• Community Spotlight Episode 121

    Welcome everyone to the latest episode of the Spotlight. It may not be the biggest Spotlight ever...due no doubt to other distractions lately (I’m looking at you, GTA V) but it still has some cracking levels for you to get your teeth into. So take a break from the streets of Los Santos and check out the latest and greatest offerings from the Level Showcases here. Many thanks to all the creators who keep producing levels of this quality.

    (LBPC10) It's Payback Time!
    by  pj15
    Employee of the month, You?! Well of course, you deserve it! Your after all a model of efficiency, Punctuality, and loyalty. This qualifies you for a very exciting experimentation. We are looking forward to see you. And don't worry about that security breach in the high security's quarters. Really. Don't bother. We completely have forgotten about it. honest. My entry for the LBPC's tenth contest. Hope you enjoy it! :) _________special thanks.... gwengivar, music by buddydestruction, comphermc-tutorials

    Whoa X 10³! This level just about has it all! You start the scene by breaking into a highly technical secret facility, where you'll have to be pretty sneaky to outwit the guards on patrol. Just stick to the shadows and you'll soon find yourself at that which you seek, a super duper, ultra mega...Time Machine! This thing is the epitome of BAD ACE. I'm telling you, I don't recall ever seeing a time machine as cool as this one. You manhandle the controls, hop in and soon find yourself thousands upon thousands of years in the past where you meet a host of cool cave dwellers, including a buxom cave lady...hubba hubba! This is section is, by far, my favorite section in this adventure. The gameplay is just so fun and the cast of characters you meet along the way are laugh out loud hilarious. I will not spoil the ending for you, but let's just say that's it's unexpected. This is one adventure you don't want to miss out on.


    This a level of contrasts: between the stealth gameplay of the first half and the platforming fun of the second; between the sleek hi-tech of the facility and the flickering darkness of the caves in the pre-historic era. The bridge between the two is a superb time machine which sends you spinning from one to the other in a very cool sequence of special effects. The level really comes to life in the second half as you encounter a set of cavemen who could have come straight from a Flintstones cartoon and find yourself swinging from fossil dinosaur ribs and dodging runaway boulders. My favourite moment involves a, I promised not to spoil it, so you’ll just have to play this level to find out. A highly entertaining adventure in time.


    Adventures of the Paper Squirrel [TearawayCompetitionUS]
    by  Jayano
    [1 Player Only][CONTROLS:(X=Jump)(Square=Dash)(x+square=long jump)(R1=Grab+Throw)(Triangle=drumjump] Help the Mummers get their mail back! Created by VolcanicThor, Jayano, and Destroyer5563. There are a ton of Tearaway themed prizes to be collected made by us for you to use in your own levels, including Atoi and Iota costumes, Fonts, Music, and Stickers. So be sure to look everywhere for them! [CREDITS](Game Design, Logic, and Visuals: @VolcanicThor and @Jayano) | (Music: @Destroyer5563 | (Help: @Jujupon)

    Right before a couple months of starting an amazing adventure with Iota and Atoi in Tearaway, this level came at the right time and I loved this from the very beginning. It'sthat ca a tearaway themed rpg where you play as a orange squirrel. A perfectly sized RPG plus a playable Squirrel that can make a punch hole with its strong twirl attack. What could you want from LittleBigPlanet? You go out and search around the map with plenty of collectibles to find and a lot of townspeople people to talk too. They can either ask for help or have a mini greeting for you. There are different areas you can play though such as a dark cave where you have to use light to avoid dying in goo and you can jump to reach high ledges. I swear if a squirrel can do this in real life and much more like the playable squirrel in this Tearaway-esque adventure, it would be the end of the world.


    Wow and Whoa combined make "Whow!" I guess it does. Anyway, Wow, this level rocks! To be perfectly honest, I'm just not too fond of the top down RPG genre in LittleBigPlanet *endures a round of Boos and Hisses* Alright, alright, settle down. I fancy the platformers most, but I have to say that I genuinely enjoyed this little adventure. The scenery was top notch and coupled with the cast of characters you happen upon, make for some really great visuals. The gameplay is fun and engaging as well. Just like in any RPG, you meet the townspeople and take on different task for them which in turn, helps you to complete your own task. This is a marvelous adventure with a great variety in scenery and gameplay and is simply a must play.


    Blastworks [1 Player] [Very Hard]
    by  Holguin86
    A sequel of sorts to the Mm-Picked level Missile Works, you must grapple and grab explosive missiles and bombs to guide them into obstacles and clear the way ahead. WARNING: There are some challenging and puzzling obstacles within that require cunning and dexterity to pass - not for the faint-hearted or the impatient! Can you find all 20 cherries and win the boss battle as a prize? | With thanks to beta-testers, in particular iBubek for ideas and music. | |

    Holiguin, you have stepped up your game from your last 'works level and it executed very well. If you haven't played the first level called MissleWorks, you should as it is awesome and comparing the two will be very interesting. In the first level, there are missiles and a grapple hook.This is where a new ambitious gameplay element was introduced to my eyes where you can guide the missiles by grappling to it and a slew of well thought up puzzles made it more of an original experience. Now, you just don't grapple missiles --which comes back with more awesome new gameplay in Blastworks-- but you now have bombs being introduced to the mechanics creating a higher level challenge. Not to mention the use of missiles and grabinators to jump higher, the great design, and a really fun boss battle at the end to top it all off. I think he went more than a step higher and that raised bar keeps me wanting for more.


    Ahahahaha! I'm handing out "whoas" like there's no tomorrow baby! WHOA and Shazam! Holguin, Holguin, Holguin. First, I apologize. I said some naughty words throughout this level and may have even called you a "mean poo poo head" a time or two. Admittedly, most of the offensive language came when I got to that nasty robot. What the heck was that dude's problem anyway? Geez! He was in a mighty tizzy for some reason. Here I was feeling pretty darn good about myself, saying things like, "look at all these points I have" and "I'm the kind of this level babay," only to have my scoreboard dreams stomped on by this jerk! Anyway, Second, this level is brilliant. I think I enjoyed this one more than Missile Works. The clever gameplay here is challenging, but also very rewarding and fun. Patience will guide you to the end, where you'll encounter a cool looking robot with a huge chip on his shoulder. Enjoy!


    Haha, bio! Nice to see our “whoa” quotient back where it should be :P This is certainly a level which deserves that kind of reaction. My experience playing it was uncannily like yours (minus the swearing, of course *cough*) I had a ball getting through the clever puzzles and platforming sections. Holguin’s “100 different ways to blow up a sack” gameplay is ingenious and finding those cherries (why cherries I wonder?) adds to the fun. The boss though was my undoing. I think my sack must have some kind of magnet built in that just attracts bombs and pounding fists! Never mind – it’s a great level – the design is wonderful and it has the perfect combination of challenge and fun. One of those beacon of light levels, in fact.


    JMC 2nd Music Gallery(music giveaway)
    by  JpnMusicCollabo
    We are project "JMC(Japanese Musicians Collaboration)". This level is JMC's 2nd Music gallery! There are 25 original music, and they are made by co-op create. Let's enjoy LBP with JMC music♪ 日本の音楽クリエイターチームJMC(Japanese Musicians Collaboration)の2ndミュージックギャラリーです。本ステでは全25曲のオリジナルミュー ジックを収録し、そのうち13曲がJMCメンバーによる共同製作によるものです。是非お楽しみ 下さい。 【Produce企画・総合演出:@oya_710】 【Artworkアート:@HIKOOSEN @nottkun @Kimuko-0829 @ajisagi】 【Membersメンバー:See credit in level ステ内クレジットをご覧下さい】

    What I love about LittleBigPlanet the most is that it has the power to connect all kinds of style and artwork from all over the world. Different countries have people with their own creative inputs gets exposed to us from anywhere in the world thanks to LBP. We now are aware of designs based on different cultures, we gain help and advice on different languages, and learn new traditions and facts about our world through other creators. One way to express culture is of course entertainment, and this music gallery has brought Japanese styled music exposing such a wonderful treat across the world to us. Other than having a well made and presented gallery with a lot of details and satisfying design, there are 25 tracks by the amazing Japanese community --including remixed music-- that were created via collaboration by talented LBP Japanese composers. This Japanese Collab team has SO much potential and has so much more to offer and I will definitively check back to see more from them.


    Another great music gallery from the JMC. Just as charmingly presented as the first and with a whole set of new tunes to enjoy. I love the little intro cartoons for each member of the collab and the remixes of each track are fascinating to listen to. They just demonstrate how much of a real collaboration this is. As hyper says, it’s a great example of how to play, create and above all share. Wonderful, quirky and full of talent.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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    1. Sandro8708's Avatar
      Sandro8708 -
      Very good lvl! Great job spotlight crew

      Edit: just a question. Are L-I-M-I and Wesfun bus at the moment or just to lazy lol.
    1. pj15's Avatar
      pj15 -
      thank you for the great level reviews. im glad you guys enjoyed it. hope i made you chuckle a little bit.

      i had lots of fun making my lvl. and i couldnt have done it without my great friend gwengivar. together we make a lvl we enjoy laughing about, basic platforming with some corny humor

      ps: if anyone has a problem with not finishing it send me a pm . ill be sure to help or fix anything .

      thanks again. and congrats to the other lvls spotlighted. awesome lvl holguin86
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      WESFUN -
      Im going to college for game development so ive taken a break I will return for my week beak coming up for midterms. Also, I am moving Nov 1st so ill be busy with that ontop of school. I miss playing and reviewing the levels posted here a lot ;( When im off for winter break ill return then you guys will habe to wait till march break after that its summer break.