• Community Spotlight Episode 134

    Welcome everyone to the Easter Episode of the Spotlight. We have some great levels for you to enjoy. From epic adventures to awesome level series (both in LBP2 and Vita), classic platforming and a stunning shooter. There’s truly something for everyone. A huge thank you to all the talented creators out there who keep producing these gems and thank goodness for holidays which give everyone extra time for creating and playing!

    Talking of holidays, Jauw is giving the hub an Easter makeover so be sure to give it a play when it's published tomorrow!

    Without further ado, on with the Spotlight:

    Link to Hubbie and the LBPC Spotlight hubs for LBP2


    LBN Sackquest: The Diamond Of Dark Mountain part one
    by  Arklon
    ONE PLAYER ONLY! An entry in the LittleBigNetWorks SackQuest! A vile dragon has ravaged the land and Kidnapped the Queen and her son, You are the Chosen One, you must help the Brave Knight on his quest to slay the dragon!

    I'm chuckling to myself as I sit here writing this. This series has so much memorable humor in it that you really have to play it several times to fully appreciate it and see it all. I'm not talking just the voiced dialog either, oh no, there are loads more to make you laugh out loud. Humor aside, this really a great series of levels that is just chock full of those little details that you will probably miss the first go round. Now I'm snorting thinking about something else, you have to see these levels!


    Bout dang time we get another addition of Sackboy and the Bear. This time round Arklon brings us a mighty quest chalked full of Humour, adventure, and did I say Humour? This is a phenomenal quest loaded to the brim of whimsy one-liners, hysterical dialogue, and did I mention the Horse yet? My favorite part had to be when The Bear fell down and was stuck at the bottom and just went on yammering and such, makes me smile just thinking of that part. Stickmandude and Arklon are such a great duo together and compliment each other's personalities like a lock and bolt. For those who haven't yet got to play this I would definitely queue this up if I were you, but I am not you cause I already played and can attest to its Epicness.


    I have to say that this Sackquest entry has so much charm it’s not true. It has to be one of the funniest series I have ever played. It’s not easy to pull off humour in LBP but I lost count of the times this just had me chuckling or plain laughing out loud. The bear and his (Spiderman!) horse, the incident with the soup, the narrator with attitude, sooo many funny one-liners and visual jokes. The rest of the series is just as great, full of imagination, cool ideas and interesting, larger than life visuals. There’s never a dull moment. It may not have the highest levels of polish or sophistication in the gameplay but it more than makes up for that with its freshness, creativity and humour. A level series with a big heart.


    (LBN SACKQUEST) Prabhu & The Cosmos Astrosanguineus Seed
    by  retrogamer7
    (An entry in Littlebignetworks SackQuest) The Planet Probian stopped spinning leaving most of the World in darkness. Everyone & everything in the darkness slowly perished. Prabhu was the last of his kind. From the darkness to the light side of the Planet Probian. Prabhu sets out on a journey that he dreamed of, over & over. Can Prabhu finish his quest & save his kind from Extinction? (1Player only) HAPPY GAMING :) & Good luck.

    Whoa! I was seriously impressed with this. You know, I don't recall Retro ever making a level like this. He should definitely make moar! Wow, this is another one of those levels where in some places you just stop and go, Whoa. Retro has designed this world, this magnificent amazing world, in which you play as Prabhu, who is the last of his kind and sets out one incredible journey. Along the way you will encounter puzzles and platforms and enemies and just all kinds of dangers. The quest is challenging but very rewarding. A must play in my opinion.


    The quality of the entries to the LBN SackQuest contest has been so high and this level is again a testimony to the sheer effort put into it and the vision of the creator. The scenery is gorgeous – full of life and colour - and there are some great special effects and cinematic moments to feast the eyes on. The hero Prabhu may be a small blob-like creature but he has an appeal and a naivety which soon endear you to him and make you want him to succeed in his quest to save his kind. There’s plenty of challenge along the way too, with some interesting platforming and puzzles and some great secrets to find. A hugely enjoyable level which at times will take your breath away.


    Getting ready to pair up with this awesome little dude called Prabhu on one epic and logic adventure to rescue his kind from extinction. A basic story but yet it is so beautiful as it speaks out to you during the quest in one of the most enjoyable platformers I've played with a character that was made out of sticker panel. The design is gorgeous and bright made out of Aztec gold and will have you jumping around all over the place testing your awesome skills! This little red fella has the power to summon a bright light once you grasp the ability and it will make the platforming even more entertaining and edge-seeking. It is not until you get the end when you are tasked with something alluring to do right when you reach the final seconds of Prabhu's adventure that can easily touch your heart as a mission completed.


    (DVLC1 Winner) "Living In Ruins"
    by  KomodoBrothers
    (Winner of DragonVarsity's Level Contest #1) "Living in ruins of a palace within my dreams, and you know, we're on each other's team." Make your way through the abandoned temple as you avoid booby traps and swing with your grapple hook, you may discover it's not abandoned after all...Paintings by

    To be honest, this level surprised me a little. I wasn't expecting it to be so gorgeous! I loved it here and wanted to stay much longer and explore every nook and cranny but the urge to press on controlled me as I wanted to see what else Komodobrothers had in store. I very much enjoyed the gameplay and the clever use of sackbots was highly..well, clever. Puzzle platformers are a rare breed in LBP, so it's always nice to see one and extra nice to see one done so well as this one. It's no wonder this was the winner in DragonVarsity's contest. If you haven't yet played this, please do yourself a favor and take a look.


    As I enter this wonderful world the first thing that struck out to me was the lighting and the genius use of certain materials. It heavily made me feel like I was playing journey and it certainly hit the dessert-esque theme DragonVarsity was looking for in his first contest. If the design does not simply wisk you away from your feet, then the gameplay with the sackbots will! Prepare to meet these random dude all dressed in black with a hoodie. As much as they look like a foe, they are really useful as you can consume them to your advantage by grappling on to them to hit certain buttons, move along platform-less areas, pull levels and other cool neat bits. In the end the atmosphere will be one you will miss, as this creator is getting better with his creations and 1 upping his game every single time - well done!


    This is one of those levels that sucks you in and charms you. First there’s the wonderful, slightly moody atmosphere. I just loved the earthy subdued colours and the mellow lighting. The vistas through the temple to the sky beyond, the waving grasses and the billowing sands were just beautifully done and the music by xTrillexx matches the mood perfectly. Then there’s the gameplay. On your way through the temple you’ll encounter some enigmatic crow-like creatures who “help” you navigate some of the traps and mysterious contraptions en route. This element really lifts the gameplay to another level and adds to the atmosphere of strangeness. A level with a unique and subtle appeal that’s a real pleasure to play.


    Cryptic Cyan
    by  knowntokill
    Falling down a vent, Sackboy finally comes to his senses. He opens his eyes to the darkness that surrounds him... ---- [Players: 1-4] [1 Player Recommended] [Difficulty: Medium] ----- Thanks to

    I am not surprised at how well this level turned out to be, considering I had my hopes up considering knowntokill was 3 of 3 upto this point, meaning I've hearted each of his/her levels upto date. This is an uber cool platformer that hooks you from the beginning with a solid soundtrack and the bluish hue look. The level has a more then superior design that leaves one taking notes throughout. The use of the spotlights added to the vividness of the level and added an element that coupled nicely with the cape, and intricate flow. Overall this level tickled my platforming senses to the point I didn't hesitate to heart it when arriving at the scoreboard


    Boy! I do love platformers. I just love running my sackboy through a level and bouncing here and there and climbing on contraptions and being moved from one spot to the next. Ooh, you know what I love more than platformers? Sci-fi platformers! Or at least ones with a hi-techie feel to them. Such as this one. In this platformer, the cape is utilized quite heavily and in very good ways might I add. You'll have a grand time traversing through here, I just know it.


    A very cool platformer which makes great use of the cape power up. Knowntokill gives the cape a novel twist by combining it with stealth gameplay, where you have to swoop past patrolling spotlights. One false move and the cool blue atmosphere changes to a harsh flashing red and you plunge to your doom. Not a level to rush through heedlessly or you’ll pay the price *cough* The level is beautifully designed, the gameplay flows really well and has a nice level of challenge. The visuals are just as polished, with the cyan colouring and lighting creating a nice moody blue atmosphere. Simply a treat to play.


    SURGE [1P ONLY] Ver 3.0
    by  Headman-1000
    (SURGE) <1P> Over the city intense air combat. Three playable ships loaded with weapons. 5 Diffculty to choose from, Tons of boss battle action, Jaw dropping soundtracks with arcade mixed sony control panel intergrated in. Special thanks to Mastablastya and LoveRice HAVE FUN AND KEEP LBP ALIVE ^^.

    Holy Crap! Oops, apologies. Please excuse my crudeness, but dang a boy, this was something! I literally forgot I was playing LittleBigPlanet. You just get sucked into it, you know? Um, man, I don't know even where to start with this one. The menu! Dang my grits, my mouth was hanging open just going through the menu options! There are so many modes to choose from and then you choose from several different types of ships, all of which are awesome. Get through the menu and then, well then the carnage begins. Where ever you're at, they don't want you there because everyone and everything is throwing all they have at you! That's just the minions! Just wait till you see the many bosses! Whoa, just play this now!


    Headmann-1000 is back with another of his amazing shooters. It looks fantastic - from the menus at the start to the ships, bosses and all the different weapon effects, everything is beautifully designed and professional in quality. Even the cityscape backdrop has some great details in it…but you won’t get much chance to take them in because, as ever, the action is frenetic with waves of enemies and hailstorms of bullets and bombs coming at you from all directions. Intense doesn’t come close to describing it and I was playing on easy! This really is one of those levels where you spend most of your time just saying “wow” to yourself over and over. A stunning, frantic, adrenaline filled ride!


    Ok, wait a minute. Since when did LBP handle soo much action and explosion packed within a confined space? This is truly a creative engine! I hope you did everything you needed to do today, because after you selected a ship out of the three given to you, one of the five difficulties, and other neat stuff from a professionally executed menu screen, there is no return in stopping to take a break. When I mention action packed, it is explosions at every corner at every second in this shoot em up an your ship is mega powerful packed with a chock full of abilities and it is incredibility balanced. There is a time delay for each power up, and trust me, a cool down system fits nicely as there is going to be sooo much BOOM and POW more and more will probably be unnecessary overkill! Enjoy the multiple levels and a vast amount of epic bosses brought to you by this creator as this person surely created a hidden gem!


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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    1. KomodoBrothers's Avatar
      KomodoBrothers -
      Wow, thanks for spotlighting my level! And biorogue, hyperdude95, and shropshirelass you said wonderful things about it, greatly appreciated. Congrats to everyone else too, I've only played Cryptic Cyan so I guess it's time to queue these babies up!
    1. hyperdude95's Avatar
      hyperdude95 -
      You are welcome!

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      Sharfik1995 -
      thank you for spotlight!
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      vusco -
      is a pleasure to know that after years of which was released lbp, you maintain active the community, good luck and thank you very much for this new spotlight.

      sorry for my english xd
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      TylerSD -
      Thanks for the spotlight!
    1. retrogamer7's Avatar
      retrogamer7 -
      To see such lovely things wrote about something I created is very touching indeed. Especially considering how many levels the spotlight crew test and play. I loved creating my level and I'm so happy that some people will play it and enjoy. I am very grateful and thank you all for including my level and for your lovely comments
      Take care and well done to all of you for the great work you put into the hubs and to the Creators that make these amazing creations
    1. arklon's Avatar
      arklon -
      WOW! Thanks for the spotlight!

      I have been whacking bears over the head witih lamps and shoving them down stairs along with various other wacky shenanigans since the good old LBP 1 days and this is the very first time one of my works of stupidity has been given anykind of major attention and I am happy so many people are enjoying it.
      Both me and Stickmandude put our very best into this one because we love the characters and had a passion for the wacky story we had dreamed up. Reading the three very kind reviews above almost brought tears to my eyes.

      The Sackquest competition is FULL of amazing and mind blowing levels and me and Stickman dude are happy to be a part of it. Once again,thanks for giving our sillyness a chance and keep up the great work you guys do around here and congrates to every one else as well.
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      Mdoodle22 -
      Link to vita spotlight didn't work
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      StickmanDude -
      *creeeeaaaaaak* Stickmandude stumbles into the deserted spotlight hall... a small cloud of dust scuds away as he comes to a halt... 'hello anyone there - have I missed the party?' ... 'gah I knew I shouldn't have had that extra bowl of delicious soup'...

      Hehe I guess people are unlikely to read this but I have to say a big thank you for the Spotlight of Dark Mountain! I would like to encourage anyone who does check out the 1st level to follow on to the rest of the story in part 2 and 3 as they were all created together as a complete story and there are all manner of different crazy fun daft shenanigans in store for the brave sacks who venture forth!

      and yes i also have to echo the congrats to everyone else who took part - a huge amount of fun to play them all

      See you around!