• Community Spotlight Episode 137

    Welcome everyone to the latest edition of the Spotlight, featuring levels posted in the Level Showcase and Recommendations Forum here on LBPC. We have a bumper crop of levels for you this time, with plenty to keep your sackboy happy this holiday weekend.

    On a sadder note, we have to say a (I hope temporary) farewell to biorogue who is taking an extended break from spotlighting, after an awesome 2 and a half years on the Crew. He will be sorely missed and he’s going to leave behind a huge bio-shaped hole in the Spotlight. It just won't be the same without him. He has given so much to the Spotlight in the past few years - passion, humour, warmth and Texan forthrightness. Anyway, as bio himself would say (actually has said, lol), we won’t make it sound too much like he’s died or anything and we’re still hoping he may be he’ll return one day when he’s recharged his batteries and sorted out his heifers xD Anyway, in the meantime a BIG THANK YOU from all of us to bio and we hope he enjoys the Texan banner in his honour. He once said he wanted the spotlight banner to feature flaming skulls and even mocked something up but I couldn’t find it (fortunately :P) and this is even better!

    Apologies to any creators whose levels have only got one review, but we’re a little short-handed this weekend. Also, apologies but the Vita LBPC12 entries will be held over again until next Episode.

    Without further ado, on with the Spotlight.

    Link to Hubbie and the LBPC Spotlight hubs for LBP2


    (LBPC12) "POINTLESS!?"
    by  shookie_monster
    [Best for 1 Player. High Score Challenge and Race/Difficulty: Hard] Repeat plays and mastery may be necessary. What's the opposite of collecting point bubbles? If you could care less about scores this level is not for you. Follow the rules and be delighted with a challenging concept. Music by the epic

    Got to hand it to Shookie, he certainly knows how to make a person sweat! Geez! I've never been so afraid to collect point bubbles in my life! So, as you've probably surmised by now, the gist of this level is to NOT collect the bubbles. Shookie makes it tough as nails too. It's so hard because after playing LBP for so long, you have that innate desire to collect all the bubbles you see. Doing so here will get you penalized though, and heftily might I add. The numerous ways Shookie devised to try and get over, around, behind, below and in front of these bubbles is, in my opinion, both diabolical and genius! Well done Shookie!


    One of the valued components in LittleBigPlanet besides acing a level, getting all of the prize goodies hidden about, and of course having fun, it to take a shot for the highscore to engrave the top mark amongst the other player. Prepare yourself indeed as Shookie takes on the approach quite the opposite than how other players go about trying to get that multiplier in a platforming level. Instead of going for the point bubbles and planning your way to grasp as much as you can, you have to avoid them or else you will loose points. Simple enough? Nope, this is a challenge brought by Shookie's with great gameplay elements that will leave you making sure your sackthing's feet arent touching the bright blue roundy points!


    by  one-mad-bunny
    (1-4 Player but best with 1 player.) WARNING!!!!! Many things are opposite, even the directions! This is a high score challenge so get those bubble multipliers and be on the lookout for hearts. There are a lot of hearts worth 1,000 pts and bonuses are awarded at the end based on how many you collected. Have fun!

    A slight halt in a morning I am sure many of us get is that hesitant feeling without any coffee. But one must ask what would happen if I skipped a day from drinking caffeine? We'll lets not find out, but it can't be worse than an act of a mood swing. Speaking of moodswings, hereby stands a fellow level full of character one may not trust. If it tells you go to left, well, go left at your own risk as things change with your grasp with a case of the multi-attitude emotional effect. Prepare for the opposites as well as collecting many hearts to help bump up your final highscore... or will they?


    This level is an absolute blast to play. Right from the start it has you laughing at the weird and wonderful world of opposites you find yourself in, where cute butterflies suddenly turn nasty on you and you can trust nothing, not even the directions! And there are so many points to bag as you make your way from thundercloud to thundercloud, dodging the lightening and trying to grab the bonus hearts, swooping about with your cape and letting water spouts whoosh you up. Then there’s part where you get to fly around the skies in a paper plane with even more points to snatch…or miss, if you’re me. It really has a lovely, fun and whacky feel to it, so much originality and verve packed in to one level. I defy you not to have fun playing it.


    [LBPC12] Freezer Fever Inc.
    Need a job you bum? Come down to Freezer Fever Inc, for a job. Compete for the highest score in this awesome icy, yet fiery survival! ------ Font by

    Yes! I need a job please! What do you have in store for me good sir? Oh, ok so you want me to survive, understandable. Oh wait, you want to fly around an area wall jumping off of falling ice cubes avoiding fiery obstacles that give me an automatic resignation letter? Well it does look pretty, and the fact that I did not need an interview for this job means that you really want me! Right? Why is there a countdown it's not like you are going to push me in there, there is an incredible menu screen we have to view first before I cut to the chase! Oh, you already hit the play button... AHHHH!


    Man, I can't tell you how jealous I am of OMGYOUWOULD's ability to make these mouth watering scenes. From the menus to the game screen, it just all looks so alive. After you get through drooling over the eye candy prepare yourself for some intense action. Here's another level that will not only make you sweat but make you want to twist your controller in two as well. You're in a furnace of some sort and these ice blocks are falling towards the bottom. Your job is to leap from block to block and try to avoid a deathly burn. Play it.


    Missi's Music Shop
    by  Missi_Cat
    Come visit Missi's Music Shop with a little variety for everyone. Thank you Destiny_Waits for such an amazing set for which I'm ever so grateful and this wouldn't have existed without and Festerd_Jester for inspiring me to try new genres and keep the creativity flowing.

    To be quite honest, I'm not too keen on music gallery. *Gasp* I know, I know. But, and there is a but, sometimes one comes along that is just chock full of Whoa and awesome that you can't help but love it. Now, I will say this. I do love the different ways that creators try and make their music galleries stand out from the rest. Missi does a fine job of just that. This is like no other that I've seen. The setting is a music shop and it's really detailed. Albums on the wall, cash register, instruments, really cool. Oh, yes, almost forgot. Silly me. There's also, of course, music! And lots of it. Go check this out, you'll surely love it.


    A music gallery that shines as a life-like example of how one would be looking for an artist's music. Simply --and casually-- you enter a music shop so colorful filled with many sackthings who wish to have music in their ears. Right when you go up to the counter, you will meet one awesome store clerk who happily scavenges under the counter for music presented in the gallery. Each music track has its own awesome looking logo and the clerk delivers enjoyable tunes -that even you can grab as a friendly giveaway - one search at a time.


    The Book of Dreams
    by  TJ2010-OLYMPICS
    A fairy tale comes to life in this 4-part series. After being transported into a book, you find yourself in the middle of a battle between good and evil. Will you be able to save the world from the forces of evil, or will you forever be trapped in The Book of Dreams?

    Here's a real treat. An adventure of epic proportions. This level series transports us into a fairytale book where it's up to us to write the ending or better yet, to right the ending. Ha ha, I like that. A battle between good and evil is being waged in the enchanted forest and we are tasked with putting an end to the evil witch. This series is full of very varied gameplay and it's done very well. You'll have to traverse through trap laden castles, dense forest and even underwater caverns before you are finally face to face with the witch herself. A battle ensues and...well, I won't spoil the ending, that's up to you to write.


    This is a level series with a big heart. As bio says, you find yourself transported into a fairy tale and faced with a series of adventures in which, Dorothy-like, you need to both vanquish evil and find your way home. It’s action-packed too, with 4 chapters in which you find yourself meeting a bird-like magic companion, making potions, rescuing a wizard and generally doing all you can to thwart the evil witch. Oh, and there’s some pretty neat platforming thrown in for good measure. It’s a funny and altogether magical tale. The creator clearly put so much into this series and it has that classic LBP charm and quirkiness. Great stuff and well worth playing!


    Gallery 9 (The Voodoo Gallery)
    by  Festerd_Jester
    My 9th music gallery! :D 27 or 28 tracks for collecting and using. From short little seemingly pointless loops to full on head spew! Hopefully something for everyone. Thank you all and a special thank you to my friend @Pirmaut for his amazing support and assistance in this :) <3 ---- WARNING ---- FLASHES AND PATTERNS!! (User toggled)

    Another (can’t believe it’s 9 now!) amazing gallery from one of LBP’s music legends. Those visuals, wow, so hypnotic! And I laughed out loud with delight when I realised the small jester could go walk about – so very cool. But the star of the show is of course the music. I only wish this review were not being written by the least musically literate member of the Spotlight Crew but, even so, I loved the songs. I cannot believe anyone can make such awesome sounds just using the music sequencer. All of the tracks sound so professional and polished and the range of styles is really impressive. So just sit back, relax, press O and let that voodoo magic work its powerful spell on you!


    [spotccom="biorogue"]Gah! Another epic music gallery? In one episode? Well, I may have to just eat crow and change my stance on music galleries then. Festerd_Jester is one of the greats at producing near seizure inducing visuals. This gallery is...well, awesome! I'm not even going to pretend to know what that character is that he created, but it kinda creeped me out a little. I had to quickly navigate to the music section so I could close my eyes and just listen to the tunes, all collectible by the way, and relax. There is a wide variety of tunes to choose from so go on and getcha some.[/spotcom]

    The Cardboard Kingdom Hero Race
    by  shookie_monster
    [Best for 1 Player] A hero's race through the Cardboard Kingdom. Can you keep an endless bubble combo all the way to the scoreboard? Music by

    Now this is what I'm talking about! A shookie level where it's actually good to collect bubbles and is actually encouraged, if you want a spot on the scoreboard of course. I recommend playing Pointless before this and not the other way around because this will just make you want those bubbles all the more. You start out wearing the hero cape and drop into the level to fly and bounce your way through this beautiful cardboard world, all the while trying to maintain the highest bubble combo that you can. It's not just really simple though. You'll have to have some quick reflexes and the ability to look ahead a little to plot your next course of action. Another great and addictive level. Play it now.


    A flipside indeed as I seek this as a sequel to the creator's previous level POINTLESS. A cheerful and well constructed kingdom made out of cardboard that adds on to the fun with a slew of score bubbles to collect and rack up the score! Test how long you can maintain a strong and long lasting combo as you equip your hero cape and gracefully glide avoiding assets that could end your point streak. Keep an eagle eye out, as this can be addictive leaving you with a great amount of replay value.


    Cranium Cadoo
    by  FlammableWhale
    Your father/creator, Dr. Ruben, is not happy with your training lately. Prove to him that you're a worthy minion!

    Oh boy, here we go. Once again, sackboy is put to the test. This time the creator is not pleased with your lackluster performance so a training facility has been constructed just for you. Aren't you special? While this facility may look all cute and breezy, I assure you, it is not. It starts simple enough, but all too soon you'll be scratching your head trying to figure out how to get to the next section without dying...again...for the twelfth time! I really dig this level. I love the design, the humor, and well the level flows and takes you through the paces. A great level just waiting for you to check it out.


    “Oh boy” just about sums it up for me too, lol. No amount of training is ever going to get me to a standard of which Dr Reuben would approve. His expression at the scoreboard…oh my! Still I had fun in my own incompetent way. There some clever ideas and some very neat obstacles along the way and Dr Reuben pops up now and then with a pithy comment to spur you on. The training facility looks good too – nice unfussy blocks of colour and plenty of cool pixel material. It all felt very fresh and creative and I ended the level with a big smile notwithstanding my final grade…well, at least I tried ;D


    [DVLC2] Esmerelda's Snack Shack: Prepare to Dine
    by  bonner123
    [1P ONLY] [HARD] Esmerelda's hungry, and she wants you! Evade the World Eater for as long as you can in this desperate struggle for survival. Special thanks to actio1_618 and SLS10 for lots of memorizer logic help.

    I'm confused. Why is this red severed head chasing me around again? Crud! No time to think! Just run! Well, I sucked pretty bad at this level. I mean horribly bad. I played the level numerous times and admittedly, I did make it a bit further each time. I don't do well under pressure. This head says it wants to eat me so I skedaddled right out of there. Bouncing off bounce pads, jumping off walls and swinging on stuff. Really, that's all I saw because I didn't make it just real far. The level is a great deal of fun though and I highly recommend it to those folks who actually know how to play this game.


    I hope you are in for a challenge in one of the best executed chases in a level. Enter an area where you are stuck with a goal to survive as you bounce your way around, wall jumping and swinging as you might be one second away from getting caught and loosing with the one life you have.


    Dragon`s Den
    by  yu-kamone
    The volcanic region said for a dragon to live. Can you slip out of this volcanic region, without offending dragons...? If you get all medals, you can challenge a race mode! (1-4player platformer) -------- ここは竜が住むと言われている火山地帯。リビッツは竜たちを怒らせずにこの火山地帯を抜け出せるだろうか. ..。 メダルすべて入手でレースモードがアンロックされます。 ------------ Special thanks

    Oh. My. Goodness! Are you freaking kidding me? My jaw was on the floor the ENTIRE time! Wow, I don't even know where to begin. I'm just so happy to see another Yu-Kamone level. It's been awhile man. Ok, to the level. Oh who am I kidding? I don't need to write this because you've already played it! So I don't need to try and convince you to do so. Hey, remember that part when you first saw the dragon come up between the pillars? Yeah, that was cool! How'd he make it spin like that? Oh, remember that part where you had to use the paintinator to move the block but it kept moving back and you had to quick jump and keep firing at the block? Yeah, that part was cool.


    My need has been satisfied once again. Where is another Yu-ka-mone level? Did the creator leave LBP? What was taking so long? My paranoia ends here, as you enter a jaw dropping area known as the Dragon's Den. With a phenomenal use of the DC comics goodies, a master piece has been brilliantly crafted from head to toe. As you platform across lava and wall jumping your way to collect medals to unlock race mode with the power of the memoriser, prepare to in awe mode as you see twirling dragons rising upwards and going downwards using the magic of the disk spinner tool. Once you reach near the end, you are going to never wish you woke a dragon up as you are chased inside the volcano clinging for your dear sack life in one of the most unforgettable levels ever. Next level please!


    Starship Axxilith [1 Player]
    by  Robo_Ranger
    Top-down twin-stick space shooter. 10 missions, 5 difficulty levels and over 30 unlockable weapons. Uses an autosave feature. Music by

    Wow, this is an amazing shooter with more replay value than you can shake a stick at (if you’re in the habit of doing shaking sticks at things). It has all the functionality you’d expect from a full game – options for different ships, different weapons, difficulty levels, missions…the list goes on. The logic that went into creating the menu system is truly impressive and gives the level an incredibly professional feel. The gameplay is pretty cool too but here I’m on shaky ground as I didn’t manage to get very far - being all thumbs (and not thumbsticks, lol) when it comes to playing this kind of level. I really enjoyed wondering what power up was going to drop from enemies, though, and loved the way you then get to use the weapons you’ve unlocked in the next mission. Cool stuff and I’m sure you guys will get a lot further than me xD


    Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    by  ApeCheese
    From the unreachable nameless light down the endless screaming sky--moaning flesh trembling broken across the cracked wounded earth tralala >>>>>>>>>>> music - SQUID2723 <<<<<<<<<<< death shriek - debonairetoast; blood - krangballs 'styx and stones' - weirdybeardy; length: 23 min To the memory of Pier Paolo Passolini.

    This level takes LBP film making to a new level. Even having seen his La Dolce Vita, I was still amazed at the intensity of the drama ApeCheese manages to convey through the medium of LBP. This is a chilling and enigmatic tale, where much is left to the viewer’s imagination. There’s no heavy-handed exposition, little dialogue at all in fact, but so much is communicated through a handful of intense, sharply focussed scenes. Their impact, brutality even, is intensified by the vast desolate landscapes and brooding music with which they are interspersed. It’s an unsettling film and one which lingers in the mind long after watching it. It really is extraordinary work and one can’t help but feel that ApeCheese’s talents as a director are wasted on LBP but then saying that takes away from what he has managed to achieve here. It really is a work of art, no less.



    FLY & SOLVE [platformer] (JPN)
    by  mpggsmpggs
    Best for 1 player.This is a puzzle action level to use a jetpack.Please don't clap other sackboys because a jetpack comes off.Have fun! ----1人プレイおすすめ。「ジェットパック」の特徴を生かした、パズルアクションステージです。ジェットパック がはずれるので、他のプレイヤーをビンタするときはご注意ください。では楽しんで!

    Not often enough do we see a stellar jetpack level such as this. Did you catch that? Jetpack. Now, I've seen a lot of great and awe inspiring levels that utilize the jetpack but this one is something special here. You don't just fly from here to there and avoid spikes and stuff, but you have to puzzle your way through. The puzzles are ingenious and you'll be going, "Why didn't I think of that? That's freaking cool!" There are a few moments where you'll be sans jetpack and will platform various obstacles, but then you strap up again and fly away. Lovely level.


    I recall playing this level a while ago and I was really happy this is getting the spotlight it deserves! Some antics that are found in this well designed level are geniusly crafted where simple gameplay elements come out of their cocoon into a whole new puzzle that has not seen done before. Execution hits perfection as it is well paced and you will mostly enjoy it rather than have a pain in the forehead that people get sometimes when the are trying to solve things, like the mystery of where my second sock went...


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    • [LBP2] Spin a circle making sure you collect the white dots with the black side of the circle and vise versa in (LBPC12) Twist by dolphins-R-lame
    • [LBP2]
      Nathan Drake and his friends are captured in an mini feature film as they try to escape in Uncharted Shenanigans:The Not So Great Escape! by Arklon
    • [LBP2] A point-fested survival which will have you gliding and wall-jumping about in Brainstorm by FlammableWhale
    • [LBP2] A fun platformer where the fruits and vegetables fight pitched battles! Who will win? Play and find out! A green problem [DVLC2] by bombird

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