• Community Spotlight Episode 135

    Welcome everyone to the latest Episode of the Community Spotlight featuring the best of the levels posted in the Level Showcase and the Recommendations forum in the past fortnight. Please do check out the honourable mentions as there are some excellent levels in there too, some by creators who deserve more exposure. Thanks to all the creators for continuing to produce such great levels. Youíre doing amazing things still with the game.

    A special thanks too to Dragonvarsity, AVundCV and Sandro8708 for recommending some great levels. Keep up the great work xD

    Link to Hubbie and the LBPC Spotlight hubs for LBP2


    JMC 3rd Music Gallery(music giveaway)
    by  JpnMusicCollabo
    We are music project team called "JMC(Japanese Musicians Collaboration)". This level is JMC 3rd Music Gallery! Theare are 31 music in this level. If you hope, You can use them freely.:D Please enjoy LBP with our music & our arts! LBP内で活動する日本人音楽クリエイターチーム"JMC(Japanese Musicians Collaboration)"による3つ目のミュージックギャラリーです。本ステージでは、JMCメンバー16人による31曲のオリジナ ルミュージックが公開・配布されています。JMCの音楽と共に、皆さんのLBPライフがより楽しいものにな ることを願っています。是非お楽しみください。

    The time has come once again, for another well-introduced HUB by these talented composers. The 3rd in their collection and the biggest one yet introduced a wide range of music to listen to as well as grabbing some for yourself to use in your own levels or just for listening to the professional music while creating in your moon. The variety is huge and the quality is topped once again with a very detailed and enjoyable introduction introducing the team with a touch of fun in the atmosphere. Take part in supporting the third massive HUB as you endure in these songs to your liking.


    To say these guys are incredible is a huge understatement. I always look forward to a new instalment of their music collaboration project. If you have not had the pleasure to visit one of these, then shame on you! You are in for a real treat to not only the ears, but the eyes as well. The artwork here is just delicious with highly detailed characters and a very cool menu screen. The music is where it's at though and there is plenty of it on hand, thirty-one tracks in all and all collectible too! There is a wide variety of tracks to listen to and/or collect so I know you won't be disappointed in the least little bit.


    I couldnít agree more with bio and Hyper. These collaborations are a delight. Itís not just the amount of great music on offer but the obvious joy with which the galleries are put together. You can tell from the charming, comic introductions and wonderful artwork just how much fun the whole JMC crew get from their undoubted hard work on these levels. Their pleasure in what they do shines through and itís contagious too xD Anyway, thereís a lot to enjoy in this latest instalment with music in all different shapes and sizes. A delight to listen to.


    Easter Bunny Paradise
    by  alain251
    I wish you all a very Happy Easter! [ Platformer ] ----- Special Thanks : Velvet--audio for the music.

    Easter themed level that involves the paintinator ..... Hmmm tell me more ..... there's rabbits in this level ..... I like where this is heading ..... So the paintinator has nothing to do with shooting those happy bunnies ....... Good, whew you had me worried there for a second. The design of this level is very visually flexible and by choosing to couple it with an Easter-esque theme was clever. The obstacles were flawless, the flow and overall experience had me grinning from ear to ear. This level nearly gave me that uber goody gittiness like the last level of Tearaway gave me. Thank you for making this level Alain, this is just the level I really needed to play!!!!


    Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail...Well, it's that time of year again folks. The annual bombardment of Easter levels. One thing you can count on from Alain is a good holiday level that offers up new and unique gameplay in a cheery environment. Easter Bunny Paradise is so well made that it makes me jealous of his skills. I love the design, look and feel of this level and how well it flows from area to the next. A solid platformer from a solid creator. Play it.


    Another really nice platformer by alain251. Itís a perfect example of a good seasonal level - great gameplay given a fun Easter twist. There are some lovely seasonal bits of dťcor; the funny chickens made me laugh and the huge white Easter Bunny is very cute but they are the trimmings on what is at heart an excellent and very professional platforming level. I had a great time bouncing, shooting and grabbing my way through this. As Limi says, itís well designed with a great flow to it and a decent level of challenge (though I am now very curious to know exactly what ďgittinessĒ is. In the UK that would not be a good thing at all, lol!).


    Super Toys
    by  missyhifi
    Welcome to the colorful and funny Super Toys -:-:- Platformer 1-4 Players / Short Cinematic Intro -:-:- Difficulty Easy -:-:- To increase your score, watch out for some special bubbles -:-:- Many thanks

    Get ready to feel like a kid once again. The moment you enter the color of awe wil strike you and take you on a trip that once touched your childhood. Many many toys, and other sweet creations will see you as you wall jump, glide and platform across a beautiful environment full of humorous and delightful scenery. To top it all off, the main thing that got me in the mood was the fantastic music which made me stay for a bit longer to listen to it because it touched me in a way. Prepare you some fun, some laughs all packed and crammed into a fun time.


    I just had to stop by and write a review for this level! This is one of the better levels I have had the privilege of playing. You are a magnificent creator missyhifi! There are plenty of surprises you'll find gadding through the this mystic world of toys. With flying and wall jumps, this level has it all, not to mention it made me feel like a little kid again. So definetly give this level a try!


    SHAZAM!!! it sounded better in my head. Wow, Honey Shrunk My Sackboy and threw him right in the middle of a Duncan Toy Store esque level that pushes every button of Glee a player could have. This definitely brought me back to when I was Young and Restless. I think when MissiHifi goes into create and whatever she thinks of comes to Life, through the levels vividness, charm, sparkle, Snap, Crackle and Pop.


    Joyful has to be the best word to describe this level. Thereís joy in the vivid colours and great soundtrack; joy in the creation of a world of good old fashioned toys. There are so many superb imaginative touches, and not just the big things, like a Ferris wheel with tiny spaceships to ride in or a fire engine that squirts real ;D water but the little things too, like way the spikes that kill you are colourful drawing pins instead of the standard spikes. The end result is utterly charming, full of the magic and wonder of childhood. You can tell how much fun people get from playing this level from all the photos they take of themselves peeping out of the window of a rocket, riding in Jokerís pram or grinning away in the cab of a massive crane. Itís not all about the visuals either. Thereís some fun wall jumping and cape gameplay, and itís all really well integrated into the toy theme. Missyhifi has done an amazing job with this level. Play itĖ it will have you beaming from ear to ear.



    by  ITARBOYI
    Plants can't move from their spot. They can only move around when they are in a flowerpot. This way new friendships florish when they meet their new neighbours. But if one plant is moved by human hands, and it looses its friends, it will break it's heart. So be careful next time you move a plant araund. ____ Co-op created with: Bigsurf77, ogelgogel ____ Translation: mirjanneke

    A unique level deserves a unique review -- so here I go. Humans aren't the only race entity that exclaims emotion throughout their nature. Here on the very face of earth, there is more feelings by the green than the blue and animals. Plants are alive, they react if they are alone or together with another plant, they evolve based on hearing different types of music, they are the source that keeps our life cycle in repeating motion. Goodness, everyone, leave the fact out that it's a stunningly impressive LBP level and look at the meaning behind the hidden door. Now, please take a look at LittleBigPlanet. A good, keen look after it's 6 years of evolution. A beautiful meaning mashed with a entity that expresses the valuable concept in living as we know it blooms to a visual interpretation of the hidden message and power of plant life. The bright graphics and unique game play adds to the cake, but the meaning of a purpose turns this level into a message of others who share this world among us, and to pursue the ability to help others living life among our habitat. Most importantly, to the lawnmowers who smell a heavy grass scent due to the grass being in pain and distress after cutting their field, and to the bulldozers who knock and enter one's home by force leaving destruction in the remains - get those to believe what they do not think its true, the truth that nature's green have emotions too.


    Whoa! And I thought I was long winded! Well, since Hyper took up half the page, I'll make mine short and sweet. Love ya Hyper! Uh, in a manly bro way of course. I was so happy to see this get team picked. It is one of the most unique levels you will ever see. Goodness! Where to even begin? You have to really admire ITARBOYI. He has such a unique and creative art style. Each and every one of the levels are just chock full of charm and ingenuity and Conservatory is certainly no different. This whole place is so alive, especially when you grab water drops and toss them into pots and watch the plants grow to help you on your quest. Words cannot do this justice. Just please go see it for yourself.


    So glad someone recommended this as itís great finally to be able to spotlight one of ITARBOYIís levels. He has such a wonderful and unique art style. I love the depth and shading in his visuals and the way it almost looks sketched or painted. This level is no exception. The conservatory looks just amazing with beautifully nuanced colouring in everything from the earthy plant pots, to the dusty wooden shelves and blue sky outside the windows. It has a fantastic grainy quality Iíve not seen in anyone elseís work. There are some great plants in the conservatory too - talking ones at that - who help you along your way in your mission to re-unite two separated plants. There are some nice puzzles and cool sprung contraptions too but the star of the show remains the outstanding visuals. Eye candy indeed.


    Also from the Showcase...
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    • [LBP2] Reach for the stars... Like literally really reach for them and score points in Cosmic Colors by dakrrs
    • [LBP2] A touching story restoring power one platform at a time in a wonderful adventure in JOURNEY of Robot Town by RINGOPAI
    • [LBP2] The mood and lighting in this abandoned facility are superb. Add some excellent platforming and you have an atmospheric level thatís a pleasure to play -Ethereal Illusion by blackbird31468

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