• Community Spotlight Episode 128

    Welcome to the latest Episode of the Spotlight featuring the brightest and best of the Level Showcases over the past fortnight. It may not be biggest ever Spotlight but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. From a feisty Grandad off in search of his beloved hat to an oldskool adventure with some urban flair and a heady adventure in the clouds there’s plenty on the PS3 side to keep those January blues away and the Vita and Karting Spotlights have lots to offer too. I have to say that Girly Gamble track sounds really intriguing…

    Without further ado, on with the Spotlight:

    by  peoriaspitfire
    1-PLAYER ONLY] ---> Ladder and Ledge Climb your way to massive points. Be careful what you CHUG and see if you can find enough Easter Eggs and Surprises to get the High Score and WIN a $10 PSN Card! ---> Contest Ends 2/1/14 and will have 2 winners. Follow me on Twitter @peoriaspitfire to learn more and to see what I'm up to next! ---> Special thanks to @OMGYOUWOULD and @GHOST_CREATORS. ---> Some MUSIC by @MastaBlastya. Additional thanks to @Breezy-The-Pro for his font and @comphermc for tutorials.

    CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG into a fantastic world full of street acrobatics and fun platforming action across multiple levels. Enter an atmosphere with light posts, billboards, ladders, dumpsters and obstacles to cross over while grabbing soda drinks that are placed as collectabes across the levels. For some they are as simple to find as in a dumpster, all the way to climbing a ladder and jumping using vents on top of buildings. These sets of level are not just for exploring, but also is a score bonanza as well which adds well to this enjoyable masterpiece. This creator was (now is known) a true hidden gem in the LittleBigPlanet world and peoria deserves more than a spotlight, but a bow while saying "I'M NOT WORTHY"!


    There are not enough "Whoa's" in the world to fully express my love for this here Holy crap, even the Chapter Select level is awesome. Wait, can I say "crap?" Hope so. Anyway. You'll first enter the ever so cool, level, or Chapter Select arena and see a row of dumpsters before you. Each dumpster will take you to a different chapter in this saga in the streets and each chapter will amaze and delight you. The amount of detail found throughout is just staggering and I love every second that I get to spend with Chug and I'm quite positive that you will too. Hey Peoria, a huge congrats on this being Team Picked! I couldn't be happier for you, well deserved buddy.


    Enter the mean streets of CHUG at your peril, not so much because of the dangers which lurk there (and there are plenty) but because you may find yourself caught up in a totally addictive hunt for all the hidden items and score bonanzas in the levels. Each time you play you’ll find more things and think to yourself that if only you’d just taken a slightly different path you could have built an even bigger multiplier…and you’re hooked. Fortunate then that CHUG is such a cool place to hang out in. The gritty urban environment is beautifully realised, vivid and fantastically detailed and everywhere you look there are fun touches to bring a smile to your face: the funny posters, the skateboarding segment (how cool was that), your very own baseball court, a bit of breaking and entering. It makes the levels a blast to play and keeps things fresh right to the end. You can just tell how much love and attention has been poured into every aspect of this awesome series and it has paid off hundredfold. Great stuff.


    From Birds and old Men
    by  little-big-playe
    "Let me show you something. It's fantastic to draw.. but what would be, if you could see drawings live? You can't believe that right? Okay, then be attentive!" - The Cartoon Creator "ZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZzzZzzzzzZZzzzZZzzzzZZzzzzZZzzz" - An old (sleeping) Cartoon Man - - Thanks for the wonderfull music @CuriousSack! Also thanks to @Shaggy40000 for help with the translation!

    LBP has hit toonsville in this smash hit of an old man on some misadventures. What is up with getting old and being so avid about hats, it's destiny in real life as well as the digital. Little Big Player starts us off with a very vivid of imagination intro that gets straight to the point and keeps you entertained, then off to Cartoon Little Big World where you are introduced by the King and immediately told to see the Queen. I won't go into too much detail but grab your cane and be ready to poke folks with it, so funny the first time I started poking around with it. Felt as if I am on Social Security already, but with less bingo and more Adventure. Can't wait to see what the rest of the series has in store for us and I can't wait to cover up that bad comb over on my sprite when I finally get that blasted hat, now stay off my lawn you blasted hoodlums.


    Someone give this talent creator a cookie, a bow, I don't know - but give this level series a play! Little-Big-Playe has a special talent to those who do not know him. He carries the awesomeness with a move controller and the move paint feature and makes really incredible stickers. What's a better way to show off his stickers than a level series about a old man and awesome platforming along the way with many familiar LBP characters to see and it will make you feel like you are in a painted world. If you want to his some of work behind the scenes, check out his speed paints of the stickers in the art thread of the site and he even gives them away in the level! I really can not wait for the next part of the series and this creator deserves the spotlight more than I deserve cake, and I really want cake.


    Cloudying, Cloudyang!
    by  FusY-_-KaH
    Co-created with @cakito123 __ [1 Player Only] [Tricky/Hard] __ Walk through the clouds while you avoid some obstacles that are installed in the sky. There seems to be a ship at the end! I wonder whats inside of it? Sackboy must go there and find out! __ PART 2 COMING SOON (OR MAYBE NOT)

    Cloudying. Someone should find a way to add that word into the dictionary as it should be a verb when someone is playing a cloud platformer. Seems like I'll be the first to use it in a sentence! I enjoyed cloudying through this level with a lot of interesting game play elements including the use of the new wall-jumping ability. I mean it even has ferris wheels incorporated with the gameplay. Ferris wheels in the clouds? That would be something I would pay for, if it's safe of course. This level gets better and better as you progress, and please change "(PART 2 COMING SOON (OR MAYBE NOT)" to (PART 2 COMING SOON (I PROMISE!!).


    You will probably go through the whole range of emotions with this level. Love, hate, anger, fear, joy and so on. Mostly love though..and maybe a little rage now and then. This level takes you very, very high in the sky as the name suggest and from there your skills, or in my case the lack of, will be put to the test. The gameplay mechanics on display are brilliant and more than once you will be going, "What! That was coooool!" This is a fantastic level that you will surely enjoy.


    Loved the feel of this level – whirling, swooping and swinging through a stunning pink and blue sky filled with fluffy clouds and anything-but-fluffy gameplay. The combination of attracto-gel and wall-jumping works brilliantly and the sky is the perfect place to perform a series of dizzying aerial acrobatics. The moment you drop into the level your attention’s caught by the saturated colours, banks of clouds and the weird and wonderful contraptions unexpectedly at home there. After that, though, you’ll need all your wits and some quick reactions to get you through to the end. Quirky, absorbing and a whole lot of fun to play. An ozone rich breath of fresh air.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] A race level where your cape glides you through a score-fested obstacle course in Bullet Owl Race by SnakeOwl
    • [LBP2] Stop and hop into this puzzle platformer level made with the DC Comics and full of cool wall jumping mechanics - "Stop & Hop!" by KomodoBrothers
    • [LBP2] ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE! Hit the cavern filled with the undead and try to survive for your sack-life in The Zombie Caverns - Level 3: "The Dark Underworld" by RakasaPlus
    • [LBP2] Gather up another player or three and face each other in an Air Hockey game where the first to score 10 points is the winner in Airhockey HD (2-4Player) by FabFio71
    • [LBP2] Grab a couple victims -er... friends!- and enter an randomized, destructible area and blow them up with bombs in Blow Your Friends Up! by Mnniska
    • [LBP2] Yikes, your spaceship needs a power crystal and the only way to get it is by platforming through this spaceship - lots of fun and challenging DC comics mechanics on show - Poka-Yoke Sector by HELLYEAH1982
    • [LBP2] Walk on falling ice cubes and wall jump your way through with 10 secrets to collect in burning ice (1P) by Sandro8708

    For those reading the Spotlight on the Front Page, click here for a link to the Vita Spotlight and here for Karting
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      Thanks for the CHUG spotlight! There are lots of awesome levels and creators mentioned here!
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      Congrats to everyone in the spotlight ^_^!!!
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      Thank you very much for the Spotlight of my Level!
      So Many great Levels in this Spotlight it's a fantastic start of 2104!
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      You guys are amazing for giving up your time to prepare the Hub and to publicise players' levels.

      Many thanks
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      Nice picks. Really great levels, all of them!
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      thank you again