning to make it through without being eaten. A beautiful level with smart gameplay and a high fun factor. You don't want to miss this one.


    Three little lambs on an epic adventure to fight sneek past the wolves. This level will sure amaze you with its interesting game-play As you enter the level you are welcomed with a cute little intro, revolving around a hunt for grass. But you are warned about the infamous wolves. As you go across the environment to find said grass. You travel across brisk lands. You will need timing to get through some areas and throw rocks to solve puzzles in order to get through others. This level is a shear delight so go play it NOW!


    If you have any preconceived ideas about what a level by Ungreth is bound to entail, forget them, for here all is sweetness and light…well, almost. The opening scene with a bunny hopping through flowers was so startlingly out of character that I laughed out loud. The cuteness continues, as you guide three small lambs on their journey through an idyllic rural landscape, the only danger being that of being spotted by one of the many wolves lurking along the way. The stealth gameplay is beautifully done, the challenge nicely balanced and Ungreth rings the changes with a variety of different hazards and ways of overcoming them. You’ll have a blast negotiating all the dangers and bringing the lambs safely to their destination and a happy ending…well, almost. An utterly charming level that may or may not have its tongue firmly in its cheek but either way you’re guaranteed fun and an experience which is neither typical LBP nor typical Ungreth.


    Udderly fantastic, nuf said. No not enough, we'll alright. Mmmm to put this in easy to read terms,"Unknown Divers Dearly Enterprate Really Lovely Yammer; For All Needless Tantalizing Anamorphic Slobber To Inadvertently Cloze" In other words "This is Udderly Fantastic" Slipping past the watchful eye of the big bad wolf has never felt so sly. The landscapes spewing with natural beauty of a farm to forest, the gameplay drove this level to wonderlust, complimented nicely with the progression of difficulty of the puzzles. Kudos to you Ungreth


    Pete's Castle Garden
    by  missyhifi
    Welcome to Pete's Castle Garden, a highly detailed platformer full of flowers, colors and fun. Pete is a carnivorous plant and in his garden you will find a lot of beautiful flowers, but there are also some other plants, which will be dangerous to you. So be aware of them! If you can finish your adventure successfully, a bonusgame is waiting for you! Are you ready for it? -:-:- Platformer 1-4 Players -:-:- difficulty easy -:-:- Many thanks to @Lil_Morta_7 for the great music.

    Pete's garden where do I begin. In this beautiful Garden [/SIZE]based[SIZE=2] platformer you have so much to look at as your travel through this level. from bouncing on flowers to flinging yourself in the air. This level will sure amaze you with everything around you to see.Be a detective and keep your eyes peeled as you look around for secret bubbles hidden throughout the level to rank up your high score. To top it all off there is a mini-game at the end for more enjoyment.So get your gardening tools handy and play this level you wont be disappointed.


    Pete reminds me a lot of Audrey Jr. only this isn't Little Shop of Horrors but a delightful romp through a vibrant garden environment. Don't get me wrong, while Pete won't eat you, some of his plant buddies will certainly do their darnedest to stop you in your tracks. Platform your way through this lush scenery, collecting score bubbles and secrets along the way, all the while avoiding deadly plants. Towards the end you'll be treated to a mini game that will test your reflexes and visual acuity. Don't wait, treat yourself to a great level today!


    Actually I may just have to use “deer god the colers” to describe this level too but in a good way! This garden is full of positively zinging colour and some of the plants are as lively as they are colourful - you’ll find yourself dodging their lethal attacks left, right and centre as you wander through Pete’s charming flower patch, hunting down the hidden score bubbles as you go. The platforming is nicely designed and with the bonus minigame at the end, you’ll simply have a lot of fun playing. Why can’t real life gardening be as fun as this?


    by  RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo
    Welcome to ĆON STRATA, a fast paced, progressive survival challenge where you dodge swift negating electrons and boom past dynamic electric fields. This minigame immerses to your player color, and has 6 controller settings to suite your playing style. Come try this out! [Started: 2/17/13 -- Finished: 3/23/13] Music by @Mastablastya

    Rodrigo never ceases to amaze me with his shooters. Here, he presents to us a new minigame and it. is. grand. As usual, the title and menu screens are enough to make you lose a few ounces of drool and of course it wouldn't be a Rodrigo level if there wasn't a good deal of options to choose from first. Once you're all set, you hit start and it's on baby! Take control of little ship and dodge incoming negative electrons while collecting points and powers-ups. Certain power-ups will shift the camera while others will slow down the electrons. This is a progressive survival level, meaning it gets faster and harder the longer you go. How long can you last?


    A another retro shooter. Wait, I don't seem to have a button to shoot things. Oh. I have to swap lanes and avoid the little dangerous looking things, and try to pick up the other things? Seems pretty simp- Wait. That wasn't my fault, I'll just have to try that again. Hey! I toatly moved out of the way there! Ok, one more turn… hmmm… ok… THIS is my last turn. Oh, maybe just one more….

    Mr Fusion

    Wow rodrigo yet another insanly done level. This level is just epic. As you enter the level it welcomes you with a menu of insane goodness. As you lay the level you dodge and colect thingies. I kept playing this over and over again but only managed a 7000 score. Thank you Rodrigo for such a great level and making me finally realize why I dont have my drivers licence.


    AQUA-FRIED → (1 Player)
    by  peoriaspitfire
    Aliens have AQUA-FRIED the water. The water will kill you and the aliens might too. Keep your eyes open for coins, jewels and way too many secrets to count. ♫ ♪ Music by: @X_Disarmed_Pro_X ~ @Comishguy67 ~ @Velvet--Audio ~ @Marla-Anne ~ @Underoath_77

    Whoa! Wow! and Zowie! I was not expecting this. Holy eye bulge Batman! This level completely blew me away with the visuals. I mean, dang! From the second you enter the level to the moment you stand on the scoreboard is just one long drool fest. Peoria has created a breathtaking realistic environment with a sinister undertone. Well, maybe not an "undertone" as they're right in your face. I'm talking about the aliens of course. Look, these guys are cheesed off something fierce! Maybe I kept the King's daughter out too late or something, I don't know but they. are. mad! They swooped down and electrofied the water so one touch and it's deep fried sackboy. When you're not dodging angry alien spacecraft, you're exploring a lush land in search of coins, diamonds, and jewels that are worth mega points, and I mean Mega! I found one diamond that gave me 50K points! Can you say..Ka-Ching!? Survive the countryside and you'll encounter the Mothership where you'll get the opportunity to exact revenge. Seriously guys, this level is too awesome for words. You HAVE to play this.


    OK… so here's the deal. You read the comment above this, and then you're reading mine? Why? This needs to be queued and played, not read about. Truly classic platforming with some light collectathon-ness to boot! Oh, and it has an alien in it. A very angry alien, actually there may be a few looking to exact revenge. My theory is they're angry that you're STILL reading this, and are yet to play the level. Sheesh, by the time you get to playing it they will be all over you, with their lasers and such.


    This level is a secret collector’s dream...or nightmare, depending on how much they hate not bagging everything *cough*. This level is so stuffed with gems, robins and other cunningly hidden point bonuses that you’ll never catch’em all. There are even rumours of an elusive pink shark worth a cool 1 million points. And it’s by no means easy collecting all these points. For one thing, if you dip so much as toe into the water surrounding the rocky outcrops you’ll be insta-fried. For another the aliens patrolling the skies are out to get you with their lasers and dodging their fire will tax your skill and cheat you of many a tantalising point combo…unless you have Bio’s ninja skills it would seem! The level looks stunning with some of the best natural landscape seen in LBP and a gorgeously moody cloudy backdrop. So if you enjoy adventure and poking your nose into every possible nook and cranny, this is the level for you and a surprising amount of time will just fly by as you go on a treasure hunt to beat all treasure hunts.


    Wowzers this is epic. That is all I said when entering this series of levels that just keep getting better and BETTER! As you go through this level there is lots to pick up and an insane amount of points you can grab. But those points are as easy taken away as they are to be picked up. In this level yo need to travel across distant lands and dodge alien lifeforms. As you dodge bounce and jump your way around them. When you finally get to the end brace yourself for an epic boss battle to destroy the alien race. Or will you!? This level is as visually amazing as its game-play so hop on and play it now. Humanity depends upon it!


    Take some nasty aliens, butt-loads of secrets to find, great platforming, and sprinkle it with some dihydrogen-monoxide and what do you get? AQUA-FRIED an out of this world experiment that has extreme replayability. Peoria Spitfire has a new biggest fan and that is I. So if you haven't had a chance to play yet, I say do so or you will lose out on one of the greatest adventures in LBP2. The attention to detail is so captivating that I sometimes sat back for a moment to allow it to all soak in. In conclusion: After being fried by water and aliens about 56 times I am more then willing to constantly revisit this level to see if I can uncover all the secrets that lay about and get aqua fried another 56 times. Kudos to you Peoria


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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    • [LBP2] You've docked with the spaceship Sintari and your one goal is to be the sole survivor of capture the flag. Nicely detailed environment and lots of fun await you in Spacemen VS Sack Drones: Ultimate Capture the Flag (2-4 Players) by sintari
    • [LBP2] Like a trip down memory lane this one is. Meet up with King once again and platform through a colorful course in Stars In Race by KING_HACK_GREEN
    • [LBP2] Guide your stick dude through this side scrolling action shooter and try and rack up as many points as you can in GunRun by MediaZZ
    • [LBP2] Eliminate the attacking viruses and collect points in this retro style shooter that is Viricide 2 Beta by Oo-GaViiN-oO
    • [LBP2] Here's a treat for your ears! Get in there and collect some great tunes from Disarmed Music Gallery v3 by X_DISARMED_PRO_X
    • [LBP2] A really fun multiplayer board game with some neat mini games thrown into the mix. Grab some friends and play The Party Board by Townzee
    • [LBP2] A relaxing stroll through a dark but gorgeous cave with some fun platforming thrown in La Cueva by NikkiEatsWorld
    • [LBP2] This awesome series returns with yet more laugh out loud dialogue, polished platforming and epic laser action - Attack of the ⓝⓔⓡⓓ System: The Return by DaSpoony
    • [LBP2] A fun and engaging dungeon crawler with plenty of enemy action and a great boss fight (apparently *cough* person who died before that point *cough*) GAUNTLET 2: The Desecrated Temple by skitzotwitch
    • [LBP2] You'll have a blast platforming amongst the stars in this fastpaced plevel packed with cool ideas - Astro Factory (Platformer) by vita-3000
    • [LBP2] A fun romp through an Easter egg farm. Can you find all the golden eggs? Easter Egg Farm by dansku1698
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