• Community Spotlight Episode 136

    Welcome everyone to the latest episode of the Spotlight featuring the best of the levels posted in the level Showcase and Recommendations forum over the past two weeks. Thanks to Sandro8708, bonner123 and kingerbrocku for their recommendations. In fact bonne123 recommended three great levels by mpggsmpggs but to avoid overload weíre holding over the last of the 3 until our next Episode. Keep the awesome recommendations coming!

    As usual, given the crossover between the Spotlight Crew and the Contest Crew judges, weíre also holding over all the LBPC12 levels posted in the Showcase until after the results have been announced.

    Finally, we wanted to let you know that given the (hopefully temporary only) slowdown in the number of levels being posted on LBPC at the moment, we are contemplating moving to a monthly rather than a fortnightly Spotlight until things pick up again. Any feedback or suggestions would be gratefully received.

    In the meantime, without further ado, on with the Spotlight!

    Link to Hubbie and the LBPC Spotlight hubs for LBP2


    V<>id~ßpeĘtrĶm (Rhythmical Multi Side Shooter) V.1.2 (1Player)
    by  Pirmaut
    Take a journey inside a Pc hardware with this psychedelic fast paced rhythmical multiside shooter in pure retrÚ style.Listen and see the beat of the music evolve the action and follow the beats to get your best score.Collect bonus,power up and shields evolving,choosing between 3 different type of ships and clear the operating system from all the virus intruded.MUSICS BY Festerd Jester and Pirmaut.(for a best experience One player required).

    A burst of awesomeness came our way this month and it delivered as one of the most epic shoot em ups I have ever played from the community. Prepare to fight off viruses in a computer and avoid a bunch of obstacles while you collect points or power-ups shooting your way through the operating system. Its not just a ship, but three that you can choose from with different stats that will still give you the equal balance of the super heavy dose of action in this rhythmic shooter. Multiple stages will have different types of enemies and really challenging bosses which can be toned down by the difficulty of your choice. The game play is a sense of re freshness as the camera will change during the stages in different views giving a whole another impression of a shooter. To top it all off, the music hits well as its a rhythmic shooter when enemies come by you to the amazing heart-pumping beat.


    Holy Crap, Whoa! Bang Boom Pow! This sucker is intense! If you're expecting another run of the mill side scroller, think again. Actually, I don't even know if you could classify this as a side scroller as one of the unique features of this game is that it is constantly changing perspective. One minute you're going from left to right shooting up stuff and the next thing you know the screen rotates and you're going from bottom to top! This is an epic shooter and should not be missed.


    Wow now that's a level! What did I just play. This nonstop side scrolling shoot-em up and lets destroy some super computer action really hits me as some non-stop mayhem. What do we have here it looks like this level really fed my side scrolling needs for the next 40 years! This level will make your head spin and make you smile as you do. It really does its job I might have not been able to beat the insanity that lies within; but dang will I ever have to make my way through this level again and again. Now excuse me I have to find my jaw it just detached from what I have witnessed!


    Lol, sadly, I'm not worthy to review this level as I manage to fail at it even on easy mode but I just had to add a quick line to say how stunning it is. The intensity, the genius of the shifting perspective, the way the gameplay is inexorably linked to the awesome soundtrack. Itís superb stuff, off the scale brilliance everywhere, and itís great to see levels of this calibre still be made in LBP. Thank you so much for sharing!



    Just A Little Leak
    by  Flat_Pormer
    Sackboy is looking to make some extra cash on the side. Tom Piper has the perfect job for him.

    Oh how I love platformers, but you, you ever faithful reader, you already know that. Pah! Who am I kidding? No one reads these things. I could type anything here and it would go unnoticed. I've proved that before. But, I shall go ahead and talk about this here charming little level. That's kind of the perfect descriptor for this level actually. It just oozes charm and the gameplay is nice and smooth. Lots of great and cool game mechanics to play around on. You'll love it. Play it.


    As you enter this level of sheer awesomeness you meet some sack named taffy I er mean Tom Piper he wants you to do something for him fix his pipes cause a certain company won't do it for him. As you travel through biorogue dang it I did it again. Tom's basement the madness of this awesome level commences with absolute amazement. As you go through this basement you damage more pipes than fixing this level is sure one of the best platformers I have played in a while but honestly this is worth checking out more than shrop... I er mean just check it out now!


    This is one seriously good platformer. Itís not flashy or gimmicky but just full of great gameplay, creative ideas and understated charm. Water levels have rather gone out of fashion but this just reminds us how good a good water level can be. You're not just swimming around but opening and closing taps to raise and lower the water levels, creating jets of water which turn water wheels equipped with wall jump panels and generally messing about with the buoyancy. Itís clever, fresh and fun to play. The design is as smooth as the gameplay. Tom Piperís basement may be dark but itís by no means cheerless and there are lots of nice details to make you smile plus one or dashes of humour to turn that smile into a grin. So even if youíre no plumber, please don't turn down Tomís plea for help. Go fix that leak, you won't regret it! (unlike WES...who is about to do a lot of regretting ;D)


    ALL-ROUND DICE (Platformer) [JPN]
    by  mpggsmpggs
    Best for 1~2 player. 1~2人プレイ推奨。クリエイトギアを使う横スクです。シンプルですが、頭を使うステージです。2周目から はタイムアタックに挑戦できます。

    I almost quit this level right when I entered it because it just looked so bland right from the get go. Sorry, sometimes I do that. Handy tip, you better grab me right from the start. But, because I'm a sucker for cardboard, I pressed on. Came to the first obstacle and thought, hmm, that's pretty cool, that's a neat mechanic. I say mechanic a lot. I just realized that. Probably almost as much as I say "Whoa." Anyway, the level is pretty basic in design, and I love it. The puzzles are very well made and fun to do. An excellent level that deserves your attention.


    Well what do we got a fantastic cardboard level with gasp! Bouncepad cubes, I am so there! Welcome to All-Round Dice . Population EPIC puzzle madness. This puzzle platform level brings us around this madness with nonstop puzzle fun. All the puzzles are simply mind-blowing with 1 mess up could cause your sack's life but as Bio would say WHOA! and whoa is right as we make are way through this level of absolute excitement I recommend this level go ahead just play it!


    A level which proves once again that sometimes less is more. The setting may be one of simple cardboard and the puzzles may all be centred around a single gameplay idea but the brilliance of this level lies in the ingenuity with which that idea is introduced and then developed and spun any number of different ways. The all-round dice of the title is a cube with bouncepad sides and that cube is very much your friend in the task of getting through the puzzles in this level. Youíll put it to more uses than youíd have thought possible. Itís all clever stuff and so much fun to play and thereís an added race mode to up the excitement and keep you on your toes. Great gameplay pure and simple.


    Explosion [Platformer] (JPN)
    by  mpggsmpggs
    Best for 1~2players.This is a level to use the bombーーー1~2人プレイおすすめ。「くっつき爆弾」を使った横スクロールアクションステージです 。

    Dang, I cannot complete this level for the life of me! I have tried and tried and tried but to no avail. It's not the creator's fault. He has crafted a marvelous theater in which to showcase my sucky skills. You enter this facility and have at your disposal a bomb shooting apparatus. You will have to skillfully and and quite cleverly might I add, use this device to your advantage. You blow open doors, cause platforms to fall to your level and blast obstacles. It's a challenging, for me, puzzle level that is awesome. I love it and will conquer it one day.


    Whats this a level with bombs I am so there! Well what do we have here explody thingies BOOM! WHAM KAPOW! This level is like if batman was all up in here with your fancy dandy explody things that he probably would have! As you make your way through this level you find you have to use the best skills as you can to beat this marvelous simplistic platformer. Simple isn't always bland and this level shows how well you can expand an idea this to that. As you progress through the level it gets harder I beat it and I hope you do as well!


    A hat that lets you blow stuff up Ė whatís not to like?! You blast your way through the facility in this level, clearing blockages from platforms, removing barriers and causing platforms to fall into place. Itís exhilarating and fun to play and once again you will be inspired by the sheer inventiveness of the creator. Thereís a nice difficulty progression, with things starting out simple but getting steadily harder until you reach the final obstacle which has you battling a conveyor belt of obstacles that requires speed and timing to defeat. From the moment you land at the start in your little cardboard pod you will be seduced by the charm and freshness of this level. Just be careful and think before you blast the ground from beneath your feet *cough* and youíll be fine xD


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