• Community Spotlight Episode 110

    Welcome to another Episode of the Spotlight in which we unpack the best of the Level Showcase for your playing pleasure. Thanks again to the creators who keep all of us on the Crew sane by producing levels that are a joy to play.

    Just a quick note to say that biorogue is taking a well-deserved break for a few episodes but will, we hope, be in full force again in the Summer. And being on a break didn’t stop him from playing and voting on a good few of the levels in this weeks’ Episode…lol! Suggestions for how best to ensure his return in a few weeks on a postcard to the Crew, please – will even consider blackmail!

    So without further ado, on with the totally squirrel-free Spotlight:

    The Compass of Time [LBPC10 - Runner-Up]
    by  jauw2
    Your father is an infamous Time & Space scientist. Finally he have created the compact Time Remote, that should let you travel through time. He asks you to test the Remote in a Transistor Factory. Your mission is to shut down the main transistor in the East Wing. To get there, you'll need to time travel numerous times, to disable hazards and conveyor belts ----- Thanks to @Sock_Pasta_Rock for major logic help. Music by: @Tevlon1 and @Breezy-The-Pro

    I want a bacon sandwich now, but the power transistor I need to get to is in the East WIng, Ahhhh!!! How will I ever get there? Well simply use my Time Remote and switch between 2 completely different era's of time, that's how silly. With one simple press of L1 and WOW the transition thru time is flawless and seamless. I am amazed how fluid the change is, with so many little details that differ between the two time's. This was an amazing level that I am glad I got the chance to experience. Kudos to you Jauw


    Sackthing is being asked to be a lab rat again? Hmm, well that’s a cool looking suit and there’s a bacon sandwich in it for me, you say? Done! If you accept the mission, you won’t regret it either. The first time you press L1 your breath will be taken away as the world around you changes into a future where the once slick facility is crumbling and overgrown with greenery. Using your time shifting abilities you need to make your way through the level, avoiding hazards, solving some cool puzzles and finding the odd secret. In fact, I found myself shifting time zones even when I didn’t need to for the gameplay, just to see the world transform as if by magic. The future is such a stunning place too, the way nature is gradually taking over with weeds growing in crevices and daylight spilling in through cracks to light the gloom. The contrast between that and the fiery glow and techy sheen of the present is beautifully done. It’s hard to know what to admire more, the logic behind the time shifting or the visual artistry. So hop into that suit and experience some awesome time travel at the flick of a button.


    Kitchen Runner
    by  FabFio71
    Hello. here is my newest platformer. Kitchen Runner. get ready for the funny journey through the crazy kitchen. thx @In_Reality for music, have fun :)

    Fabfio, you have did it again. This time you took an ordinary looking kitchen and turned it into an awesome platforming extravaganza. I was enthralled on how you kept the fun factor and various platforming configurations extremely natural to the environment. Not once did I feel any of the sections of bouncing, grabbing, running, or jumping felt like a forced piece into the gameplay to simply to satisfy the need. Well I am hungry now, and I just hope I don't open my fridge to a floppy fish :P. Kudos to you FabFio


    You’ll be grinning from ear to ear as you play this level. The details in the kitchen are pitch perfect. It’s a fantastic recreation of the everyday things you’ll find in any kitchen (I totally need to get a Hula girl for mine!) but with a dash of true LBP charm and a large dollop of the totally crazy too. That fish MOVED, lol, and did you see what was cooking in that pot!?! As Limi says, the platforming is worked seamlessly into the kitchen environment and though simple, is a lot of fun. Add the perfect choice of music and this level just has bags of appeal.


    Stealing Sound A
    by  L-I-M-I
    Music is the lifeblood of LBP and L-I-M-I refuses to allow the community to enjoy it. Defeat this nefarious foe and restore all the Sweet Beats back to LBP. ________ 1-4 players _______________ Music: Stolen, Mwahahahae

    Wow... I thought that this was a music level, and in a way it is, but in a way it is not. A beautifully realised world with inventive use of tubes and teleports, add in a clever non use of music, and then music then non music again left me rather impressed with the level design, as I swung my way further into the factory. Although I must say I was not impressed with the evil genius boss of L-I-M-I, but then I was impressed again with the use of lighting and ever increasing in complexity obstacles all resulting in a satisfying conclusion of musical goodness.


    Wow, I’m shocked! It turns out that a thief got through our vetting system and was allowed into the Spotlight Crew! A thief who looks like he has plans for world domination and very bad teeth too. What was Taffey thinking of! Unless membership of the Spotlight Crew is his punishment…hmm… His crimes are pretty bad though. He’s been stealing all the music in Craftworld and shutting down the facility where it’s produced. Can you help MastaBlastya sort this mess out and foil L-I-M-I’s dastardly plot? You’ll certainly have a ton of fun trying. The platforming is cool and inventive, weaving cleverly in and out of, and up and down, the different levels of the facility, with the aid of wormholes and tubes aplenty. As Mr_JazzFusion says it’s ingenious the way the level’s soundtrack is woven into the story too, turning on and off as the plot dictates. The visuals and lighting match the music in their colour and vibrancy and, all in all, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable romp through 3 levels with a fearsome boss fight to end it all off. Creativity and fun on at full blast! Kudos to you L-I-M-I


    Destructive Visit to the Music Gallery
    by  Buddydestruction
    Looking for some fancy tunes for your latest project? Or maybe you just want to fill your Popit with delicious ear-sweets? Either way, this is the place for you! There are 27 tunes up for grabs! Hope you like! -:|:- Cast: @Blackbeltnick95, @Jarreguin001, @xTrilexx, @Weirdybeardy. Badge: @DefaultPunk. Voice acting: My Dad. Explosives and vehicle: @Geet-R. Fonts: @SACK-BEAVER, @Creator_B & @a_robot_dlO__Olb (Badge).

    Bing, Bam, Boom who the heck made all these ear candy tunes? BuddyDestruction, that's who. There's those who can make music and then there's those who can create Musical Masterpieces. Once I sat down in the theatre, that's when all the magic happened. This was some of your best work to date Mr. Destruction. I was so much pleased with this gallery I instantly collected all I could and then within minutes took em to create and jammed out for a bit. Galleries like this remind me why I love my headphones so much. Kudos to you Mr. Destructive


    Some amazing tunes on offer here...and I only had to kill 3 people to get to hear them, lol! The gallery itself is truly impressive. The flowing forest scenery is the perfect relaxing backdrop for listening and the music speaks for itself. I did get the impression that Buddydestruction may have got bored picking serious names for some of these tracks, though. My Chicken Died is a beautiful, poignant piece but for some reason (!) I just couldn’t help giggling as I was listening (apologies if a beloved chicken really did die…). In all seriousness, though, the music is tremendous and the presentation is definitely memorable!


    *loads level* * Watches intro* Aaaaand that's my weirdness quotient filled for the next month. Music levels can be tricky to write about. Presentation helps with this though, and yeah... the presentation of these tunes help, but then it's also hard to explain what I just saw for the intro, so lets move on to the main level; An amazing 3rd person drifting forest menu with a mixture of collectable tunes and from a selection of clever sackfolk and a great font setup makes for a must visit!


    The Mud Job - Part Four: Showdown
    by  Mamett-Box
    It's time to meet the villain and give him the beating he deserves! But wait! He is sending his minion to stop you! It's going to be an epic fight! Dun dun duuuuun! ----- BOSS LEVEL ------ Platformer - Medium difficulty - 1 Player only

    Yay, the story continues! The Mud Patrol have tracked down the evil genius responsible for closing down mud production and it’s down to you to confront him. Cue dramatic music…which may or may not be undercut by your first view of That Evil Dude. Let’s just say I spent most of the level laughing out loud and not quaking in my shoes! It’s not all plain sailing though because That Evil Dude has a minion and we’re not talking cute small yellow guy here but enormous mechanised monster! Don’t worry, though, because (and here I’m forced to eat my words in an earlier review) the Mud Patrol turn out to be almost as amazing as they claim after all. I’m already giving away too much so you must play this yourself to appreciate in full the quirky but prodigious talent on display. Like me you’ll love the humour, charming visual style and fantastic contraptions - that monster climbing up through the level and towering over everything is just out of this world! I only hope that Mr Ratzinger will return in another (equally eccentric!) adventure…


    No I am not crying, I got mud in my eye. Yes, seeing how this was the finale of the Mud Patrol it may cause some to shed a few tears to see such a marvelously dirty well played out series end. But, not me I am a tough guy (sniff, sniff) who does't cry. Even after rolling around in the muck to finally get the spa back in working order. Also, if I was crying it would be tears of joy from platforming thru a multistage Boss Battle with That Evil Dude, you know That Evil Dude. In all seriousness. I can't get over on how freaking cool that boss battle was and the ending movie was absolutely fantastic. Camera Trasitions were dead on, the lighting was amazing, and dang that was a cool ending with a funny twist. Kudos to you Mammette


    Big Planet Pinball Presents: BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Ver 1.4
    by  ThirdAxis01
    Welcome to this LBP recreation of the popular 1993 William's pinball machine. A one to one remake of the real life table with a LBP twist that takes it over the top! Featuring four different multiball's, various game modes and a top down shooter Zombie mode. Multible goals to reach, special effects and a high score chase that will bring you back again and again! Rules and controls are at the bottom of the table. Special thanks too, Links_r_us, Notasheeple and Happygilmory for all of your contributions!!!

    Whoa! Dangit this is one awesome pinball table! *cough* Sorry but I just thought that in this of all reviews Bio’s presence should be felt. I only wish I could channel in full (and with his energy!) the enthusiasm he would feel for this level. It’s visually stunning – all sleek and shiny and full of fantastic details. The Dracula theme is brilliantly done - I got totally distracted, not to say slightly freaked out, when I suddenly spotted that, oh my God, there are spiders crawling around up there!!! Needless to say I lost (yet another) ball! It has umpteen modes and bonuses including a fun topdown zombie shooter section of all things! I only wish I were a good enough player to explore it all properly. Anyone who enjoys their pinball, though, will be delighted to know that LBP has another superb table to add to the list of LBP classics...erm, dangit! Nah, it just doesn’t work when I do it, does it? See Bio you’re gonna have to come back… :P


    As quoted from Bram Stoker “Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.” I like to imagine thirdaxis as saying “Once again...welcome to my Pinball Game. Come freely. Go safely; and leave plenty of the quarters you bring.” I absoulety loved this energy inducing quarter stealer. Dang, ThirdAxis how do you do it. Your Pinball Games just keep amazing me 1 by 1. You got the skillz to make Midway Jealous and Bally Proud. Quarter Stealers on LBP like this 1, makes me wonder if the Zen Pinball's Game Engine was actually made in LBP by a Pinball Whiz such as yourself. Kudos to you!!


    Also from the Showcase...
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    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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