• Community Spotlight Episode 112

    Welcome to the latest Episode of the Spotlight featuring the very best of the Level Showcase over the last fortnight. Apologies for the somewhat sparse nature of the Spotlight this time round we are somewhat beleaguered – absences and illness (and Survivor!) have taken their toll. I can’t in all honesty blame squirrels this time…

    FJ's Music Gallery - 7 - By Festerd_Jester
    by  Festerd_Jester
    My 7th Gallery! Take them. Love them. Thank you everybody for the support. Without you I am nothing :) Special thanks to iChaosClay for the awesome collab and also to Missi_Cat for all her help!

    Wubba, Wubba, Festerd I love your taste in tunes and these bumpin beats got my blood pumpin. Friendly on the ears and hard on the speakers is how music should be and boy do these tracks cause my speakers to smile. Accompanied with great presentation this is a must see gallery to play and collect all the bumpin beats. I love the fugees remix that is definetly one of my top create jams now, thx. Kudos to you Fester


    A superb music gallery by Festerd_Jester - the setting is beautiful and subtle and it’s filled with a fantastic range and quality of music. There’s no point my even attempting to put into words the indescribable – go listen now!


    by  SnakeOwl
    Please enjoy it! 寺院とか洞窟が舞台です Music by @In_Reality

    I have no idea what Yamataikoku means and that only adds to the sense of mystery which pervades this level. It’s beautiful with lots of subtle detail and a restrained colour palette. You have the feeling that you’re somewhere enigmatic, even spiritual - it feels like a mountain temple to me, though I’m probably totally wrong. Wherever and whatever it is, it’s full of contraptions, hidden secrets and traps for the unwary. Platform your way to the end of this beautifully crafted level and a wonderful smiling statue will tell you exactly how few secrets you found! It’s one of those levels where the theme and gameplay come together perfectly. A delightful level that will grab you with its unique atmosphere and elusive charm.


    The Alien Station
    by  missyhifi
    Welcome to my Alien Station, a world full of beauty and danger. It awaits for you an adventure of a very special kind! If you want to leave my station, you need courage and skills... Are you able to find all the hidden score-bubbles? -:-:- Platformer 1-4 Players (it will maybe lag with more than 2 players) -:-:- difficulty medium -:-:- Many thanks to @Festerd_Jester for the great music -> check out his planet for newest music gallery.

    Who would want to escape from this Alien Station anyway? It’s an awesome place to hang out – full of vibrant colour, green goo and above all fun gameplay! Those aliens even have a cool observatory full of lush plants and glimpses of the planets beyond. Sure there are one or hazards around the place but nothing to worry about, not when there are secret bubbles to track down, combos to string together and plenty of bouncing, grabbing and swinging to have fun with. This is one of those levels where everything - visuals, gameplay and music, - just comes together beautifully to make a great playing experience and one that’s great to play with friends too. A wonderful, colourful adventure and a pure joy.


    Mr. Ratzinger's Calamitous Couch - Part One: Teatime!
    by  Mamett-Box
    Mr. Ratzinger invites you to have some tea with him! But wait, there is no tea. Nor a Ratzinger! Something is lurking in the dark insides of the house... Seems like the couch is hungry! Luckily you can team up with Bergoglio, Ratzinger's lost brother! ------- Platformer - Medium Difficulty - Up to 4 players but performance might suffer (lag)

    So Mr Ratzinger, then. First his house goes walkabout and then his mud is stolen just as he wants a nice mud bath. So when he decides to invite you to tea you just know it won’t go smoothly. This time calamity strikes in the form of a ravening sofa - who knew the horrors lurking beneath the chintz? All of which is an excuse for another charming adventure full of quaint characters and quirky gameplay. Mr Ratzinger turns out to have a (rather dashing looking…) long-lost brother, another victim of the savage sofa, and together you encounter runaway trains (of course there are trains inside the sofa!) and sinister sunflower people. Before long Mr Ratzinger’s brother is swallowed whole by one of the many dragonworms patrolling the depths of the sofa - clearly he has inherited the family luck - and you’re on to Part 2 of the series with its Serpent Shrine style gameplay, repeatedly dicing with death at the hands of the fiery dragonworms. It’s creative, hugely engaging and fun to play - another Mamett-Box series to lift the heart.


    Couches typically eat remotes, batteries, change, silverware, but never me!! Another opening of another wonderful adventure all captured within an amazing couch o.O My fave part has to be the 2nd installment with a fresh take on a story level concept long forgotten and wonderfully remastered. This imagination capturing level will tickle your senses of amazement once your sucked into the cushions of Ratzingers couch. Now go find his lost brother and save him in this one of a kind platforming adventure. Kudos to you Mammette


    Vcorp's Downfall By TheOfficialKing
    by  TheOfficialKing
    KCC1: King's Creation Challenge 1: Make a platformer with no grabbing gameplay whatsoever.Music by @Buddydestruction Stickers by @JimmyJ75.This level utilizes twist 2.0, 3D, Merge, Sublayering and Logic Decoration.

    There have been so many fast platformers with an emphasis on grabbing gameplay lately that TheOfficialKing set himself the challenge of building a level without any grabbing at all. The result is an absolute delight to play. The gameplay positively thrives on TheOfficialKing’s self-imposed restrictions as grabbing is replaced by a whole series of inventive contraptions and switch mechanics that flip you unexpectedly this way and that. The setting is stunning - sombrely gorgeous with proud pennants fluttering here and there, giving the whole place a sense of fallen grandeur. The music and lighting only add to the theatre - it gave me goosebumps at times. Great work.


    SKY COBRA: Aerial Liberation (1-2P) By RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo
    by  RoDRiGo-FiLiPiNo
    The democratic island nation, South Saoria, has been invaded by its neighboring agressors from the north. The totalitarian regime of North Saoria has taken control of South Saoria's capital. The United Sack Nations have ordered a fleet of Aegis Class Cruisers and AFC's to deal with this threat. Get in your Sky Cobra Chopper and prepare for a power hungry army! Get ready for a full-scale WAR!!! Goodluck Pilot! [Started: 8/29/12 -- Release: 11/19/12 -- Rating: E] Music by: @Mastablastya and @Jarreguin001

    Pew Pew X 1000 in this shooter. Rodrigo brings us another installement of a top down shooter extravaganza. I really appreciate that I can bring in a friend to enjoy this beast of a shooter. From boss battle to boss battle the landscaping, enemy A.I., and Power-ups bring this level to life. From beginning to end, this will make the heart pump with rhythmic beats of WOW. Fantastic effects boost this level into epicness and does not fail to deliver in fun. Kudos to you Rodrigo


    Another very impressive shooter from Rodrigo with all the high octane action and beautifully orchestrated mayhem we’ve come to expect. It’s a tribute to the design that you’re not reduced to just button mashing but feel that skill and tactics might just pay off better. It looks stunning too and comes with some awesome explosions! All in all one very cool challenge. As Limi says the two player mode is also a nice addition. Just don’t play with anyone who talks a lot. WES and I started with a B grade but rapidly slipped to a C...his fault entirely… *cough*


    SOL - A Sunset Silhouette
    by  TheNotorious-187
    We all live different lives, but, despite this fact, no matter where we're from, we can all experience the same beauty. Music by Velvet Audio .Font by RickRock_777 .Tree stickers by CAMEL504. Special thanks to everyone who gave feedback. Ghost_Creators

    TheNotorious has always been one of my favorite creators when it comes to silhouette levels and this one is no exception in this case. The visuals are breathtaking mesmerizing and stunning. The transitions from one scene to the next is just so perfect and well put together it screams beauty beyond it's reminisce. This movie is defiantly worth checking out, as it takes you to all it's beautiful scenery well constructed people and dynamic atmosphere it will keep you impressed.


    Where's my popcorn!!!! WOWSERS (insert bio reference here) this was absolutely stunning. I was literally left speechless in this masterpiece. From the opening scene the atmosphere was immediately established. The scenes spoke loudly and brought on a sense of awe. Sometimes it takes a kick in the butt to realize such beauty that surrounds us everyday if we just went out to look for it. Notorious you have opened my eyes and give me a new sense of adventure. Kudos to you Notorious


    A photograph freezes a moment in time and lets you see the fleeting beauty captured there. This series of silhouette tableaux from TheNotorious187 does the same thing. He has recreated a series of landmarks and scenes from across the world, all of them images caught at sunset. They’re glowingly beautiful as with all his silhouette work and linked together and put to music they make you see the beauty of the world more intensely for a moment. So put your down your controller and savour this piece of living art.


    Gone with the Wind
    by  se-mi92
    !!!Sixaxis Motion Controller requiered!!! Steer a bubble through a calm skyworld, but take care of spikes, strong winds and bad weather! 1 Player is playing, the others watch. Music by Koala5000, pa-siel_ and Mastablastya.

    No fair I was tricked, I thought this was a LBP version of the Movie, LOL. My surprise instantly turned into drool. So everyone get ready to exercise those wrist muscles in this sixxaxis based platforming adventure that takes you thru the sky's and beyond. From the winds pushing me up into spikes to the button puzzle mazes this level definitely tested my ability to balance a controller. Complimented with a captivating scenery this is definitely on of those can't miss levels. Kudos to you Semi


    A pretty bubble floating in the breeze, a fun ride for a sack in charming, pastel landscape – what could possibly go wrong? Well, I suppose that depends on who’s steering the bubble… I soon wiped the happy, innocent grin off the face of my sack as the bubble wobbled ever closer to the looming spikes and the inevitable happened…again and again, lol! It’s a fun challenge - believe me, I always grind my teeth when I’m having fun ; ) Seriously though, it is fun – the next checkpoint is never too far away and the sense of satisfaction when you succeed in manoeuvring your bubble through the maze of spikes makes it all worthwhile. Se-mi has worked his magic again with another delightful, inventive and gorgeous looking level.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] A temple full of awesome contraptions and fun gameplay - Temple of Kaioshin (Platformer 1-4 Player) by LBPCreatorKit
    • [LBP2] A truly impressive RPG with great depth and complexity - Hell Rising Main Game Shortcut 1P ONLY! by Workload
    • [LBP2] A fantastic recreation of the original game - relaxing and beautiful flOw: LBP by OmieR
    • [LBP2] An adventure underground awaits you in this atmospheric cave filled with treacherous obstacles - The darkness - PART 1 by theGrimm85
    • [LBP2] A refreshingly different platformer - beautifully minimalist and simple in looks but with great depth - a must play! Cotton Fold by Kipmonlin
    • [LBP2] High adventure awaits you as you go up against explosive minecarts andflammable scorpions on your way to a cracking Boss fight - Scorpion Valley by katoregama
    • [LBP2] Have you got the skills to make it through the obstacles in this fiendish sack testing unit? Precision and a cool nerve required! Virtually Impossible by Qusion
    • [LBP2] A gorgeous, colourful trip to the other side of the rainbow - heavenly atmosphere and a treat for the senses - Over the rainbow by konnron
    • [LBP2] More great beats - Morta's Music Mania! [Gallery III] by Lil_Morta_7
    • [LBP2] Go head to head with your friends in this frantic and dizzying minigame Spin it! by Townzee
    • [LBP2] Some superb jetpack gameplay and lush, rich visuals on offer in this must play level - Vermillion Grove by squid2723
    • [LBP2] An oh so clever, cool and unusual platformer you won't want to miss - Conforming Is Not A Option - Another Extreme Platformer by calysta-aayla
    • [LBP2] An awesome code cracking minigame. Will you succeed in looting the treasure or spend the night in jail? Who Got The Treasure ? by Nepgel
    • [LBP2] A cool shooter level - have fun blasting your friends in Blast Chamber by Shamanate
    • [LBP2] A relaxing swim through some stunning underwater landscape - Pacific Reef by alain251
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