• Community Spotlight Episode 130

    Welcome to Episode 130 of the Spotlight! This Episode is different from all previous Episodes because for the first time we're featuring not just the best of the levels posted in the Level Showcases over the past fortnight but also the pick of the levels posted by members in the Recommendations section of the site during that time. Even though we’re now casting our net wider, we still only have 3 full spotlights in the LBP2 section of the Spotlight. We don’t want to get too apocalyptic here. With any luck this dip in levels posted in the Showcases is only temporary and the new LBPHub may bring in lots of new creators. In the meantime, though, for the Spotlight to continue to thrive we're going to need you all to help by posting any awesome levels you’ve come across in your gaddings in the Recommendations thread (assuming they aren’t already in the Showcases). So get playing and keep the Crew busy playing the gems you have uncovered xD

    Without further ado on with this fortnight’s small but perfectly formed Spotlight!

    Link to Hubbie and the LBPC Spotlight hubs for LBP2

    The Unfinished Kingdom
    by  OmieR
    Take an adventure in to the unfinnished kingdom. The place what was suppose to become something special, but because the king, the architect of this wonder place got old, he left and the kingdom left behind unfinnished. Special thanks goes to @D4RKSM0K3HUNT3R for the help!

    When you first pop into this surreal territory, you may think, "wow, this is a bit random." On closer inspection and the further you go, you realize that there is order to this chaos. Man, there are so many cool things going on in this level, it would be impossible to list them all. This world is so real and unreal at the same time. The sights, the sounds, the impossible yet possible contraptions that convey you from one area to the next, this is a real treat that you have to see for yourself.


    This is the level where I'm going to leave a review like no other, this review will only consist of three words and with those words you can connect them together with your thoughts and that will describe OmieRs art including this level. The 3 words are : Abstract , Wonder, and Mystique.


    As a tribute to Omier and his awesome style he has developed into his own, I have left my name unfinished as well. Sometimes you hear the phrase "Less is More", some heed it, some don't. It's not everyday someone can create with such artistic vibrance with so little that leaves you in awe. The premise of the level surely fits what is contained inside, an unfinished, but finished masterpiece. So in conclusion everyone should play this level ASAP because it is


    The Unfinished Kingdom is another of those beautiful but completely surreal creations that could only spring from the teeming imagination of OmieR. You find yourself in an Alice through the Looking Glass world where most of the walls and floors are missing but, in the weird logic of dreams, the doors are standing proudly there, as large as life (along with the odd lamp and a bathtub!). But it does all make perfect sense really for, as the description says, this an unfinished land, one from which the master builder has vanished leaving piles of cut stone and scaffolding and cranes behind him. Even worse, part of this world is still at the drawing board stage and your path lies along the architect’s pencil lines, some of which are being drawn under your very feet and may disappear, leaving you to tumble into the void. It’s wonderful stuff, full of imaginative touches and the superb elegance and style which are the hallmark of all OmieR’s levels. There’s some challenging platforming in there too, requiring precise timing and long jumps to get by. So if you’re wanting to play something beautiful, other-worldly and quite out of the ordinary, this is the level for you.


    by  smasher1116789
    Take a tour of an old, abandoned, rundown factory. This place was suppose to be empty and quiet. You may find that there's plenty of activity after all. Can you survive this perilous trek!?!? (I strongly suggest one player. Although more than one will probably be able to make it through, some of the sections/obsticals may be harder, or might not function properly) Music by @Velvet-Audio

    "Can you survive this perilous trek?" Ha! "perilous" does not even BEGIN to describe this journey through a run down factory. I cannot tell you how many times I was sliced, diced, skewered, burned, electrocuted, vaporized, smashed, crashed and you name it, it happened. This mostly had to do with my playing skills and my playing style of go go go! This level is really cool though, with lots and lots of really neat contraptions. I'm positive that you more skilled players, and that means about 99.9% of you, will have no problems getting through this wondrous and strange factory.


    So many ingenious ways to kill a Sack! This level will make you sweat blood and tears but the obstacles are so cool that you won’t begrudge a second of the time you spend pitting your wits and skills against it. It has a setting to match too: this abandoned factory is just crammed with awesome steampunk decos, full of rusting but beautiful metalwork, ticking gauges and exposed wires flickering with electricity. It’s all so grungy and lethal and cool! So having grappled your way up conveyor belt walls that are hell-bent on impaling you on giant saws, wall jumped your way past smaller but evilly nippy saws and diced with death on a huge Ferris wheel of doom, you come to the climax of the level. This last section must have killed me 20 times but in the end I made it through the intricate, beautiful rotating metal gears and into the pipe and safety at the end...where I promptly collapsed in a heap. Hard but incredibly fun. Go on, have a go! I dare you… :P


    This. This tempted me to never say challenge accepted ever again, but I went again, again, and again. Oh I wanted to rage quit but there was something about the level itself that kept me coming for more and more after playing it numberous times! This level is awesome and really enjoyable and there are some hard challenges in gameplay that you are going to encounter in this neatly-designed platformer. Thought if it is too hard, the creator has given alternation shortcuts to pass some of the obstacles if you are having to much trouble. Though, the good news is that this is not as hard as Flappy Bird, and the achievement of completion is more epic than ever!


    Temple Turmoil 2: Trials and Tribulations
    by  RyanardoDaVinci
    Sackboy's search for amazing treasures continues. After finding the Legendary Booty, Sackboy was told of a far greater relic of antiquity: the Chest of Magnificence. There is only one problem; the Chest is kept in a temple surrounded by liquid-hot magma!

    Whoa! I felt like I was in an action movie! The director yells, "action" and it's one big action scene with stunt after stunt. Did I say "action" enough times? Definitely not, because this level is chock full of, you guessed it, action! I absolutely love the materials in the new DC Comics pack. It makes for some absolutely phenomenal temples. The story here is that you are in search of an awesome treasure and so you head into this temple full of devious traps and contraptions in order to claim your riches. Will you find it?


    Once again great use has been given to a great platformer thanks to the DC Comics Pack! Overall, the gameplay stood out to me while wall jumping all over the place and some of the game play elements had me say clever to myself a couple of times. Along with a very interesting theme, add this to your platforming list and you will not be displeased.


    I don’t know whether it’s down to the throbbing drums in the background, the fantastic pacing of the platforming or the stunning use of the new temple materials, but this level has a real sense of adventure to it. You can almost taste it in the air. Your search for treasure will take you through some great – and challenging – obstacles, which will test your skills and have you puzzling out how to reach those tantalisingly placed gold treasure chests. You’ll face spikes and lava at every turn. At one point you even find yourself platforming upstream in a positive river of liquid hot magma and doing it on bouncepad stepping stones small enough to make you sweat. And there are so many moving parts to this temple: you’ll be dicing with death again and again as you attempt to time your wall jumping and grappling to avoid a fiery demise. It’s quite simply tremendous fun to play. There’s just so much to do and the obstacles and setting are so well designed. A blast from start to finish, this level will give you jungle fever - in a good way!


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